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Default XPost: "New" Diabetic, "Old" 3FC'er, ready to restart SB!!

Hi Everyone,

I'm a longtime lurker and sometime poster. I've been overweight (my highest wt was 315, around 265 to 270 now) since my early teens, and have been ([email protected]) trying to correct the problem since my early 20's (I'll be 29 this month). Unfortunately, my body decided I'd had more than enough time to get my act together, and crapped out on me in mid to late 2008. I developed a nasty case of double pneumonia last summer, and when it finally receded, I developed some new, scary, debilitating (severe dizziness/vertigo, gastro upset, and lower leg edema) symptoms, the cause of which was revealed in a 397 fasting blood sugar reading (doc did a full blood panel in an attempt to figure out the problem). That's right, it was full-blown Type 2 Diabetes. Initially, I was DEVASTATED and quite depressed (and shocked, since my symptoms did not seem like the typical warning signs), worrying about my long-term health, my short-term sanity, and my family (I am married, no kids, but want kids, and I CANNOT be an overweight diabetic AND safely navigate a pregnancy). My mother and both of her parents are diabetic too, and my mother has suffered a lot of complications. So suffice it to say, I need to do something about this NOW. So that brings me back to 3FC. I will be returning to the South Beach diet in a few days, in an attempt to "reverse" (AKA essentially cure) my diabetes, lose the weight, preserve my health, and get my body ready for motherhood.

I'm currently on 2 meds, Glipizide and Glucophage (as well as Lisinopril for high BP, yup, co-morbidity time!), and my sugars are under good control with the meds (I have been working out frequently, which helps), and I am doing OK with my carbs, but I need to do better if I want my doc to be able to take me off these damn drugs (she is supportive).

So I'm here, no fear, get used to it It sucks to have to "return" under these circumstances, but I'm looking at my diabetes as the wake-up call I so sorely needed to FINALLY get myself lean, fit, and healthy. Looking forward to health and fun in 2009!

-HalloweenGirl (yes, I love Halloween!)

315/278 (doc visit on 10/22)/278/130

Following the Rosedale Diet as of 10/26/09
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Welcome Halloweengirl. I love Halloween as well. Halloween is also my oldest son's birthday and he will be 25 years old on his next one. Oy!
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Come on Spring!
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from another Type II diabetic. This lifestyle change will definitely help you. I'm on the same emds as you and my doc is very pleased. Another good HA1C test and he's going to reduce the dosage.

Hang out in here a lot! There's loads of info and support.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Welcome and good luck! My son has type 2 Diabetes. I have to admit that when he was diagnosed I was the one who reacted badly. I could only think of the negatives. Fortunately he had a more positive attitude. He has lost 200 pounds with diet and exercise and his doctor has taken him off medication.
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Hello, and welcome! One of the main reasons I really want to get in shape and lose weight is so my body can handle another pregnancy in the future. I struggled a lot with my first, could barely walk from the weight on my legs and the strain on my back and hips. I was around 170 when i conceived, and 250 the day i gave birth. thats a lot of poundage to pack on in 10 months, and my body just couldn't handle it. next time, i want to start out at a healthy weight and exercise routine, and only take on the 25 - 35 pounds recommended during pregnancy. so i can relate to you wanting to do this for yourself, and and your future family. look forward to chatting with ya!
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Halloween, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

If a 50-something woman like me who was addicted to sugar and white flour with aches and pains and sinus problems and indigestion etc can do it...anyone can!! Oh and the clothes shopping...that's worth it right there not to mention the health benefits!!!! We are all here with you!!!
Balie nef, blaie prope.
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Welcome to South Beach. I truly think it's the best way to achieve weight loss and good health.

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Welcome Halloweengirl.....I know you can do it. My dh was diag Type 2 when he was just 32. I know how shocking it can be. If you have the will you can get this beat or at least in a better position. Good Luck.
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Welcome. Lots of support here.

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Welcome to the beach! This way of eating will really help you. Post often and you will find the support really helps you. I know it helps me.
Barbara - Started South Beach 5/22/4 Restarting 8/15/16
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