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Tips for a successful journey!

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Lightbulb Tips for a successful journey!

In my past life (pre sbd, and sometimes even while on sb) I wanted fast, easy food! YUP, that meant the dreaded drive through or pizza! I know, Iknow, Pizza isn't ff.

But you know something? How hard is it to throw lemon pepper on a tilapia fish and put it in the broiler? throw veggies into the microwave, add a glass of milk and maybe a side of cottage cheese? I'd say all can be done in oh, 15 mins or less (including the cooking time)! In reality, thats about how long it takes to go through a drive through for JUNK! OK, in my instance it takes longer if I'm home and have to go out after it!

So here's a thread about beating the "ravenous" or "starving" feat of the drive through! AND I'M MAKING THIS POST FOR MYSELF AS MUCH AS THE NEXT SBER!

1. PLAN, PLAN PLAN! Having a menu ( I do for one week, but would love to get it up to a month) and making sure I have the ingredients for those meals on hand is vital to success on ANY plan!

2. Work the plan! Does the meal mean dethawing the meat? Why wait till morning? Pull it out of the freezer, put in the fridge the night before!

3. Work in bulk! When chopping the onion, why only chop half? Why not chop the entire thing! If the recipe only means a quarter, you have the rest for eggs, tuna or the next recipe! Same goes for pepper, celery, or anything!

4. Work in bulk! When making a salsa chicken, why not make more for left overs? When making the casserole, double the portion and FREEZE IT! This makes for awesome grab out and microwave, and done with dinner nights!

5. Crockpots! These are awesome tools! I can't tell you the great feeling of coming home from a hard days work knowing that dinner is stewing and ready when I arrive, not to mention the welcoming aroma's coming from said pot!

6. Dehydrate! OK, I'm not personally familiar with this one so am hoping someone else will elaborate. I've been noticing a few people here dehydrating fruits and veggies! Not sure what dehydrated foods are used for myself!

7. Canning! Another thing I'd love to get into, never had the time for. But if you have fresh tomatos and don't know what to do with them, research! This is cheaper and healthier than what you get in the store! And tasted better on the (whole grain) spaghetti noodles anyway!

8. Snacks! Buy a jar of peanuts, or a pack of string cheese, or dried fruits. Make sure to have them on hand! Espeically if your going on a long trip or having a long day out and about! To be able to reach for that handful of peanuts may be what tides you over till the next meal and keeps you from the drive through!

9. DRINK YOU WATER! WATER! WATER! It's been drilled into us, but are we actually doing it? It DOES take care of some of the hunger! Do you know we tend to eat instead of drinking when we are dehydrated?

10. EXERCISE! Thats right.. get moving! I know I'm not the only one to ever eat out of boredom! I learned this one from my dog! When she's had her walk she is the best behaved dog. When she's been cooped up all week cause it's too cold to walk her, or I'm too busy, she gets bored and starts chewing things from the garbage! WEll, folks, when I get out and walk her, I notice I tend not to eat as much! I've also learned if I put my ipod on I walk a lot faster!

Please, if you have any other suggestions, place them here!
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Something that helps me is to cook in bulk. Say we are grilling steaks (or chicken, or pork), I grill as much as will fit on the grill. I also will buy Costco size packages of frozen veggies. Sauté a bunch of bell peppers and onions (love them). Now I'll sit down with my vacuum pack machine and fix individual packages of frozen veggies by putting ½ cup of veggies plus a tablespoon of peppers and onions and vacuum seal it. Then I vacuum seal individual servings of the meat. Freeze them and when I'm in a crunch, forget to pull out the meat or just being lazy I can pull out my single serving bags, drop them into a pot of boiling water for about 9 minutes and I'm good to go. Typically the veggies will have a little moisture in them so I will cut a tiny whole, let the water drain off then open it up the rest of the way and transfer to a plate. If DH is home I pull out enough for him too. I like this method too because I typically like to have two different veggies at dinner so I don't burn out on any one thing. I love 1/2 a cup of anything but fix me a whole cup and before I'm finished eating I'm tired of it.

I love to cook but I hate cooking when I get home and I'm tired so this takes care of that and cleanup in the evening is one pan that only had water boiled in it and your eating utensils.

So if I weren’t such a wordy person I would say, cook ahead, vacuum seal and freeze in individual servings and reheat submerging bags in boiling water for 9 minutes. Prepare it ahead of time while you are fresh and focused so it is fail proof when you are tired and brain dead.

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Loriann, excellent post, it was right up my alley. Awesome suggestions that will definitely help me.

EofaZ, those vaccum pack things are so cool, I might consider getting one.
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Silly me forgot one! JOURNAL! It's a proven fact that those that keep a food journal lose more than those that don't! You get to see just how much your eating. A lot of folks swear by fit day, but I personally don't have time for all that!
Timothy 4:8 (King James Version) 8For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.

Nov weight loss goals
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