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Default Weekend Chick Chat

I love Saturday mornings!

So far, nothing is on the agenda for today. If I have it my way, I'd love to just stay home all day and read and sew. Shhhhhhh! Don't tell my kids!

Who's up and wants to chat a bit?
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Shhh...me too!

Our plans...house clean up. Take down the tree, pack up all the Christmas stuff, put ALL these toys...somewhere! When my DH and I put our noses to the grindstone at the same time, it only takes an hour or two (um, without the tree thing!). So, hopefully we'll go play after somewhere. Maybe the Y pool?

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Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Come on Spring!
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Drat! You beat me to it!

Feels like Monday to me but I'll get over it. We have a cold and sunny day coming up and I have absolutely no "musts" today. I may join Cottage in the sewingroom. I have three quilt backs to get ready for my meeting Monday morning. I plan to work in a trip to the Library as well so it will be a lovely day.

Wishing you all the same.
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No plans for me either today, of course the rest of the house is still sleeping so that could change! I do at some point today need to venture to the grocery store. I'm thinking it's a chili kind of day.

Hope you ladies all have a great weekend, check back with ya later!

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Good morning girlfriends.... a day home would be wonderful but I do not forsee it for me this weekend. My sis and I are meeting up for lunch... it's a 45 min drive for me. She says she has a birthday card for me (that was mid Dec) so I have a feeling she also has either a gift or a gift card to go with it. I have a lunch ticket for Applebees, so we'll be heading there.

I just received an email from a friend of mine that he wants to ride with me to a friends house for her apartment warming party. I really didn't want to go as I can not afford a gift, but I told him I would. Strange to buy a housewarming gift for someone in their forty's because she's lived with mom her entire life. But he'd be picking me up at my house so that means I have to squeeze in house cleaning somewhere in all this hubbub today!

I finally have a Dr.s appointment set for Tuesday.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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Good morning all I've been up but moving slowly this morning. I need a weekend to recover from the last two weeks but have my usual long To DO list. Being us tomorrow we want to head to NYS to look for a hawk owl that's been seen lately so that's another day I won't get anything done. Ah well

Lori - I miss you in the mornings! Glad to hear you have a dr. appt. Hopefully you will get some answers.

I'll be back between errands. Have a good day Chicks.
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Good morning,
Cottage and Ruth - sounds like fun, hanging around the sewing machine. Hope it comes true.
TwynnB- hope you go out and play today. Nice that DH will help.
Stephanie - enjoy your time while everyone is sleeping. I love to get up early and be all by myself.
Loriann - nice to get a gift certificate. There are lots of good sales on right now. Have a nice lunch at Applebees
Cyndi - I think we saw a goshawk yesterday. No sure, will have to look into my bird book.
I bought a new scale yesterday and the picture isn't pretty. Still have the old one which works occasionally and seems like the new one to begin with weighs three lbs more and then there was a Christmas gain so that it not good, but have to pick those old socks up and work at it. I'm not changing my tracker for awhile Ruth.
One of our resolutions is to drive less so that we can save up some money to drive out West in May to be dear DD and family, so far so good. Nothing special on just making some soup and a taco bake today.
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I just made a yummy breakfast of whole grain pancakes with berries and pecans, it was a nice diversion from my usual oatmeal and a pleasant way to start the day.

Sophie, we're finding ways to cut back and save more this year, too. Our normal routine is to go out for breakfast on the weekends, but we actually enjoyed our little breakfast at home this morning. You had asked me in yesterday's thread what a serving of my soup would be - I'd say a serving would be about 1 1/2 cups. It's a thick, hearty soup, so it's really filling.

Cyndi, I hope you get all your "to-do's" finished today to free up tomorrow for you! It sounds like a fun excursion, and I hope you're lucky enough to sight the hawk!

Loriann, I'm glad you made that Dr's appointment to find out what's going on! Have a nice lunch with your sister this afternoon.

Stephanie, chili sounds good! I hope your grocery store isn't too crowded today, if I don't get out early on a weekend, the stores get crazy around here!

Ruth, yesterday felt like a Monday all day to me. Come on down and we'll have a good old-fashioned sewing bee this afternoon.

Twynne, have fun putting all your Christmas stuff away. We did ours on Thursday, and I'm happy that I have today free. A nice swim in a warm pool sounds like a great way to relax after doing the chores!
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Good morning,

Got to go take DD1 to get replacement permit license this morning it was in the person that was stolen in Colorado, other than that not much on the agenda pretty quiet hehe like that.

Enjoy your day ladies.
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Good Saturday morning, chickies!

Cottage: Thanks for starting us up this morning. I hope you're able to have a very quiet sewing day!

Twynn: I hope you and DH get everything done quickly! We get things done a lot faster when we work together. Enjoy your day!

Ruth: Isn't it nice when there are no "musts"? I hope you and the doggage have a quiet day as well!

Stephanie: Mmmmm...some chili would be good today. I bet I have stuff on hand to make some. I hope you have a great day!

Lori: Enjoy your lunch! I'm glad you have a dr's appt. Please let us know how it goes.

Cyndi: I feel like I need a weekend to recover and I've been off for almost two weeks! I can imagine how you're feeling! I hope you get some relaxing done this weekend.

Sophie: Sorry about the scale issues. I weigh-in at several different places and they're always different. I'm sure you'll get off the holiday weight and extra scale weight in no time! Have a great day!

Pearl: What a bummer about DD's belongings, but at least everything is replaceable. I hope you both have a nice day.

Me: I don't have much planned today. I just need to put away one load of laundry and pick up the house a bit. We had plans to clean out the carport and clean out the shed today, but I don't know if DH is going to have the motivation to get that done.

We have a birthday party tonight for DH's boss and I'm a bit worried about what they're going to serve. I think I'll just eat dinner before we go and snack a bit on the veggie platter.

Well, off to do the dishes! Oh the excitement!!!
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I had a wonderful night last night. I dropped Brian at the birthday party/sleepover and then went and had dinner with Don and one of his friends. It was a wonderful Persian/Italian restaurant with belly dancing. The lamb kabob was so good and the Persian hot tea was great. I had never had grilled tomatoes but they were good too. The basmati rice wasn't brown but I didn't eat much. I'm actually down 2 pounds from the first of the month so I'm happy.

Afterwards we went back to his place and watched the movie Hancock. Yesterday I packed up 28 book boxes with Robert's books and Don said he'd come and move them to the storage with me today. I've got to pick up Brian around noon. The boys are catching a movie this morning before the birthday party ends.
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morning all i am getting ready to go to my families christmas party....yeah we're slow. anyways ive already eaten so i won't be to tempted....laterz all
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Morning everyone, well afternoon here. House cleaning is planned for today. We're having some people over tomorrow so I always go through the house like a tornado. I guess it's good for exercise
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Happy Saturday!! What a day yesterday!! I was complaining earlier in the week that I was tired of being home and stuck in the house, boy, I go from one extreme to the other!! Yesterday started out with an early start, picked up my brother and his kids and headed to the jumpy place, then off to lunch at a train themed place. DS saw their train layout and begged to add a bridge to his new train. So, we dropped my brother off and DS and I headed out in search of a bridge. We stopped and picked up new shoes for school (haircut is still on the list), and went to a hobby store. In the meantime I had called my other brother, who also loves model trains for advice on where to go. He wanted to tag along. We picked up him (and his 2 kids!) and headed in the opposite direction in search of a bridge. We ended up finding a lot of great things, but no bridge. My brother bought DS a lot of things to add to his train layout and we headed home. The boys headed to the home improvement store for wood to mount the new train, and my parents stopped by in the middle of all this. We ended up ordering pizza, setting up the new train and playing Guitar Hero until 12:30am!! It was a great night, we had tons of family fun, and we are exhausted today!!

Monday is my birthday, so DH and the kids are off today in search of a gift (I really want an inexpensive espresso machine, so I can make my own skinny lattes!) and then off to dinner tonight to celebrate. Busy day of catching up on work and laundry for me while the house is quiet. I can't wait for the routine to return to normal on Monday!!

Oh yeah... the other thing on my to-do list is visit the New Balance store for new gym shoes. I am getting back into running and need new shoes anyway!! I'm excited about this... nerdy, right?

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On my way to Wegman's today. LOVE IT. I missed it so much while living down here the last 10 years. Am armed with shopping list and raring to go!

Aside from the fight with DW -- she was being irrational and saying us eating two different kinds of meals made her feel like we're just roommates!!! WTF???? She wants shepard's pie. I said I'd make the Ph1 kind. But that's not REAL shepard's pie she says. So I told her to make her own! egads!
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