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Old 08-21-2008, 05:59 AM   #1
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Default Thursday's Coffee Chat

Coffee's on, come and grab a cup!

It's another cool morning, summer is almost over. Today I'm going with Cindy and the girls to their new school to for "meet & greet" day. The girls received their bus schedules yesterday and are so excited to be riding a schoolbus this year, and so am I. No more car lines!
I went a little off-plan for lunch yesterday. Maggie and I were at a friend's for lunch, and they have a Spanish cook who was making tortillas, hot off the grill with fresh tomatoes and avocados. They were just awesome, and I tried not to think about the white flour (!) and lard (!!!!! ) that she was using to make them. So the next few days I have to really eat clean to make up for that!

It just hit me why I've been dragging all week, I've been staying up way past my bedtime watching the Olympics.

Lisa, I just read your post from last night, that's horrible about your car! Scary news about Tommy's dad, too. I will send up prayers for him that it turns out well. Keep faith and take a deep breath!
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Wine alot

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Yay! Somebody's up!

Have fun at school day, Linda! Kadyn (and Avery) and I have been spending the mornings at her Kindergarten. They have a two week orientation before the class actually starts so the kids feel more comfortable. Next week I'll start leaving for little bits and coming back to pick her up. She's loving it so far and I cannot stop raving about the teachers and their program.

Almost time to go get Connor! I'll check in later.

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Morning, Kara! Or good afternoon, in your case! I'm glad you enrolled your kids in German schools, they are outstanding! So how are you liking Germany so far? I have so many fond memories, and I have to admit, I'm so envious of you right now!
Live simply
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Wine alot
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Good Morning

Cottage, no one can pass up home made tortillas. I'm with you there!

Have a great day everyone!!

On the Beach for Life!
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Come on Spring!
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Dashing through again this morning. Seems to me this was supposed to be a quiet week!

Cottage, school bus rides add a whole new dimension to going to school for kids. The girls will love it.

Kara, German schools are excellent and their orientation sounds well planned. I used to teach public school - can you tell?

Belle, every time I see your posts I am reminded of my dear departed mother-in-law. You probably know this but belle-mere is mother-in-law in French.

Cousin Peter is still sleeping but I'm doing my usual. It's trash day so I'm due at the road in 20 minutes. The Hyper Pypers may show for a day of boating and may be here for dinner and Peter may or may not be back from Ottawa for dinner. Life is fun but a tad hectic.

Still no baking done for the Church sale on Saturday but I may get started today.

By the way, I've changed Disney's name to Daisy. It seems to suit her better as Disney seems like a male name and she's definitely a girly girly dog. She responds to it perfectly well but I'll probably call her both for a while.

I hear stirrings upstairs so will get the coffee going.
Change isn’t easy. But if you don’t change, you stay the same, and where’s the fun in that?
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Cottage- Good morning and thanks for the coffee. The weather is cool here in the mornings as well. You can feel school in the air. Enjoy you day and have fun visiting school. I bet the girls are excited.

Kara- Hello there chick, sounds like life is wonderful for you and your family.

Belle- Hope you have a great day as well.

Ruth- Good morning, hope you get your baking done and Daisy is a wonderful girly name. Enjoy your day. And you just reminded me that I have to take the compost out for pick up. Thanks

Me- Today starts day three for me, one and two were good. I am feeling better already, it is amazing that you don't even relise how badly your body wants good foods til you start eating them and leaving the bad stuff out. Today is going to be another quiet day, I like Ruth have not really got anything done on my todo list. Oh well, it will always wait for me. Well must dash and enjoy the last few minutes of quiet time. Enjoy you day chicks.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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Good morning chickies -

Cottage - OMG- does homemade tortillas sound awesome!!! When we lived in NC (1 1/2 years ago), we had awesome mexican food everywhere, because of the migrants workers. There's no where good up here!! I miss it!!

Kara, Belle, and everyone after - have an awesome day!

Ruth - Daisy sounds like a cute name for her!

Me-same ole, same ole. Off to work. I think I might have a gap in the day to go to the gym...we'll see. I'm tired of packing a lunch though, so I'm gonna grab it somewhere!!

Ethan met his only male classmate last night at the park...it went great! The parents seem wonderful too, it put us at ease of what we'll have this next school year.

My 5 year old is looking over my shoulder, so I'm posting dancing veggies to entertain him...he loves them!! (esp the dancing brocolli....)


Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Quickly waving heading out the door. So much chatting inside me, so little time....have a good one everybody!
Balie nef, blaie prope.
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Good Morning!

Just wanted to stop by and say HI to everyone! I am off to another day at work.
I have meet the teacher tonite with my girls 5 and 6. They are very excited.

Everyone have a blessed day!

My prayers go out to Tommmy for complete healing and comfort to his family in this hard time.

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Good morning everyone! Happy Thursday. I've not been doing TOO terrible with my eating though I find myself straying a LOT more lately and justifying it one way or another. But, I forgive and move on and try to do better. I'm still winning the battle of the exercise so I am happy. Totally addicted to cycling!!

Kids start school on the 2nd and I am so happy, they need this =) Daughter will be a Junior this year and my son is starting middle school (6th grade) WOW I can't believe how fast it's all gone. Really...when did they get so old? (and tall!)

Well I am at work and should probably...well you know, work. Have a great day all and...

THINK POSITIVE!!! ...Positive things happen to positive thinkers!

Keep riding~

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”
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Good morning, or is it?

Right now I'm SSSOOOO angry I wanted to kill the new puppy! Sometime early this morning he asked to go potty, so, around 2 am I get up to let him out. between then and 5 he decided he still had to go, and went in the crate! So I get up, drag him outside (furiously!) he went potty and came back in on his own. As I was cleaning the crate he turned around and sh*t on my rug! This, the dog I was told again last night was potty trained! Poor Jade caught tone of my voice and cowered by the front door. I had to use my best "good girl" tone with her. She knows momma's furious with pup!

Right now I'm thinking I don't want to deal with him at all and thinking of rehoming him. Let me have my coffee and calm down!

WHY DO PEOPLE get dogs and not train them? In any way shape or form? This pup is trainable, but will need a LOT of work! I think I'm more furious with the previous owners. By 7 months this dog should not only be housebroken, but know quite a bit of commands like sit, stay, come, down, heel, bybye car, walk, park, lake (My dog sure knew all that at his age). He doesn't even know sit. And I don't think he knows his name either!
Timothy 4:8 (King James Version) 8For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.

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Goood morning all! No personals as I overslept this morning, I have a lot of little errands to accomplish by a 10am doctor's appointment. Then I pick up the kids from the bus and head to my son's first day of football practice (little kids). It will be a full, but fun, day. HAVE A GREAT DAY!
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Weezle, hugs! So sorry about the fil! I hope everything turns out alright. And I hope they catch the idiots that broke into the cars.
Timothy 4:8 (King James Version) 8For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.

Nov weight loss goals
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Good morning all,
weezle, my best positive thoughts are with Tom's dad today. what a week you are having, poor chick!
Kara, glad school is going so well for the babies. It's so nice to have you back around the beach!

Oh, I'll have to finish personals later, got a meeting to attend in a few.

DD has plans to hang out with a friend today. Tonight is open house for DS at his middle school. He is a 6th grader this year, and we are both apprehensive about it. He's not Mr. organized!

Last night's skillet lasagna experiment turned out super yummy, so I posted the recipe. I'm really looking forward to lunch leftovers today.

Have a great day chicks, (evening for Kara, janda, and Indigal) Friday is just around the corner!
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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I can do this!
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Morning, all!

Cottage, I don't blame you with the tortilla. Just enjoy the memory and move forward. Yay for the bus! I hear you about the Olympics. I was up until nearly 1 because I just had to see the Beach Volleyball match, which was INCREDIBLE!!!!! Go USA!!!

Kara, the Germans invented Kindergarten (hence the reason why the name is in German even here), so I'm not surprised they do it so well! I'm so glad things are going well, hon. Do the visits make Avery want to go to school like her big sister?

Belle, Cat, Autumn, and Theresa!

Ruth, I love Daisy! Very girly! She needs a daisy-patterned collar to go with the name! Or maybe a daisy for behind her ear? What's with all the boating? Is there a lake near you? I didn't know that about Belle Mere--sad that, in French, your MIL is more "beautiful" than your real one, eh?

Good for you, LC! That's the truth--your body does really want good food, but it's easy to ignore, sadly. Here's some for Day 3, which is always the hardest for me.

about the dancing veggies, Twynn! One of our members puts a row of them to celebrate things and says, "The produce dances for you!"

Jennifer, I'm loving bike riding, too, but I'm not proficient enough to consider myself a cyclist yet. What kind of rides do you do? If you find yourself eating off plan, maybe a little P1 is in order to get rid of cravings? When I'm craving, I'm a mess...it's only when I get rid of the cravings that I have any chance at all.

Yikes, Loriann...that's tough. I know sometimes when you rescue, dogs come from places where they don't get what they need. I bet he'll settle down when he gets used to living with you and I'm sure Jade will be a good influence with all the training you've given her. It sounds like the pup was afraid of getting in trouble, so he came inside quickly, but then he had to poop and didn't know where to go or what might make you mad. Give it time and patience. He's still just a little puppy and it's a brand new place with new rules.

Schmoodle, I'm sure DS will do well in 6th. Your recipe sounds yummy! Thanks for posting it!

Not too much to report. Theology on Tap was fun last night, and I had even more fun when I got home and DH and I watched the Olympics. I'll be sad for them to be over, but I sure need some sleep! Off to the gym tonight after work and, hopefully, back later on for yoga. I have to do laundry tonight; I have nothing to wear! Tomorrow DH is playing hooky from work and we're going to the State Fair, which actually opened today. It's SO much fun! When I was a kid, the state fair was over 8 hours north of us, so we never went. I love ours here in NY, which is just about 2 hours away. My favorite part is the photo exhibit...but my second favorite is the dairy section, where you can get a cup of fresh milk (white or chocolate) for 25cents! They also have a sculpture made out of butter. DH says there are pig races tomorrow, which could be fun. Last time we went early we ended up watching a rooster calling contest, which was a hoot! I don't usually have too much problem with the food--most is off plan, so I just ignore it. I just stay focused on the exhibits and that helps a lot.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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