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Default HumpDay Happenings

Coffee is needed badly! It's pretty hard to get up when you can hear the rain lashing against the windows and it's still dark and gloomy outside. At least the rain's not supposed to be as heavy as yesterday, just showery today.

I have a load of laundry going, and after Curves I plan on doing a big house-cleaning. I just realized this will be my only chance to get it done before our Memorial Day cookout. We're celebrating ours on Sunday so that Monday we can all just relax and take it easy all day.

So what's happening on your part of the beach, anyone seeing the sun today?
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Morning Cottage, et al...

I'll join you in a cup or two or three. The coffee is extra strong this morning and tastes like velvet!

Looks like we will have sun and lots of it. It was up around 90 yesterday and HOT. Some friends dropped by and we had some great wine and conversation out on the patio. It was a nice break from the regular weekday afternoon.

Today, I have to do some major cleaning to do also, especially in my youngest son's room. My BIL will either be here tomorrow or the next day and I'd like for him to be able to walk in the room where he will be staying without breaking his neck.

Made some really good turkey burgers yesterday with ground oatmeal, squash, lots of spices, onions and peppers and wine. yum.
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Come on Spring!
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and a big Good Morning!

Cottage, strange that you are so much darker than me in the morning. I must check our longitudes. I bet you're farther West. Hope you have a more cheery day than yesterday.

Cat, your sunny patio time sounds great! I'm hoping for some myself this weekend with friends who are just back from Spain. Turkey burgers sound great. I need to do some pre-cooking one of these days as my freezer stash is getting low.

Gloomy and cold but only 40% chance of rain today. We did have a sunny day yesterday but don't expect another until Friday. I may never get my veggie garden tilled at this rate! This time of year, my days are planned according to the weather.

Donna comes to clean this morning and I may do a bit of outside work while she's here. If it rains, I'll cozy up in the sewingroom - I have five "Courthouse Steps" blocks to have ready for Saturday's quilting class. I don't think I'll do another Block of the Month Course - I want to just start, work and finish in one fell swoop.

Hershey and I are off to Pet Therapy at noon today. After that I am going to pick up my porch boxes from the greenhouse where they were started a month ago. Surely we'll get some warm porch-sitting weather later this week! My wicker is waiting with beautiful clean cushions. Now I just need the cats to stay off! (I put a Bounce sheet inside to see if that deters them!)

This isn't getting things done! I'm going to sneak in a soak in the tub with a book before Donna gets here. Maybe another coffee too?

Have a good Hump Day.
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Good morning Chicks Thanks for the coffee. I really could have slept in this morning.

Just a quick note now because we want to get to the beach for low tide in half an hour. After that it's off to Wells Reserve to look for warblers. Such an exciting life we lead The view from the deck is even better than last year. I'll have to post a photo for you this afternoon.

I brought the egg muffins with me for easy breakfasts. made them in mini muffin pans so they make nice wraps in ww wraps with a little lf cheese - easy and portable!

Hope you all have a good day no matter the weather.
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Trying it again....
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good morning everyone. It's supposed to be a scorching 90+ and hot and humid and muggy here. I hate it. I love the winter and the cold. I will be miserable if I go outside today. I have a wedding cake to do for Friday so I will be starting that today. This one is my second wedding cake where alot of people will be around. Over 100 people. I have no choice but to be perfect so I really have to get started today. I'm just upset that I didn't charge more for it. I only charged 100 when I could have easily charged 200. The story is too long on how it happened but basically I should've just changed the price from the original cake that she wanted but didn't and said that it would've been the same price. Anyways, what can I do now?! Well, DD has been awake since 400 and I'm not too happy about it. Need to go back to sleep. Will catch up later.

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*gasp* it's wednesday already! i also could have used some extra winks this morning--but landlord has started "renovating" upstairs apartment and jackhammers aren't sleep-conducive. i will also be spending today playing catch up w/correspondence, time management, classwork and housework. etc etc. no fun. but it's nice to know i am not alone
and no sun in this corner of the world, either.

cottage-will keep u posted on curves world domination

femme-send me some of that baking heat..i miss it so much! but hold the humidity *grin* ur recipes always sound delish.

ruth-bathtub and book sounds like heaven to me! hope you enjoy it

cyndi- stoopid question: is a warbler a bird?

tawnya- don't berate yourself over underpricing. it sometimes happens to me when i negotiate my rates w/business clients. (too soft-hearted, perhaps too much of a wuss) now i keep affirmations in my day planner that say e.g.: "no way are you doing this for under 35 an hour!!" and "your work is worth more!". just to remind me.

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ONEderland here I come!
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doing ok here today

offical weekly report on the scale 217.4 down another .8

for a total of 2.8 for the month of may... I still have another week..... not going to make 4 as hoped...

taking girl child to the dentist today

everyone have a nice day!
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That is strange cottage, since it's sunny here this morning. The forecast did say possibility of showers, but right now it looks nice. Of course I have no idea what it looked like 2 hours ago.
I did not sleep well last night, too many things on my mind and random noises to wake me up. DD had a friend come to visit, they've been best buddies since they were in elementary school, so she's like family, but now they're both 21, and wanted to go celebrate, so I gave them the lecture, but I was worried about things getting out of hand. I kept waking up and thinking they were not home yet. Finally at 4:30 I checked her room and they were there, fast asleep. No idea what time they did come in.
Ruth, my freezer stash is pretty low too. Your patio sounds so inviting. I didn't know you had cats (or are they neighborhood kitties that want to enjoy your porch too?).
Cyndi, your day sounds so fun and relaxing. yes, pictures please.
tk, you really should charge more. People pay thousands of dollars these days for a wedding cake. We had a fantastic cake for only 50 people and it was one of the most expensive things at the wedding. How many hours of your time does it take to make it? Think of how much you are profiting hourly. I'm sure she's getting a real bargain, but maybe it will bring you more business and you can start charging more. Just tell her not to tell anyone what she paid.
Have a great day janda!
nessa, is it the Caribbean festival at the Linganore wineries?
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ONEderland here I come!
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YES Schmoodle it is... and i was thinking the same thing... maybe Cottage has the rain we might get this afternoon???
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Good morning! Like some, we're looking at 90+ today. It was 95 when we were outside working out, so we're expecting the same today. Thank goodness we don't have the humidity as well!

Cottage: What wonderful weather you're having for staying in bed! Too bad you're an active woman and have to clean the house. Your Memorial Day celebration sounds like fun. Can DH and I pop over and join you? We don't have plans yet.

Cat: Your back porch visitin' (as us Texans call it) seems to be the way to go in this heat. Of course, we don't have your humidity to deal with. Good luck getting DS' room cleaned up. Wish we could get some ground turkey up here. I'd love to try cooking with it.

Ruth: I agree with Janda, a soak in the tub and a book sounds great. I'm having to move stuff into the "greenhouse" (our bay window) with this heat the way it is. I'm glad you get to have some plants on the porch to look at. Happy quilting!

Cyndi: Great idea on the muffins! Enjoy low tide and your bird watching. Can't wait to see your pics!

tkglenn: Sorry to hear about your cake woes. I'm sure the cake will turn out perfect, though, and you'll get some good advertising and maybe some more orders from it! Happy baking!

Jandaman: What a horrible wake-up call! Oh well, at least you're up bright and early with the energy to tackle that long list of tasks you have! Right? Here's to getting it all done early and spending some time relaxing later!

Nessa: I'm sorry it looks like you won't be making goal this month, but my goodness "kumquat", (I thought that was really cute), you've had a rough month! With the IBS and tests and OH! I'm so very proud of you for sticking to your plan in spite of it all. Congrats!!

Schmoodle: Ah, the dreaded 21st. Thankfully, I was dating my DH at the time and my parents just loved him compared to the other trash I'd brought in, so they slept well that night. (He took me shopping and to dinner and a movie). I'm glad the girls were safely in bed and I hope you can get some great sleep to make up for it tonight. Maybe you can sneak off for a little nap later?

Me: Was planning on sleeping in until 7:30, but DH woke up to go run and I followed suit. It wasn't my planned SB SC workout for the day, but I got a nice walk in.

Tonight the Spurs are playing the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals, so we will be decked out in our gear and glued to the tv after 8 pm. Unfortunately, I wouldn't bet on the Spurs winning this game as the Lakers have 5 more days of rest than they do. The Spurs also had to sleep in their plane in New Orleans Monday night as their plane had mechanical issues and there were no available hotels. I'm just going to hope for the best and that they'll be fully recovered by the next game.

Well, off to check the P1 thread and post my workout, then off to work. Salmon tacos for DH and I'll have the taco mixture on a salad for dinner. I'm hoping to start getting the house clean tonight and finish tomorrow so that we can have the whole weekend free.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!! Happy Humping!!

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How on earth is it Wednesday?

Today is going to be kinda busy tonight. I'm hoping I have time to do the balance ball again though! Last night was tough using it and I want to try the legs workout tonight.
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Morning Ladies!

Cottage - Sorry to hear that it's raining again today. But at least you're able to get out and go to Curves. I hear that it's a lot of fun.

Cat - Sounds like my heat from the weekend headed out your way. Your day w/ friends yesterday sounds like a lot of fun. And those turkey burgers sound great. Excellent idea using oatmeal as a binder!!!

Ruth - Enjoy your time at therapy w/ Hershy, I'm sure she'll be getting a lot of love from every one. And have fun quilting, that's one thing I may pick up some day, but the craftsmanship is always amazing!

Cyndi - Good to hear that you're happy with your view. Does your partner enjoy birds as much as you do? And good job planning your food. Sounds like you're all set for an excellent vacation!

t/k - You should really re-evaluate your prices. Call some other people who bake cakes and compare what you're charging to them. You can give a good rate, but you want to make sure that they aren't getting away w/ highway robbery. Take pride in your work. You've earned it!

Janda - Nothing quite says "good morning" like a jack hammer. Sorry to hear that you had such a rude awakening. I hope the day gets better as it moves along.

Nessa - Have a good one! Slow and steady is the way to go.....right?!?!?!

Schmoodle - Sorry to hear that you had a rough night, but I hope you slept better after you knew your DD was in. Hopefully today won't be too hard on you and you'll be able to take it a little slower today.

Kim - Good luck on tonights game.....however, as a LAKER fan.........I just feel terrible that the Spurs had to sleep in the plane Good for your getting out for a run today. That's great for your body. Keep it up!

Soon2b - Good luck on your workout tonight....Those balls are killer!

Me - Dinner last night was yummy. The blue moon burgers were fantastic. I'm happy that Kristy won on Dancing with the Stars, and I'm a little concerned for David Cook. He was good, but I think the judges were right and Archeleta sang better last night. I think Cook should win the season, overall, but I'm worried that his performance last night might not have won as many votes. I guess we'll see tonight. Not much going on tonight, I should probably get some house work done....we'll see...... Have a good Wednesday, Ladies!
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Morning, ladies.

Woke up to a pest control man pounding on our window. In our neighborhood, we have mandatory pest control once a month. He comes in and puts some goo in the kitchen and bathrooms....I guess so that we don't get roaches. I've never seen a roach in any of the places I've lived down here, though. A friend of mine had an infestation that was disgusting! Anyway, I didn't clean up dishes from yesterday last night because I was too tired...so I had to quickly clean those up

Today, I'm going to finish tackling DS' room. Also, I dug through my maternity stuff to figure out what I need and don't need. I also found some things that I can sell to local consignment shops. Maybe I can make enough to buy myself some new maternity clothes! I have my eye on these really cute jeans. DH told me yesterday that I'm showing a bit already. I guess it's true what they say about showing earlier with your second. I didn't show with DS until about 20 weeks. My jeans still fit though, so I have time.

It's overcast but humid today. I wish it would get sunny. DS and I are going to go for a walk in the park this afternoon. He's itching to get outside.

Have a great day, ladies!

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Hello chicks, popping in to say good day. Things have been busy around here. Had a friend here on the week end. And then we went to visit dh mom as we missed her on mothers day. Then went to lunch with some girlfriends. We are planning a trip to NY in nov. I am so excited. We got a big load of top soil yesterday and have been spreading that. And the dance show is this week end. Dress rehersal tonight and the last dance class before the show on thursday. Busy crazy.......... Well gotta to dash the kids are done lunch and it is nap time. Thank god....... I will be back around much more next week when things settle down.

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Trying it again....
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thanks you guys for all your support. Yeah, I should just tell her not to tell people how much I charged for the cake. I usually charge this lady cheap because she refers people to me but in this case, I thought she was paying for the wedding cake so gave her a good price on it but later found out that it's the actual bride who is paying for it. And by then, she had already told the bride the price. that kind of upset me but hopefully it'll be good advertisement. I really hope I get more orders as I need them.

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