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Default Fish

Good morning!

I'm trying to integrate more fish into our diet, but I don't like it (fortunately, my husband and kids do). I LOVE shellfish, and do enjoy swordfish, and tuna steaks. I like both, because they have almost no fishy flavor (unless you hit a bad spot!), have a chicken like texture, and not oily.

I can't STAND the oily taste (like salmon), or a really flaky texture (like catfish). I know there's some other fish out there like tuna and swordfish, but I don't want to try everything to figure it out.

Does anyone have suggestions? I've heard mahi mahi, tilapia (is that really flaky though?), and maybe some others.

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It sounds like it's the texture that's a major factor for you. Here are a couple of Blogs that categorize fish by texture. It may be helpful for you.


The first one also talks about the fat content of fish, which I think is one of your objections to salmon.

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shark and skate are both really good, meaty as opposed to flaky, and not really fishy tasting. IF you can get over the fact that you're eating shark and skate, I think you will enjoy them. Tilefish is also really good, but pretty difficult to find.

As always, the bigger and meatier the fish (swordfish, shark, tuna, etc.) the higher the mercury levels. I don't know if this is a concern of yours, but with young children I always take it into consideration.

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Mahi mahi has a firmer texture like you seem to like, but a very mild flavor like white fish. Monkfish too has a firm texture and mild taste, but it's hard to find sometimes. Cod is another one. I hate tilapia because of the texture (it tends to get mushy) and also it has no taste to me, except for a mild dirt-like taste. Wish I liked it because it is reasonably priced.
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Thanks ladies!

Rover - great links, thanks!

Zeffryn - I have pretty small portions, and give even smaller to my kids, so they don't get a whole lot (they'll eat ham or other the same night)...and I'll only have it once every 1-2 weeks (and that's a recent increase). The names of skate and shark don't bother me so much...I'll keep my eyes open for them!
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oceansalive.org gives a list of fish and how often it is safe for children, women & men to eat related mostly to mercury levels. It also has recommendations related to environmentally friendly fish to choose.
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Lightbulb Dr. A. recommends wild salmon

so that is what I have been getting. Again, it is like many of these other fishes. Hard to find. I prefer to buy my fish plain and do my own seasonings too. So many of the ones out there have added seasonings which we don't always like.

Tip: if the package doesn't say wild, it is farm fed.
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