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Default How to make SBD work with my job..need advice

**edit...I just reread my post and realized I babled on a bit too much. The point is I was on SBD, went on vacation and got off it. I'm now trying to start again and my job is screwing me up.

I've tried to start phase 1 again 2-3 times and have cheated. My job has been screwing me up I'm a cocktail waitress. I really don't get long breaks. I work from about 7pm to 3 am or similar hours. I can quick put a little food in my mouth while in the wait station but can't really sit down to eat. It seems the other servers don't have much problem going this whole shift without eating, or may have a sandwhich and take a bite out of it whenever they can, but most of the time they don't eat. I also get wrapped up in my work, get busy and don't notice I'm hungry. Then I'm usually so hungry when I leave I just cave and go to the drive through.

I've been thinking today about strategies to make this work with my job. The only phase 1 SBD foods I can think of that would be easy to eat quickly are nuts and cheese. Maybe I could take a gulp of milk or V8 juice here and there too. I can refridgerate food at work, but need foods that I can eat quickly (ie don't need to heat up, microwave, eat with fork and spoon). I figure that if I eat a decent sized meal directly before work, snack while working (force myself to eat every few hours so that I'm not starving when I get off). Then have some sort of premade microwaveable meal ready for me when I get home, I would be alright. Since I have the next 2 days off I decided to start planning.

I was wondering if anyone that works a similar job or something could offer some advice about how they do it. I'm also looking for snack suggestions and microwaveable meal ideas (or quick make).
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What you need are some finger foods. Here are a few suggestions that I can think of right now -

lowfat deli ham, turkey or roast beef and lowfat cheese wrapped around celery sticks
peanut butter, hummus or lf laughing cow cheese stuffed celery
hard boiled eggs
deviled eggs
cut-up raw veggies
lf cottage cheese
ff yogurt with sf jam or cinnamon and splenda or agave nectar to taste
ff yogurt with any flavor Crystal Light stirred in (pink lemonade!)
roasted chick peas
a serving of nuts
kidney beans right from the can
black bean brownies

Once you start Phase 2, you can add in fruit to snack on, too.
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I'm a nurse and my shifts are sometimes similar, no time to eat, lucky to just get to the bathroom. I take the single serve cans of Spicy V8, string cheese, serving of almonds, yogurt or SF pudding cups (Phase 2), sliced deli turkey, 3 oz. pouches of salmon (my favorite) or tuna, bananas or apples(Phase 2). The SB tide-me-over drinks are delicious and really filling too. I love the tropical breeze flavor.

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