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Default Tuesday Tanning On the Beach

Good morning! It's going to be another scorcher.

I have a long, busy day ahead. Maggie's class is putting on their end-of-year play at 9, followed by a picnic until noon, and I have to be at both. Then I'm helping to carpool some of Audrey's classmates to a pool party at one of her classmates homes. After that, it's polo tonight, and I haven't decided whether to bring the girls over here or take them to watch the game. It depends on how hot is it and how tired they are. Those girls never get tired of swimming, though.

How's everyone planning to stay cool today?
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Come on Spring!
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here too although the usual t-storms are in the forecast. The AC ran all night and the windows are just dripping with condensation. The back deck feels like a sauna and it's not even 6:30.

Not much scheduled for today except for a 7PM cemetery board (bored!) meeting. I'm hoping to present my financial report, field any questions and get outta there fast. I may do some outside work early this morning but the rest of the day will be indoors except for a trip to the bank. The house is nice and cool so sewing and even some cooking could happen.

How does your Tuesday look? Any tanning time?
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Good morning! It is a verrry exciting day!! I am anxiously awaiting the news of the arrival of my new niece or nephew! My SIL was admitted to the hospital with contractions at about 8 last night....so I can't wait to hear if she has delivered yet or not!!

Otherwise, it is Natalie's first day of camp today, and back to work for me.

I hope eveyone has a good day!
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Good morning Chicks! Camping was fun but it's good to be home too

Cottage- Busy day! I hope those places have ac

Ruth - Glad your house is cool. It's so funny - we wait all winter for nice weather, then it's too hot and we have to hibernate again! how is the humidity where you are?

Natalie'sMom - Hope Natalie loves camp! Have a good day.

Me - I've already been out for my walk. I know I won't exercise when it's over 90, so it was now or never. Camping was great - perfect weather, nice visit with DD, and great bike riding. We biked from Brewster to Nausset Beach for a picnic, then back. Looks like about 20 miles round so not too bad. I am now in love with bike paths!

Have a good day all!
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Good Morning Chicks, it is raining here, but I think it is going to clear and be muggy and hot again today. Although we are not have it as bad as some of you chicks.

Cottage- Have fun with those last days of school activities. I know my gang here are going crazy counting down the days til school is over. Enjoy your day.

Ruth- Enjoy your day after the meeting is over. I used to sew all the time, I am thinking about asking Santa to bring me a new machine this year.

Natalie'sMom- Have a great day at work and I hope Natalie loves camp.

Cyndi- I am glad you had a great time camping. I have a bike and need to get back into biking. Enjoy your day.

Me-Today is day two for me and I am so far not as cranky as I was yesterday. After supper I was a bear, crank'n at everyone, finally I had to go out and pull weeds and plant my planter boxes. Today I have to wait to hear from the dentist office, I had Megan my youngest dd in there yesterday to have two teeth pulled, as she just got her brackets on and needs 4 teeth pulled so the poor thing has room in her mouth. Anyway the Dentist didn't want to pull them he wants to send her to an oral surgeon. Which is fine but I was not happy considering the last time we were in his office we had made the decision for him to do it. He is just young and I am sure he didn't want to hurt Megs. Grr I gotta to go, that was the dr's office, they want to sadate her and take the teeth. I must go and call and see what this is going to cost me. Talk to ya later.

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Good morning chicks. We survived the heat yesterday and I guess we will again today! As soon as the kids got home from school yesterday we headed for the pool and stayed until 7. It felt soooo good. Came home and made a quick taco salad but we didn't end up eating dinner until 8PM. I think I'll plan ahead today and pack dinner up to take with us. Hopefully it won't be storming tonight. Still on plan except I ate too many SF popsicles yesterday. Have a good one chicks.
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Good morning all,
Just passing through this morning no time to chat. The DS's stayed up last night so they are going to be a pair of bears to get up this morning. Good day is a coming. i have the walk in already and now I am off to pack breakfast for after the swims.

Have a great day and a safe one.
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GRRRRR Dentists..... I just got off the phone with the dentist office and if I take Meg's to the oral surgeon then it is going to cost me a 1000.00 dollars, and if I take her to her regular dentist it is going to cost me 245.00. Go figure. Sorry I just needed to rant and rave for a minute. But I am still not sure what I am going to do.

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LC, if you trust your regular dentist, I'd make him do it. He said he was going to do it originally, right? And it's WAY cheaper. Unless there's a really good reason for him not doing it, I would go with him instead of the surgeon.

Way to make it through Day 1! It'll get easier too!

Well, my green tea is about done steeping. Hope everybody has a good day!

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Hiya chicks!

It's gonna be a hot one here today 94* with the chance of thunder storms which is good as our new sod needs the water.

Cottage enjoy your busy day with the girls

Schmoodle your pool time sounds wonderful - can I come?

LC good luck with the dentist issues

Nats mom be sure to keep us posted on the new baby

I am feeling a bit better today yet kind of weird with all the stuffyness.
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Another rainy start this morning but supposed to clear early. We sure do need the sun around here to dry things out. Many are still without water and there are still parts that can't be reached. I have a closing today that I can't even get to a couple of towns over.

Running short on time today but LC good luck with the quitting. I know you can do this and will be happier for it!

Eating is out of control. Think I maybe headed back to P1 if the scales don't start moving in the right direction.

Have a great day ladies and stay cool and dry!

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Thanks Chicks.... I have made it through this dentist issue with out ripping anyones head off, so I guess that is a good thing... I am making the regular dentist do it. I feel mean but, I really don't want Megan being put under for something that can be done in his office and she is always sick to her stomach after she has antestic(?). Thanks for letting me rant and rave girls you guys are the best.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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Good morning Ladies! Happy Tuesday!
Cottage - Sounds like you're going to be on the go all day today. Be sure to get in your water. Stay hydrated!!!

Ruth - Enjoy your time indoors today. How nice to be able to spend time quilting....any chance we could see a finished product???

Nat's Mom - Congrats on the new addition in the family. I hope all goes well!!!

Cyndi - Wow....20 miles! That's a long bike ride. Way to go!

L/C - Keep up the work! Know that your family would rather have you be cranky for a couple of weeks while you kick the habit vs. you continuing to smoke and die from smoking complications. Sorry to hear that your daughter's surgery will cost so much!

Schmoodle - Good job planning better today. I hope all is fun!

Phxsunflower - Great job getting your walk in already. Have fun at the pool!

Weezle - Enjoy your tea!

Gonnabe - Hope the stuffiness goes away and you feel up to being yourself again!

Percergal - I hope the sun helps to dry things out. Do your best in regards to food while things are stressful. Once things calm back down, you can always go back.

Me - I did this cardio blast workout this morning that seriously kicked my butt!!! I'm sitting here just sweating away! Nothing too exciting today, I've got only 9 more days of work before I get a week off, however these next 9 days are FULL!!! Lots of meetings, paperwork to be completed, and graduation. But it sure makes the day go by fast. Sorry to hear that you all have lots of heat, here in So. Cal. it's supposed to be lovely. Maybe I'll get a walk in this evening. Have a great day, everyone!
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Good morning chicks. Just wanted to share the news that I went to the doctor this morning and I am having a GIRL!! YAY! Another little chick. Already worried about how many years she will hate me. We are thrilled, although we would have been either way, of course.

I'm sorry I don't post much, but I do read here almost every day. Love you all a lot. And will need your support to get off this baby weight in a few months!

"Every human being has value. That is the basis of all healthy relationships." --Mr. Rogers
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Hey Chicks,

I'm feeling quiet today, but not in a bad mood. I am staying on program and slowly entering phase 2.

My mom is the best. She just retired and I moved myself and two kids in on her. She does the laundry and the cooking and most of the cleaning. And now, when I have started this diet... On the weekends we go through the recipes and make a grocery list. I buy the groceries. When I get home in the evenings, there is magically a cooked SBD friendly meal on the table!! (My mom is diabetic so it works for her too!) I couldn't ask for more.

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