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Old 06-26-2008, 06:18 AM   #1
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Default Thursday's Chick Chat

I just know Ruth is posting at the same time. Good morning, Ruth, and everyone else, too.

I was up early, but rattling around in the kitchen, getting tonight's supper prepared and in the oven. We're having Cola Chicken, and it should be interesting. After I added the diet coke, I noticed that it was cherry-flavored.
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Come on Spring!
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Good Thursday Morning, Cottage. I was posting but elsewhere - I lead such a thrilling life! (I was on my garden site and answering emails.)

I was up too early this morning and should aim for an early bedtime tonight but have a Fair Board Meeting. The Fair opens July 24 so this meeting is too important to skip.

Today I continue rounding up the schoolwork entries for the Fair. Some of the submissions are really cute. I crab about the work involved every year but just love looking at the kids' stuff. I am going to try to take pictures of some of the winners this year. I'm hoping to get to town to pick up some parts for my BBQ - it's 14 years old and deserves a bit of a reno! My neighbour says they are not supposed to last that long but there she is! I paid $199 in June 1994 - still have the bill and assembly instructions.

I hope your Thursday is thrilling or, at least, interesting.
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goood morning!!! it has been an interesting week, to say the least -- the executive director of our organization (and my boss) "resigned" this week! so it has been a busy one! older dd was with grandma and gpa last night as it was my second evening meeting in a row and the baby has a bit if a cold, so dh had his hands full with just her. anyway, i am holding the baby now and i miss her!

there has been no time for walking this week which is a huge bummer as i cannot lose without it! today is the last of my three personal health assessments. then next week i think i wil get to start with a trainer!

i hope everyone has a fantastic day!!
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Working on healthy
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Quick stop in this morning. I have 5 hours of driving to attend a 3 hour (really boring) meeting today. Blah. At least I will be done early because I'm starting early so will be able to enjoy the afternoon.

Have a good day Chicks!
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Good morning....

found out i qualified for a job in North Carolina... I hope I get it we really want to move...

today is my clear liquid day... oh joy...

busy day at work.. but i'll try to be around.
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Come on Spring!
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Nessa, I hope you get the NC job, especially since you want to move.

Natalie's Mum, "resigned"? Hmmmm. I'm sure there's a story there. Makes for a stressful time at work. Good luck with the assessment.

CyndiM, maybe you should just continue the drive North and help me pick berries this afternoon. It's just 4 hours from Burlington. Let me know and I'll make up the spare bed.

It just started to rain which delights me no end! I'm taking off shortly and will pick up big plastic bags for the schoolwork pick-up. The trash gets lugged out to the road first though. Why does it always seem to rain on pick-up day?

Never mind. I picked a bouquet of roses last night and changed my avatar. That's Morden's Blush one of the few very hardy Canadian roses that looks like a hybrid tea. Here's another on that's coming into bloom now. It's Abraham Darby from the David Austin series.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Good Morning everyone!! Beautiful day here in Eastern canada! Hope you have a great day!
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morning chicks - i've been lurking around but no psting as my mind seems to wonder to much. gotta go to the doc on monday as my bp has been running real low since friday (top #in low 90's & bottom # in low 40's) and i have been suffering form dizziness, fatigue, weakness and a day or two of nausea - haven't been doing anything different as far as eating and i haven't been able to do much exercise except for light walks with dh in the evenings so for now i just pray and take the best care as i can.

hope you chicks are well and i will check back in soon
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Morning, morning, morning! Another fly-by for me, but hopefully this will be the last one. Hearings are over, but today we'll spend all day working on the paper work and such. I should be back to posting regularly tomorrow. Have a great Thursday, everyone!!
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Ruth thoses roses are beautiful!!!!

Nessa fingers crossed for you on the job.

I need more coffee!!!! Been to indianapolis and back already this morning, just got a text from DS he is safely in DC, arrived about the time I walked into work from dropping him off!

DH is being a pain in my arse! Do we really need men in our lives?

Alright I am off to get coffee before I tear someones head off. Have a great day ladies!

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Morning all! I woke up sneezing my head off. Something blew in last night. Last night I had the munchies really bad. Probably over did my cheese for the day. Today is a brand new day.

Should be a nice busy day at work. Summer's doing quite a bit better, although she had a very destructive day (chewed up the vinyl and tarp I have underneath her pen - at least she left the carpet alone!) yesterday. So she'll be in a crate today.

Nessa, crossing my fingers for you.
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Originally Posted by Pacergal29 View Post
Ruth thoses roses are beautiful!!!!

Nessa fingers crossed for you on the job.

I need more coffee!!!! Been to indianapolis and back already this morning, just got a text from DS he is safely in DC, arrived about the time I walked into work from dropping him off!

DH is being a pain in my arse! Do we really need men in our lives?

Alright I am off to get coffee before I tear someones head off. Have a great day ladies!

LOL, that's what men do, they like to drive the women nuts.. I live with a few pain in the arses myself, makes me think twice of having any relationship at all, seems easier not having one cause you don't have all the extra bull to deal with, lol
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someday 145
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morning all:
cottage: made the cola chicken last night and feel in love. dh and i started thinking of other ways to use the sauce. have leftovers for lunch today. is it lunch time yet???
Ruth: the roses are beautiful. roses are my fav flower. i can't grow them very well. tomorrow is fri, get your car fixed.
ladybug: hope you get the job, i just said a prayer for you. good luck
gonnabe: watch the bp. i have to take my med for that at night because it can cause me to go toooo low. but have to stay on it to keep a nice 105/60.
as for me this morning... yesterday dh woke up and said it was a bright moon out (he works nights) he face was bright red. he got a chemical burn all over his face. (he kills bugs) his sprayer broke and it came back all over him. than dd emailed one of her friends settled a motorcycle accident he had (not his fault) 3 million, 200,000 now for a house and gets 5,000 a month. just had a baby 2 months ago, finance advisor coming to set things up and making sure wife and baby are taken care of if anything happens to him. he was in icu for months was lucky to have been able to have this baby. he did have a helmet and long pants on. but sometimes it doesn't protect the insides. it just so happens to have happened at an intersection of the hospital, in fact a nurse hit him on her way to work. this happened over a year ago, so very pleased to see it end.
well this has been a long post, have a great day everyone and onward to day 4 of ph1.
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Good morning Ladies!!! Happy Thursday!

Cottage - Cherry Cola Chicken certainly sounds interesting. It could be good, you know the savory/sweet thing. Let us know how it turns out!

Ruth - Your roses are beautiful. You have quite the green thumb. Thank you for sharing your flowers with us.

Nat's Mom - I hope everything is ok at your job. It really stinks when your boss changes, I hope you and your new boss get along.

Cyndi - Safe travels today! Try to stay awake during your meeting

Nessa - Look on the bright side, a clear diet will only improve your numbers on the scale....right?

Jenny - Good morning, Welcome to the chat!

Gonnabe - I really hope your bp gets under control. Has it ever been this low before? Make sure that you're taking care of yourself.

Kim - Glad to hear that hearings are over....I hope the casualties weren't too bad. Have a good day in triage

Stephanie - Don't tear someone's head off....it gets messy. I hope things get better this morning!

Briezee - Ah....the joys of puppies, at least it wasn't too bad. I'm sure after today she'll have learned her lesson.

Jelly - yes, but when their sweet and loving it kinda makes up for the idiot syndrome that sometimes takes over.

Chipper - Sounds like an interesting day at your home. Hope your dh doesn't suffer too much.

Me - Headed to Disneyland today. The weather has been beautiful this week, so I'm really looking forward to going and just being outside all day. I love to people watch and Disney is a great place to do it. I've really had a great week so far.....I'm actually kind of sad that my week off is over tomorrow. Oh well, I'll just have to wait until August to enjoy more time at home. Have a good Thursday, ladies!
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Good morning all!

Natalie's mom, your job sounds like mine. Our new boss is too busy trying to fit in with everyone, at all costs, and he's losing a lot of respect from people that work in the organization (myself included).

Gonnabe165, hope you feel better!

Jelly, yes men are a necessary evil...I guess. I'm with you though, I miss having one sometimes, but sometimes, I enjoy having my "single-ness". *sigh*

Hmacneil, have fun at Disneyland! My friend and I are coming to LA next week for a cruise, and then we're hanging out in LA for a few days. What would you recommend for the "must see/do"? I do want to go to the walk of fame and venice beach.

Those stupid headaches I've been having seem to be lessening in intensity. I've eaten well today; had yogurt and V8 for breakfast, and just finished celery and 2 TBSP peanut butter (my new favorite snack). I'm going to break down and swing by Trader Joe's and spend waaaaay too much money. I'm excited though

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