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Default Monday Chick Chat

Good Monday morning!

I'm off to work early today. I'm eager to see the girls, and they're excited to show me their Christmas presents. It's supposed to be a mild, sunny day, and I'm hoping we can get out for a nice hike this afternoon.

I'll be thinking of Ruth today and hoping she has a safe trip back home, and also prayers to Zeffryn that she has a safe and easy delivery.
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Good morning Cottage Sounds like it will be a fun day with the girls

I'm waiting for the dealer to call and see if they can hook my car up to the computer. Was talking with a friend and the guess is something in the fuel injection system. I'm hoping that is a good sign and is cheaper than some of the stuff I was worried about. Other than that it's work at home until then and in the office with DPs car this afternoon. I really hope this doesn't end up being another week of working from home every day. I love doing it when I plan it but sometimes I need to be at my desk and talking to clients!

Hope everyone has a good day. Ruth & Zeff I'll be thinking of you both and hoping both your days are smooth and as planned!
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good morning ladies,

the kids are still asleep! Had my walk and started laundry left over from the weekend. I really need to get motivated to get things done around the house this week. I have been enjoying my time off with the kids and not having every moment planned. Better get moving while I have the thought (and I think I hear the dishwasher begging to be emptied)

Have a great day and a safe one.
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Good morning all.

Cottage, enjoy your sunny day.

Cyndi, hope your car repairs aren't too costly.

phx, my dishwasher is calling too.

I have been putting off organizing my craft/sewing room. It's a total mess in there and I guess I will tackle that today. I tried doing the 30 Day Shred, but my knee did not like the jumping jacks. I will have to modify it with marching, but still doing the arms part.

Hope Ruth gets home safely. Good luck to Zeff today. A new baby, how exciting.


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Back to work today, ick.

Zeff many prayers for you today!

We had a nice day after Christmas with the family once we got through the ice. One of my cousins brought a DVD with family pics and she had one from 3 years ago of me that I really need to get a copy of for my before picture. It is horrible and that is the only thing it is good for!

Back to it today for me, scales are up and I'm pretty sure I can't blame it on water weight!

Hope Ruth makes it back safe!

Have a great day ladies!

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Hey, girls,

Just wanted to pop in and say that the feeling of terror is gone and has been replaced with excitement and joy.

I got up this morning and did my hair and makeup...I know I'm not supposed to wear makeup in the OR, but damn it if I don't look good before. I'm not going to look good for another couple days

I hope everyone has a great next few days. I'll give an update when I can.

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Originally Posted by Pacergal29 View Post
Back to work today, ick.
sighs...i would luv to be back to work. my factory closed in may and living on unemployment is not all its cracked up to be. and of course no jobs around here isn't helping the whole situation. although it does give me time to plan...lol. oh well thats my goal to find a new job and soon

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Hi chicks, I'm on a telecon, but just wanted to jump in and wish the travelers a safe journey, including the tiniest one. I will be on the road today too, catch up tomorrow. Have a good one chicks!
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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Morning ladies!

Cottage: have a good day!
Cyndi: Fingers crossed that it's an easy (and cheap) fix!
Phx: Have a good one with the kids!
Pam: Wanna come over and organize me?
Pacer: right there with you. At work and none too happy about it!
Zeff: Aww! you go girl!
Me4: Sorry to hear about the job. I hope things turn around quickly for you.

As for me, I too am back to work. And yes, I am thankful for a check I am NOT thankful for working in a place I loathe, you know? They are laying off people next month and I don't know which side I should be rooting for: nice severence and opportunity to find another job or staying and finding another on my own terms. I dunno.

Going food shopping tonight and got my list ready. Going to try the Ph1 "deep dish" pizza recipe! As well as the almond crusted chicken! Yum!
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Cottage: Good morning! I'm sure the girls have missed you a lot! Enjoy your day with them!

Cyndi: I hope that, whatever it is, it's a relatively inexpensive fix. And a quick one, too! Hope you have a great day!

Phx: I'm with you on needing the motivation to get things done while I have the time. Although, I don't have any kids added to the mix, so I should really get my butt in gear! I hope you have a very productive day!

Pam: Sorry about those jumping jacks...they really can be a pain even without prior knee problems. I'm sure you'll work up to it! WTG for trying it and finding a modification rather than quitting altogether. I know how you feel with the organizing of the craft/sewing room...I need to get mine done this week. Have a great day!

Stephanie: Pictures from the past really show you how far you've come, don't they? I'm sure seeing pics like that are helping you to maintain your awesome weight loss!

Zeffryn: I'm glad you're feeling great and looking great as well. I will be thinking of you, your little one and the rest of the family today!

me4life: Sorry about your work situation. Hope something opens up for you soon!

jenne: I hope that, whatever side of the job situation you end up being on, it'll be the one you want. Enjoy your day and please let us know how you like the pizza!

Me: Sitting at my computer with coffee in hand on a Monday at 9 a.m. isn't all that bad! I stayed up WAY too late last night playing a stupid video game, so I'm behind today already. Oh well. I'll get it all done, somehow.

I've got big workouts planned today and tomorrow with rest on Wednesday to prepare me for when I turn my weight loss decisions over to Jason. Everyone around me is "scared" for me, but I know that he's doing this because he loves me and wants me to be active with him for a looooong time. Oh, and he's also doing this because I asked him to. Anyways, he's got from Jan. 1 to Jan. 31 and we're both very optimistic. If it goes half as well as we hope, he's on board for Feb. as well!

Well, I'm off to hunt down breakfast and then I'll be getting down to business with those chores!

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Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

I got everything I asked for.

Prayers for Zeff and Ruth

Still working on and waiting with the adoption stuff - so nerve racking and I swear I stay on pins and needles.

Have a great day!
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Hi I'm Ally and back on the South Beach diet again. This time no falling off I did so bad this last year. WEll not in 09 it's gonna be my year to get this fat off once and for good. I weighted in yesterday and hate the number I saw 312.8 but that's ok it's coming off and for good this time. Last time I was on Sb I lost 40lbs but then fell off. I started this morning phase 1 and feel great.
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Finding success on beach
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Welcome Ally!! Good luck to you. You did it in the past... I have faith you can do it again.
Kim - I am confused... why is everyone around you scared for you?? Is your DH helping you work out?!?
Jenn - the "deep dish pizza" recipe is AWESOME!!! Someone here recommended adding a little ricotta to the base, and it is just the best. I have really grown to love spag squash. Be careful cooking it in the microwave... that is how I burned my hand!! OUCH!
Cindy - Keeping my fingers crossed that you have a minor car repair coming!

OK, last night on the weekend thread, I suggested maybe posting some pictures for motivation. Like a before and a current. I haven't lost that much, but you can start to notice changes in my face. I'll share and hopefully inspire others to share as well. I am back on phase 1 today to detox and I feel in control and awesome!!

Here is my starting face pic in June (bad picture anyway, but glad I have it as a "before") and a more current picture 16 pounds lighter.
Please share yours!!
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WTG, Jenski! You're looking great! Keep it up!!!

Everyone is scared for me because I'm letting DH have a month of my life as far as fitness and nutrition goes. He's got a month of workouts and 10 rules for eating for me to follow. You can read about it all right here!

The reason people are scared is that he is a pretty tough guy and has always had high expectations for the people around him. I'm not worried, though!
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Finding success on beach
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Kim - that sounds like a great plan!! Nice to have someone motivate you like that. You are going to do great with it. Keep us updated.... I might need to steal some tips from you!

I picked up a flyer today from the salon. It is a Biggest Loser contest in my area. It is $35 to join. It is a 12 week program. Each week you weigh in and consult with coaches (I am going to call for more details on this part). But you get a metabolism test and a cash prize at the end for the biggest loser. Sounded interesting to me. They said the last payout was $550.

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