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Default Wonderful Wednesday Chat!

Good morning, Chickies!

I've been lurking around, giving someone else a chance to start us up today, but I think only CyndiM and I are up so far!

It's supposed to be a glorious pre-spring day, and I'm planning a picnic lunch and a bike ride around the lake at the park for the afternoon. We must remember to get back in time to pick up Audrey at school and drop the girls off at gymnastics!

I saw the discussion on yesterday's thread about the Irish Soda Bread recipe, and this is the one I used -http://kalynskitchen.blogspot.com/2009/03/recipe-for-agave-sweetened-100-whole.html. We weren't too happy with the results, as it was too different from the traditional soda bread recipe that we love. I like oatmeal in my bread, too, and this didn't include it in the ingredients.
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Finding success on beach
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Good morning all! I just got home from a 5 mile run... YEP, 5 miles!! I can hardly believe it. A few neighbors asked me to join them on their M-W-F runs. So today was day 2... I can't believe how great I did!! I ran almost 4 miles w/o stopping!

It was beautiful here yesterday, close to 70*, unheard of in March! I had the kids outside all day. They passed out at 7:30pm!

Today it is getting cool again. Busy day ahead. Seems like I am busier now than when I was working, how is that possible?!?

I got into following coupon blogs and seeking out deals. I am trying to make our money stretch and I have a mini warehouse in the basement with all my great finds! :-)

Hope you have a great day. Know that even though I have been MIA, I think of you guys often.

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Pending Email Confirmation
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Wow, Jens. Five miles is great!

Cottage, I'm envious of your bike expedition you have planned.

I'm coming down with a nasty cold, scratchy throat, the works. Scale jumped more than three pounds upward this morning. I knew it was coming. Had a massive calorie day yesterday.

Running around today picking up the last of the bids so that we can submit our package to the bank for our construction loan. I really hope we can break ground mid-April. Any more delays and the workers are going to be busy with other work and we'll fall by the wayside.

Watching Milk tonight with DH. It's his birthday and I was hoping to go out for sashimi but I feel like yuck and he isn't feeling so great either.

Have a good day, ladies!
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Good Morning, Sleepyheads!

Cottage: Auston and I had a picnic yesterday. It was lots of fun. Enjoy yours.

Jenny: 5 miles!!! You go!!! There is a misconception that SAHMs just sit around eating bonbons and watching Oprah. We are busy!

Diva: Unless you ate an extra 10,000 calories yesteday, 3 pounds will leave quickly. Good luck with your building package.

Me: My scale is not moving again. It's going up and down the same two pounds daily. I'm going on a big, fast walk this morning. Maybe I can kick it up a notch. It's going to be beautiful, warm and sunny again today. Chef salad for dinner!

I noticed yesterday that my hydrangeas are peaking up. Hooray!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning

Cottage - I'm so anxious to get my bike out but don't want to get covered in mud and water. Everything is still in that thawing stage here. Enjoy your outing

Jen - Hi! I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how things were going Wow, 5 miles - nice! NH has outlet stores that sell groceries at or near date and lots of things that are overstocked or discontinued (often when the company changes a label). I go by every week and load up on things like dried beans, brown rice, flours, etc.

Diva - We saw Milk Sunday night and really liked it.

I'm work at home today because the bike repair guy is coming this morning (that has been a fiasco!). I hope to get out for a walk before the rain comes

Apparently DD is feeling a wee bit adolescent again and we are having a bit of a spat. Yuck. Just when I think she has outgrown all that and we have an adult relationship we go through another bout of this. What a challenge

I'm looking out the window at almost no snow. Only the plow piles are left! I might get my snow tires off today. I'm so tired of the clicking!

Have a good day Chicks

ETA - Chelby. Ooohhhh hydrangeas I am so looking forward to flowers
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Beach Bunch. It sounds like you all have a busy day ahead.

Mine is a bit better than yesterday which was awful! I slept poorly last night (too much on my mind) and then slept in until after seven this morning. Jazz couldn't wait and made a puddle in the back room. Not a good start to Hump Day!

The weather prediction is for rain today (40&#37 but I plan to ignore that and do some raking this morning. I'll clean up the pine cones and branches and keep an eye on Jazz in the dog yard to see if he has any other places to do his Houdini act! Thank God for chicken wire! At noon we go to do Pet Therapy and I hope to get more done this afternoon if the rain holds off. My patio is still very dangerous with ice but I may chip away at it this afternoon. The robins are back, by the way, but not singing yet.

Time to crank up the day. Spring to the Beachies in every way today!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Good morning chicks!

Cottage - Your day sounds lovely! Wish I could join you .

Jenski - great job on the run!! Doesn't it make you feel amazing?

Diva - Good luck with the house stuff!

Chelby - enjoy your walk!

Cyndi - sorry about stuff with DD. My DD is only 4, but with her personality, I'm SURE we'll have similar problems!!

Ruth - that little devil. Enjoy your work in the yard.

Me - shorter day at work, thank goodness. Hopefully will get a run in, and some kind of confirmation if we can move into our house this weekend.

But, I know the weather is getting better...I'm having my first bowl of all bran/yogurt/blueberries today!!!! My favorite warm weather meal!! YUMMMM!

Have a great day!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning Chicks
It was a beautiful here Tuesday and Monday. It almost hit 70 yesterday.
The snow is almost gone. I raked alittle yesterday got a blister. The first day of raking I never wear gloves. At 48 you would think I know better.

Today I'm thinking about highlighting my hair. I usually just color away the grey time for something different.

Jenski 5 miles. I am so envious of people that can run. Fantastic never stop.

Cottage At bike ride and a picnic sounds like a perfect day.

Diva I'm sure the lbs will not be there Thursday when you wake up. It is probably mostly water. I know I can go up and down 5 lbs. with water.

Cyndi Yes the teenage years. My son was great but my 6 yr. old DD will be another matter.

Everyone have a fantastic OP day
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Good Morning Ladies!

I am back to work today after having 10 days off. ugh, thats not where I wanna be!!! But, I need to work, right?! yes, if I want to go on vacations I need to work... anywho. 9-7 for me today which leaves me no time for anything really...laundry is still going this morning and I am running a little behind as I didn't want to wake this morning.

Jen- woot woot! you go girl!
diva-hope you feel better!
cottage- enjoy your bike ride and picnic lunch! I am jealous!
Ruth- Hope your hump day gets better!
Cyndi- hope the repair guy shows and does a good job- enjoy your home workday!
Chelby- Hide that scale for a couple days

Hope all of you have a great day!!! Its supposed to be 74 here today and sunny- and did I mention I don't want to go to work?!?!?!

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morning all i'm sore this morning from all the yard work and still have alot to do. i'm not used to having a big yard like this but love it.

cottage-i was eyeing my bike in the shed yesterday. its just dry enough to go for a ride.
jens-i so wish i could run 5 miles...thats great
AnAbsoluteDiva-hope that cold goes away quickly, i had a nasty one i caught from my bus trip, spent the first 3 days of my vacation in bed (not fun)
Chelby29-i'm hoping to get outside for a walk to. besides the dogs love it
ruth-hopefully your hump day gets better
TwynnB-really hope you get to move in soon.
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Ready to Change
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Good Morning Chicks. I am feeling rather Happy today.. Not sure why but I am so I am keeping my mood.

Cottage- Thanks for starting us up again this morning, and a pinic sounds lovely. We still have wayyyyy to much snow to even think about a pinic.

Jen- 5 miles you rock. I want to learn to run. We are thinking about getting some girls together and having our local running club see if they will come out our way and do a 6 week program with us.

Diva- Get better soon. So far I have avoided any colds this winter. I really should not say that I will be down and out tomorrow.

Chelby- enjoy your walk.

Ruth- take care and have a great day. We have way to much snow to even think about raking.

me4life- hope you enjoy your outside work as well. I am getting a little jealous here.

Twynn- have a great day,I will keep my fingers crossed for you hopfully you will get to move in this week end.

rdw1- hope you have a great day at work.

Me- Not much, just trying to do some fundraising stuff, a little house work, playing with the wee ones. I am hoping this week end I will bring up some outside toys to put on the deck so we can get outdoors and play, it has been way to cold for these guys to be outside. Other than that I am going to plan my day for tomorrow. Meals, clothes etc. Well must dash have a wonderful day

Ps. I have put another challenge out there for you that want to take part.
Love yas LC

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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cottage - I love a bike ride. Have fun.
Jenski - I have never been able to run but I do love a good long walk. Having Rex is definitely helping me to walk more.
Diva - I hope you feel better soon. I can't imagine building my own house. Now that I have paid my lawyer and have the divorce complete, Don and I will start ripping out my master bath. The tub has the enamel worn off and the shower doors and lots of drywall and baseboard need to be replaced. Nothing unusual in a 30 year old house but I've been dying to get started and that's what Don does for a living. He just needs to work me in between paying jobs.
chelby - Enjoy those picnics with Austin. Kids grow up so fast.
Ruth - I've been crating Rex at night and haven't had any more trouble with housebreaking but he was really complaining last night at being in his crate. I sure hope he settles down at night since I really need my sleep. I caught him chewing the baseboard again this morning so I don't want to leave him unattended just yet.

I'm out of time for more personals. It's supposed to be another 80 degree day today and then we get a cold front tomorrow. I'll be picking up Brian tonight at 6 from his Dad and then I'll have him for the rest of Spring Break (until Saturday anyway).
Barbara - Started South Beach 5/22/4 Restarting 8/15/16
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good morning ladies,

Just did the whole personal thing and the computer froze and I lost it sooooo..

Hope everyone has a great day and gets out if the weather allows. Spring is trying to show her head but it is suppose to be in the low 70's within the week.. That sounds warm to most but I already put away my long sleeves.

Busy yesterday in the girls' room trying to switch out the winter and summer clothes, trying to figure what they will need for summer. Want to do this on break or it doesn't get done! Lots of laundry involved when doing this. The boys did theirs on Monday while "cleaning" their room and all knows where things end up. The family is up and so I must get moving on with the day.

Have a great day and a safe one too.
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Hello everyone,

I am in Happy mood just finished my walk and since it is so nice I walked around the hospital complex instead of in circles in my blding. Wheewhoo! nothing like fresh air and sunshine.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day.
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Finding success on beach
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For those of you who commented that you wish you can run. Let me tell you, if I can do it, you can too! I used to HATE running (I still don't love it, but I am pushing thru that.) I still love a good walk, but running is a challenge for me. Last year at this time I was running on the treadmill at a speed of 4.3. I was lucky to make it 5-10 minutes. I just kept building the time and the speed. I am still slow. I can run at a comfortable 5.0 on the treadmill. Today I shocked myself. I never thought I could do this. The girls I ran with have been doing it for a while, and they were nice enough to let me set the pace and encouraged me the entire time. I was shocked when I did my first mile without stopping, so I went for the second and then the third. I finally had to take a small break and jumped right back in. I was tired, but I pushed myself farther than I ever have. Right now I am exhausted and my legs, ankles and feet ache.... but I did it!! And I can't wait to try again on Friday!

CindyM - I would go crazy at your outlet store! I just keep reading a few sites, they tell you where the sales are and where to get coupons and match up the best deals. I am coming home with 3-4 bags of groceries for $1.50 - $6. I don't usually spend more than $10 in a trip now and I have at least twice the amount of food! This week I skipped our big shopping trip (in the old days $300-350 for 2 weeks of stuff) and just ran for produce and some misc items. I spent $75. Dh was thrilled. I am really learning the art of stretching a dollar. This unemployment thing isn't so bad! ha ha

Yeah, being a SAHM is a ton of work. Honestly, I don't know how I was squeezing in 20 hours of work on top of everything else!! But I haven't felt this rested and refreshed in a long time! As the weather gets warmer, it can only get better. I am thinking of taking a few classes this summer. Give me something to do in the evenings and work towards a Webmaster certification. I have a BS in Computer Science, but I think I want to get more creative. Possibly web design.... good time to make a change.

OK, I am rambling. See what happens when I go missing?

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