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Default Wednesday Humpday Chat

Oh, man! I came down to the kitchen to find coffee grounds and water all over the place. What a mess to clean up! I'll leave a note for Jake to check out the coffee maker, and in the meantime I did manage to salvage one measly cup out of it. I had to strain the grounds out, though. Grrrrr!

The first day of school went well, no tears except for the adults. Cindy said she'd see them off this morning, so I'll have a little time off this morning. I'm going to get the laundry done and start packing a bag for my trip to Maine tomorrow. I offered to make a few heat-and -eat meals for Jake while I'm away, but he said he'd make out just fine, so he's on his own.

I think I'm going to run over to Wawa for a big cup of coffee. This one wee cup is not going to do at all!
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Oh Cottage, coffee explosions are not fun! coffee grounds are a pain to clean up! At least you got one cup, but that is never enough!! Glad school went well for the kids!

We had open house last night and I only had 3 parents show up after all the trouble the kids and I went through. sad.

Rushing off to the tub, but hope everyone has a great day. And everyone have positive thoughts that Gustave will just "go away"...
Balie nef, blaie prope.

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Come on Spring!
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Cottage, I feel your pain over the coffee. I did get a cup of good stuff from the diner yesterday for my drive to Ottawa but got home too late to pick up milk for this morning. I'm drinking it black although I was tempted to pour in a wee bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream. Cream is milk, right?

My Hershey does have Cushings Disease as we suspected, treatable but not curable. We start meds this week to alleviate the symptoms. Whew! Claire came to check on Disney around noon yesterday. D. whimpered when she went to leave so she took her home with her. We realized D. has not been away from me or Hershey since she came here so was worried - or else milking it!

Laundry is already started and I plan to do a few other tasks today and get life back to normal around here. I'll do pet therapy at noon with Disney and putter around outside doing some tidying. There's a feeling of fall out there this morning and it's time to start thinking about the "W" word.

Hope everyone has a humpless Hump Day on the road of life!

Good morning, Cat. That is so disappointing about the lack of parents at the school open house! What's with that? I am trying hard to put a hex on Gustave - it worked for Fay.
Change isn’t easy. But if you don’t change, you stay the same, and where’s the fun in that?
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jeep girl
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Good morning ladies!

Cottage...that is so annoying about the coffee!! One cup is just a tease!!

Cat....that is very discouraging that so few parents showed up. And yes....I'm sipping my coffee and watching the weather in disbelief.

Ruth...good news that it's treatable and hopefully the meds will make life easier for Hersh....and fall...what's that?!? haha...no fall around here!

Me...I'm just sipping my coffee watching the weather with my mind churning. Last time I wasn't a homeowner...and I think that has my nerves shaking this time around. Ruth...get the hex out girl...it worked with Fay...let's move this one along as well! I should be headed to work already, as I have to leave early for an MD appt..ah well soon enough!! haha

Have a good one!!
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Morning chicks, just popping in to say hello. A million things to try to get done so my school routine will go smoothly. I am just a little OCD. lol. I will be back daily next week when the world of school is back. Take care and have a great day.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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Morning all,

Looking back over this month, I realize how many times I went off P2, and didn't exercise. I don't know why I let myself be distracted away from it this month. So I'm really looking forward to September. A new month and new resolve. I'm going back to Phase 1.5. And I'm dragging out that exercise DVD.

I'm hoping and praying that Gustav doesn't come anywhere near you Louisiana ladies.

Ruth, sorry about the Cushings. I had a dog with Cushings. I gave her an herb called Milk Thistle, which is great, especially for the liver.

Cottage, I hate exploding coffee. What a mess.

Anyway, as for me and SBD, today is a new day. I'm meeting a friend for coffee this morning and after that I am working on my book.

On the Beach for Life!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Chicks

Running late so just a quickie. I'm holding as tight as I can to my positive attitude though it's been touch and go most of the week. The weather is lovely so I'm able to walk at lunch and that really helps.

Have a good day!
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Morning chicks!!

Cottage - THAT. is. HORRIBLE. Maybe the carafe just wasn't in there perfect? Can we hope? Fix it ASAP!

Cat - our little boy's open house is tomorrow, and we're planning on going...Aren't you proud of us!

Ruth - which medication are they putting Hershey on? Symptoms are much better (if dosed right) on the meds. I'm really likin' the trilostane...

Mandy - ohhhh...doctor's visit. Do you get white coat syndrome?!? (I do!)

Little chick - LOL. Me too! Have you seen that joke...."I'm CDO. That's OCD, with the letters in alphabetical order like they should be". HA!!

Belle - yeah, it's amazing how good this diet works when you follow it...and not so good when we don't stick to it as well. I realized that the awesome yogurt I found (NSA, no artificials, only fruit juice to sweeten, and a very small amount at that) is a trigger for me. . That' s okay, my daughter loves it, she can have it all!

Me - sigh. Last short day that I get a couple of hours to myself before DS starts school next week. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, since I stressed a muscle (or whatever) jogging in the last two days. I have yet to find work pants that fit me well. What's a big-butt, thin waist girl to do?!?! Hopefully today will be relaxing!

Have a great day! (and hello to anyone that may be simulposting!)

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!

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I'm a happy camper again.

Ruth, what a huge relief that must be, to know Hershey's Cushings is the treatable type! How is she doing today after all that poking and prodding from yesterday? I know Disney/Daisy must be thrilled to have you both back home. for all of you!

Cat, Mandyleigh, and all you others in the hurricane path, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this storm just turns back to sea and doesn't affect any of you. Stay safe! That is just a shame that you had such a small turn-out for your open house at school! You'd think that parents would want to be involved in what their child is learning. So very sad!

LC, good luck getting your days all organized! I should be back to a regular routine after I get back next week.

Belle Mer, this entire summer has found me hanging onto the wagon with the tips of my fingers! I have to really get my act together and start that scale moving downwards again! At least I've been lucky that I've managed to maintain, thank goodness. Lets's hope we can all do better from here on out!

Twynne, have a great day!
Live simply
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Wine alot

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Good morning chicks (and Matt?)
This morning is a little smoother so far. One kid to go and then the day is mine! Well, not really, I have to call in to a meeting that is scheduled to go all day. Ick. The only way an all-day meeting can be more boring is if you are not actually there to interact!
Yes, my freezer is on the fritz, for those who asked. It quit working last year but DH got it going again, but it's about 10YO, so maybe its time has come. I did not lose any food though, once I went through both freezers, threw out some stuff that needed to go, and took out stuff that I freeze that doesn't really have to be frozen (nuts, grains, bread), I was able to get everything into my refrigerator freezer. At this point I'm just thinking, what next? Since DH has left my desktop died, the phone line in the house went bad and I had to string a temporary with DDad's help, my washing machine started leaking, and I had to get the brake job that DH assured me I would not need until he got back, and now the freezer. I got a lovely e-mail from him yesterday saying how much he was enjoying going to the beach every day after work (he's in Greece now). {Insert teeth grinding here} As an officer, he has someone come to clean his room, make his bed every day, the only thing he does is his laundry. Okay, he's working, I know, he doesn't like being away from us either. It's tough on both of us (but can you tell I really think it's tougher on me?).
Wow, I am full of complaints today!

I am watching Gustav hoping he doesn't come near any of the chicks! If I had gone through Katrina, I think would be a nervous wreck everytime another storm is coming through.

Well, gotta get DD walked to school, I will BBL for personals.
Although I gotta say, Cat, I can't believe only 3 parents showed up!
Life's a journey, not a destination.
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Schmoodle, oh, sweetheart, I think you need a big hug right now! When your DH gets back, I think you should take off for a few days just for yourself!
Live simply
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Wine alot

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Cottage, can you scrounge up any of the coffee-ground-water to inject straight into my veins?

I have a woman that works for me, who I am sure has the best of intentions, but is a bit lacking in the common sense area. We have a rule: If you need to call in, call in 8 hours early (so we can find a replacement.) So she called me 4 hours and 15 minutes early (at 5:45 this morning) to call in. I can't very well find a replacement at 5:45am, so a call at 7:30 would have been sufficient. She woke up the whole house, so Tommy's been up since then, and I tried to go back to sleep but just had fitful dreams the whole time about oversleeping and being late for work.

So on top of being exhausted, I have no one to be my mid today. I'll try to get ahold of the new girl and see if she wants some extra hours with me today. I have a ton of phone calls I have to make in the office.

Just have to get through today and tomorrow. Today and tomorrow. Today and tomorrow......

Well, time to take my medicine and get moving. Hope you girls have a good day.

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Morning, girls.

Quick flyby for me. Watching the news and getting breakfast on the table.

Gustav hopefully will just dissipate....but I just have this feeling that we're in for something at least. I bought batteries, water and food yesterday before it's all gone.

I'm starting again with potty training today...which means we have to stay home the entire day. I'm planning on doing some baking....I bought some really great ww bread flour last night that I want to use.

I'll check back later, girls. Have a lovely day!

also, Kim, I hope you're feeling better today!

Weezle - what kind of retail shop do you work in? I recognize those problems anywhere!

100 lbs. down plus a carrot for every 5 more

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not much time so this will be quick so i am going straight into personals

cottage sorry about the coffee mess

cat i soooooo hope yall don't get that storm

ruth a for you and hershey

mandy fay was enough over here i couldn't imagine anything worse - no matter the outcome be safe

hi lccynditwynn lisa & zeff hope you all have a great day

belle don't you just love new days - new beginnings

schmoodle you poor dear they always say when it rains it pours
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Good morning all.. I slept in till after nine! I woke up sometime during the night with AWEFUL stomach pains so I couldn't sleep too well. And then Jade woke me up around 6 as she's used to going out sooner, I never sleep in this late. I feel like I could use another few hours!

Cottage, sorry about the loss of the coffee! I used to buy the cheap makers just to have to replace every other year or so. Last year I invested in a CuisineArt and have never had better coffee in my life! So, if you need to replace it, thats just mho!

Sorry Femme that more parents aren't involved in their kids! I remember going to the open houses, around here very few kids didn't show up. Small town where everyone knows everyone else!

Ruth! I'm so sorry to hear abut Hershey! I hope this disease isn't painful for him.

Mandy and everyone that is in danger of the storm, be prepared board up windows and have LOTS of toilet paper! Stay warm and dry!

Schmoodle, I'm so sorry everything seems to be happening at once! (hugs) :hugs:

Weezle! The nerve of her calling at that ungodly hour! WOW! to be honest, There's been times I didn't know I had to call in till about an hour or so before! Like waking up hurdling so hard there's no way going to work is an option! NOT saying her calling in that hour is forgivable, but the rule of 8 hours, while I understand it, there's times one just doesn't, can't, know!

Zeff... Ah, the days of potty training! You all that are prego, and kids off to school, make me cry! I want my son back!!!!!!!!!!!! (wait, he comes back once a week to smooch!)

Me, taking some time to clean the kitchen today, I let it go last night, shame on me. Planning on making the broccoli and cheese soup.. and mama w's meatloaf for dinner! I'll throw a side of veggies with that, and I'll have plenty left overs for the week!

Went to sit in on an advanced class last night, it was their last class and I was impressed by some of the commands... one thing he taught them was "leave it" he threw the bone on the ground and the dogs had to walk by and leave it... hhmmm, MY girl has known leave it since she was about 2 months old!!!!!!!! he also taught them to sit from a down position, a lot of work was while in heel, I'm going to try to budget to get her in the class in a couple months, after I start back to work!

I was hoping to hear back from that company, but not yet.. nothing. It took them three weeks to call me back for second interview... I hope they call soon with an offer! I've contacted them again, so I hope I'm still in the running. In the meantime I can't put all my eggs in one basket and will put some more resume's out. If I don't have something in another month or so I might goi to Accountemps. sigh.
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Nov weight loss goals
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