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Old 08-14-2008, 05:41 AM   #1
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Default Thundering Thursday Chick Chat!

Morning all!

Sorry I haven't posted much this week . Been getting to school at 6 and leaving at 5...crazy week, but hopefully it will settle down soon. I'm trying to deal with a "no morning snack" situation. No time for it. The kids don't have recess till 1:15 and lunch is at 11:40, so I don't get a break till lunch! So far, so good though and my body is adjusting. I just make sure I get a really good breakfast and lunch! It really amazes me now what other people at schoool eat for lunch...chips out of the vending machine, fried foods and "gulp" cafeteria food. ouch!! I am so happy with my leftovers and really look forward to lunch! The principal put in a new water machine the other day and I'm thrilled about that.

Good news. I bought a new pair of linen draw string pants the other day. Didn't try them on and grabbed a size M. Got them home and they were WAY too big. Brought them back after work yesterday and exchanged them for a S. Never thought I'd ever see a S again!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Good morning!

Cat, you get the Early Bird Award today, thanks for starting us up! Your days sure have been full, I hope they settle down to a more orderly fashion for you very soon! Congratulations on the NSV with your new pants! Some of your motivation is starting to rub off on me and give me renewed determination! Have a wonderful day, Sweetie!

Today is my GD, Amber's, birthday; she's 8 years old today! She's going to spend the day with the girls and I. We're going to go to either Moonbounce or Boomer's, and I'm taking them out for pizza and ice cream for lunch. The girls are all very excited and it should make for a nice day for all.
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Early Chicks. The Doggage and I have been up for a while and have done a few things in the kitchen. I wish I could find out who messes it up during the night.

Cat, isn't it terrible what people eat? I've never been a fast food fan but find I have to keep the look of disgust off my face when I go through a food court at a shopping centre. Yeah for the water cooler AND the pants NSV!

Cottage, my GD Tayler is 8 as well. Too bad we can't make it a foursome - I can imagine the giggles! It sounds like a perfect lunch for a birthday celebration, even if it is food porn.

I'm feeling puffy this morning and the scale has blipped up a bit! The chicken recipe from last night was salty but the real culprit was the last batch of zucchini chips that were made with garlic salt. I just munched away, thinking "Only 40 calories for all this!" and have football feet and sausage fingers this morning. WATER!

Yesterday I got the probable diagnosis of Hershey's problem but we will be going to the Alta Vista (Ottawa) clinic later this month to firm up the diagnosis and determine treatment. Leslie thinks she has Cushings which appears to be treatable. I'm quite sure that's what it is because she has nearly all the symptoms.

Looks like we may have a decent day for a change - we have been getting rain every afternoon this month - and last too, for that matter. I am going to throw together a herb planter for the Saturday Garden show and finally get to my weekend baking. Aside from the usual task of lugging the trash to the road, there's nothing else on the schedule today. I may disconnect the phones and park my car behind the barn so people think I'm away. I need a hermit day!

Have a great Thursday with only soft thunder!
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Good morning Chicks

Well back from the parents and the land without an internet. It was a good visit. I stayed on plan and even got quite a bit of exercising in, including walking their male dobe. I'm sure that made up for not bringing weights with me! I've realized that I should visit more often. It's the first time I ever saw my parents as frail. They are so young I never see them that way but with my Dad's health issues and the stress it places on my Mom they really feel that way when you're with them. Now my brother is moving to VA and he's been the one nearby. Their eating habits improved while I was there, especially my Mom's. I made whole grain cereals and pancakes for breakfast, walked every day and added veggies to their dinner.

Cat- Wow, sounds really busy. How do you like the new school so far? Congrats on the NSV

Cottage - Have a fun day

Ruth - I remember reading about Cushings when we had our dog. I hope having a diagnosis will help her get back on track. Strange coincidences - my parents dog has been tested for thyroid because he has skin problems. His was also negative but his skin is a mess!

LoriAnn - Found out my little bro lives either right in or outside of Canandaigua, Small world I've never been to his place though and he's moving to VA the end of the month.

I've got lots of domestic things on my To Do list today. I want to get a batch of fruits and a batch of veggies done before heading out camping Sunday morning. I also need to do all the usual house stuff plus garden (came back with a bunch of plants from Mom's garden). I just hope the rain holds off most of the day.

It's good to be back!
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Good morning chickies!

Cat - ugh. That first week has to be rough! The only thing that holds me are omelettes.....Good luck! (and congrats on the S!!)

Cottage - 8 has got to be a cute age!! That'll be fun!!

Ruth - Cushings. UGH. There's an expensive disease for ya! The medicine helps Soooo much though. Good luck!

Cyndi - sounds like a busy day....it's definately going to rain here though today!

Me - Full day at work. Pretty routine. Doubt I'll have time to work out (unless it's at 9 pm), but we'll see.

I'm on freecycle, someone's giving me 2 years worth of RunningWorld magazine, to feed my new obsession. Yeah!!

Have a good one, everybody!!

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Good Morning Ladies!

Cyndi I was hoping you'd stop in and say hi! Glad your visit went well. AS children we tend to look at our parents as sort of a superhero figure that will never grow old or die, so when it does happen it is sort of a shock to us. I'm glad you have had this chance to be with yours! Cherish the moments. My daddy died when I was five, mom died when I was 18... Needless to say I miss them both dearly.

Hugs ruth! I'm glad you found a diagnosis for Hershey. Poor girl! What do they do to treat it? Hmmm, a hermit day sounds right up my alley today, lots to pray about!

Have a great birthday party Cottage! Sounds like a fun day out with the girls.

Femme, congrats on the NSV and hurry back to visit us, we miss you! OK, I miss you!

Me... trusting the Lord for the situation my son has found himself in. I just hope what I told him yesterday he takes to heart. He's hiding, not telling anyone where he's staying, which isn't good. (He's still living at the other place, but right now he's somewhere where no one knows, been there all week.)
twynn! Simuposting! Have fun on freecycle!
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Good morning all! Nothing exciting for me today, the kids have school and I intend on getting some serious cleaning done. This house seems to get dusty faster than any other house that I've lived in (or I just clean less often lol).

Femme - congrats on the small, that is awesome!

Cottage - what a nice day for you GD. Have fun!

Ruth - have a great hermit day!

Cyndi - glad you had a good visit with your parents.

Twynn- good score on the magazine!
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Bonjour, my friends!

Today is a marathon writing day for me after I clear the cobwebs. Hubby had to go out of town again so I have no distractions except for my puppy who wants to play 24/7!

Cat, it sounds like you are loving your new job and settling into a good routine. That's wonderful. Congrats on the pants!

Cottage, have fun with the girls!

Ruth, I hope that you "unpuff" soon. Happens to me, too. Sorry about the suspected Cushings diagnosis for your pup. A dog of mine had borderline Cushings.

Cyndi, Sounds like you have a full day ahead. It's always a little hard to see the parents getting older.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

On the Beach for Life!
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HOPE EVERYONE is doing well. it's patch thursday no time for anything and work has been insane. today is also nuts.. tomorrow I meet Cottage and see Schmoodle! yay us!
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Good morning Chickies,

Cat- hope everything settles in and congrats on size small you go girl!

Cottage - sounds like a nice day planned!

Ruth - good luck on being a hermit today.

Cyndi - I know what you mean last visit with my parents finally realized they are starting to get up there in years.

Twynn- I love freecycle.

Autumn- Have a good day and try to get in some exercise

Belle- Have a great day.

Me just work that is about it today

Have a great day
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Good morning Nessa, I am jealous have fun tomorrow
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Good morning chicks, today is my last workday this week, yippee! I wish you could all come with us tomorrow, but we will give a full report and I'm bringing my camera.
We had a nice impromptu family dinner last night with the whole crowd, felt like summer, except we had to eat indoors because it was a little stormy. I haven't had a chance to spray my mosquito guard yet, because it's supposed to be done when there's no rain predicted for the next two days, and we have pop-up thundershowers predicted EVERY day lately, even though we don't always get them. I am going to get it done this weekend, looks like I'll have a little window of no rain.
The kids went to see Dark Knight last night, but I heard it was pretty intense, so I pulled out DD2 and took her to see Kung Fu Panda instead, which was very cute!
Now the cousins have gone back home so things should settle down around here.
Last night DS gave me this tragic look and said "Go ahead, just break it to me, it must be only 3 or 4 days until school starts, right?" He was so happy to hear he had 12 whole days of summer left.

Pearl, me too, nothing exciting today...
See you soon Nessa and cottage! Happy Birthday Audrey!
Happy writing Belle!
Happy cleaning Autumn!
Loriann, is he hiding from you too or do you know where he is? Poor mom.
Twynn, I've gotta check out freecycle one of these days. It's a great concept.
Cyndi, where in VA is bro moving? Will you ever come down this way for a visit?
Ruth, could you "throw together" one of those herb planters for me too please?
Cat, I know just what you mean. While I'm still tempted by some things, other stuff I used to eat just disgusts me now and I don't see how I could ever go back to eating it. It's a nice feeling. Sometimes I think I'd like to take just a taste though because I'd like to see how it compares to the way I used to think it tasted. Probably everything would just taste really salty and rich. Good luck settling into your new routine!
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Originally Posted by Schmoodle View Post
Cyndi, where in VA is bro moving? Will you ever come down this way for a visit?
He is moving to Virginia Beach. We might come down in the next year actually. Right now he is keeping his own apartment for a year and has offered it to us if we want to come visit. It's tempting
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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Well VA beach is 4 hours South, but you will probably pass right by here if you are driving. Let us know, it might be a good place to take a break!
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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Morning Chicks and Matt!
I survived DInner with my gf by saying hey why don't we save $ and make dinner so it was salad and good lean luncheon meat and cheese
and ! I made PB cookies except I reduced the splenda by half and added 1/4 cup cocoa powder and twice the vanilla (I have to run it through fitday) so good and hit my choco dessert craving that was raging!
OK so I did some measurements early I've lost 1/2 inch off my upper abs and 1 inch off the jelly belly! my waist is the same but to quote the Late James Brown "I Feel GOOD!
Cottage you're day sounds Awesome!!! My neice is 9 its such a fun age!
Cat Awesome NSV! Its crazy how some people eat daily!
Ruth I'm so glad what Hersh has is treatable!
Cyn Welcome home! It's so hard to realize our parents are getting old! I hate that good job getting them to eat more cleanly
Twyn I want to get on freecycle and look for a new turtle tank!
Lori: we're praying for you hon it's hard but if he's goign to fall on his face he has to so he can start in the right direction

Pearl have a great day
Nessa I'm jealous too!
SChmoo I want to see Kung fu panda! DInner sounds nice!
Happy writing Belle I'll be doing that at lunch time!
Little extra dose of inspiration!
I was talking to a lady in the office next to mine and she actually lost 100 lbs on SB!
Making a commitment to myself
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