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Default I'm starting Phase One soon and I need some help from anyone who's done this before!

Hi, after much online research I've decided to give the South Beach Diet a try. I am going to start Phase 1 on the 15th. I found out enough about the diet online so I don't have to buy the books, because that's money I don't have to spend. Hopefully those on the diet can give me tips on what sort of things to eat during week one and two. Also if anyone has any meal ideas that are cheap, for phase one, please let me know!!

Here are some of the ideas I had planned for phase 1, I mainly just cut the carbs out of recipes that I already make:

Dinners: Baked chicken with mashed cauliflower & cheese (substitute for mashed potatoes), spinach sauteed with onion and garlic

Cashew chicken stirfry made with a sugar free stirfry sauce, broccoli, onion, and celery.

Asian chicken with peanut butter, soy sauce, and garlic, made in crockpot served with broccoli

Lean hamburgers (I will eat mine wrapped in lettuce with tomato and onion)

Tuna salad with onion, light mayo, and celery, chopped egg served on lettuce.

Taco salad with seasoned beef, salsa, lettuce, onion, tomato, and cheese layered on a plate.

Eggs & cheese

Diced grilled chicken or deli turkey thrown into a salad with balsamic vinaigrette and cheese

For the taco salad I am going to throw a dollop of sour cream on top, I don't think that will make much of a difference.

Anyhow does anyone have any other ideas of what I can make? (Dinner ideas, lunch ideas, snack ideas) for phase one? And how can I make meals that are cheap but still go along with phase one??
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hey melanie!

although this site offers awesome advice i do think it is important to read the book. you can check it out at the library or grab a used copy online or at a bookstore!!
ur meal plan looks good to me, am no expert by any means but you might want to check the allowed amounts of ingredients like peanut butter,mayo and sour cream...
check the recipe threads for all the ideas you need for phase one and more!! also feel free to join the phase one chat for support.

good luck on ur journey!

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Come on Spring!
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to The Beach.

Please be sure to read the FAQ stickies, particularly the Phase I Food List. There is a sticky called Phase I Handbook with lots of good links to info.

Please don't cut out all carbs! Beans and dairy are now part of this plan. This is not a no-carb but a slow-carb plan.

I agree with Jandaman that it's important to read the book to understand this lifestyle change. Perhaps you can get it from the library.
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Melanie! We're happy to have you joining us! Please read the book first to better understand the concepts of this healthy way of eating. You'll be glad you did.
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You can use lowfat or fat free sour cream.
Definitely add beans and dairy to your menus.
And our goal should be 4.5 cups of veggies/day.
Good luck on ph1,
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I think it looks good too but also make sure that peanut butter is all natural and not full of extra fat and sugar that comes in the other other regular brands. I use the smuckers all natural.
And yes we have some limites on dairy and such so the book is good for that as well. at walmart the first book is only 12 bucks so it's pretty cheap and at amazon it's even cheaper especially if you buy a used one. I'd recommend at least having one copy of the book for inspiration and references.
But honestly this diet costs me double in grocery money per week because veggies are not cheap right now and low fat items usually cost more etc so it's not easy to go real cheap on it. but you can make the breakfast cups which is cheap and easy and delicious and time saving in the mornings. I'd also recommend checking out our recipe threads for p1 to get some dessert recipes and what not in case you get a sweet tooth but congrats on your decision to start this plan and we can't wait for you to join us!

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Welcome to the Beach, Melanie! The recs to read the book are spot-on; I never would have understood how and why this diet works without having read it - I actually thought SBD was a lot like Atkins before I read the book. I got it from the library because money is kinda tight around here. As for cheap meal ideas... well, eating healthy is a little on the expensive side, BUT the money I saved by not buying ice cream, frozen dinners, chips, soft drinks, etc has helped to make up for it. Here are a few tips I've picked up along the way:

I don't plan my weekly menu until I see the Sunday sales papers unless I have my freezer already stocked with meats from past sales. Around here there are 2 grocery stores that put boneless/skinless breasts on sale for 1.99/lb every other week, and I can almost always find at least one store that puts their round roasts, tenderloin, cube steak, or london broil on sale every week.

Grocery shopping first thing in the morning has helped, too since a lot of stores mark their close-to-date meats down in the wee hours. They still have a couple of good days left, so as long as I cook or freeze them ASAP it's a good way to save.

Produce I either buy on sale or go to the farmer's market where it's a LOT cheaper. Frozen veggies aren't too expensive, and I can often find coupons for them.

Good luck!

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Hi Melanie,

Welcome! I just completed Phase 1 myself and I have to agree with Jennifer - I was under the misconception that SB was a lot like Atkins, until I read the book. Reading the book really helped me "get it" and to understand that this is a true lifestyle change -not just a "quick" way to lose some weight (I've lost weight on Atkins many times - but keeping it off just isn't a doable thing for me). With SB it is about changing habits for a lifetime. I've also found that I'm saving a TON of money not buying processed foods (like Atkins bars, etc) - while buying veggies isn't always cheap - what you are NOT buying definitely helps to make u up the difference. Definitely hit the library for a copy of the book or your used bookstore - it's an investment you will be glad that you made! (I find myself referring back to it all of the time) Good luck and welcome! We are all so glad that you are here!
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If you're not opposed to used items, I bought a used SB book on amazon.com for $2.75, plus shipping and handling. I received it Sunday and it looks like it's never been used!

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I'm glad you're interested in this plan--it's made some great changes in my life and I hope it does the same for you.

However, I'm a firm believer in reading the book first (as you can probably tell from my sig ). You can certainly get a copy from the library, but most used book stores will have it too. Just supplement the old book (the one titled The South Beach Diet) with the lists here in the FAQ for updated info. If you get a copy of The South Beach Diet Supercharged, it'll be updated already. Please do read it first so you know just what to eat, what not to eat, and most importantly, why.
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Obviously I need to get the book then so I will definitely try to get it. I am going to check out the library first but will have to use my friend's library card 'cause I owe fees. Thanks for the advice, hopefully though until I'm able to get the book I'll still be completing phase one correctly.

I read someone's recipe for stuffed bell peppers and someone said something about it being like a taco, eliminating the shell. I thought it was a good idea because tacos are in my top 10 favorite foods. I thought I could make it like the recipe called for and then top with some mexican cheese, salsa, and a dollop of sour cream. Is that okay for phase one?
First Goal: 25-40lbs by December 25th

Second goal: To be decided when the first goal is obtained

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yes that sounds delicious, just use ff or lf cheese and sour cream I'm making the stuffed peppers tomorrow myself

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Mmm, stuffed peppers is one of my favorites. In fact, I just ate some!

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Default Buy The Book

Having the book made all the difference for me in the world. I'd tried SB a few years ago and felt I didn't have enough options. But this time I not only read the book but I bought the new Taste of Summer Cookbook. Man! What a difference having alot of fun options make!

I'm a week and two days into Phase I and have lost 8 pounds!

Because I'm going through alot of stress in the house right now, what with a teenager gone astray - I'd put on 10 pounds in the past 3 months. I tried to get back into Weight Watchers but there was too much planning and thinking involved. Having no room for planning or thinking, South Beach makes it easy to grab fast food (McDonald's salads are my best friends these days) and snacks (my favorite right now is celery sticks and hummus) AND! I've started drinking milk again. I hated to waste my valuable WW points on Milk! Already I feel more energetic and less stressed out because the weight is falling off. I didn't need to add the extra fat to my stressed self.

A few more good snacks to grab are Sugar Free Jell-O lunch meat rolled with some light cream cheese rolled around a pickle. And I've been enjoying diet tonic water with a slice of lime. I almost think I'm drinking a gin and tonic!

Why wait until the 15th? Unless you're worried about finances. This doesn't have to be a costly grocery run if you have a local farmer's market with all of those fantastic vegetable choices.

By the way, I haven't missed sugar at all!

Go for it!
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tacos without the shell are fine.

the sour cream should be reduced fat or non fat but i prefer non-fat greek yogurt over sour cream.

but yeah you should read the book

we picked a start date about ten days in advance so we could get rid of a lot of the stuff in our house... did that it was a big help.

best of luck to you.
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