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Default Cereals

I was trying to stick to the book on finding some cereals that might work for me.

I bought a box of grape nuts (high in fiber, low in sugar), and saw afterwards that it has a pretty high glycemic index...I guess too many regular carbs. So I looked back at the book, and thought I'd stick to those so I don't waste more money.

All bran....second ingredient...sugar!! Huh?

I couldn't get myself to by it. I found the Uncle Sam's (?), and got a box of that.

Any one have a favorite that's OP? Any guidelines you use when looking?
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For cold cereals, I just try to go with the one that gives you the biggest serving while staying within the SBD guidelines. If you like GrapeNuts, you should try one of the Ezekiel cereals. It is very similar. I really like the original FiberOne, and Kashi GoLean, too.
For hot cereal, I love my old-fashioned oatmeal and steelcut oats.
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I eat the Kashi Go Lean... I have been told that it is not SBD approved... but its a Giant step up from Lucky Charms!! And DH eats it which is another improvement, he's not much for healthy cereals...
Pick something rich in whole grains, healthy, high in fiber and protein and go with it. If it doesn't stunt your weightloss, then it must be working...

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-Get to 175
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I love frootloops.....like LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them....but they totally aren't on plan, so I pick something a little better.

Barbara's Puffins seem to be pretty good, also, plain puffs of the grain variety - amaranth, brown rice - are good with a little fruit. Blueberries are my favorite accompaniment to cereal.

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I like adding fruit, I don't like the cereals that have the dried fruit there!! Its GROSS!!! But that's just me LOL...I like adding blueberries, strawberries or bananas.MMMM....

The FIRST challenge:
-Get to 175
-Exercise 3x/wk for 4 wks!
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I eat:
Spoon size shredded wheat
Spoon size shredded wheat and bran
Fiber One (the "pellets")

They are on plan and I get to have my favorite food - cereal! I usually mix a half serving of shredded wheat and a half serving of fiber one and eat that with a hard boiled egg or piece of fruit and coffee.


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tdi - Kashi Go Lean is fine. It is Kashi Go Lean Crunch that is too high in sugar.

I eat old fashioned oatmeal almost every day. Five minutes in the microwave with Splenda, cinnamon, blueberries and banana and I am good to go.
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I've been making steel cut oats in the crockpot per Kara's recipe. I alter it just a bit. I don't spray the crockpot, but I stir it about once every hour or two. I have been using a can of evaporated fat free/skim milk instead of half & half as I always have it in the house and never have half & half here.
It is amazingly easy.
Once cooked, I divide it into 4 individual servings and put in the fridge.
I have made them with dried pears (my fav so far), dried dates & dried apricots. (all of these fruits have no sugar added)
To reheat, I add a Tbsp of pecan pieces, a drizzle of agave nectar or sugar free pancake syrup and a splash of milk and microwave.
One of the best things about this oatmeal it that it "sticks to my ribs"...I don't get hungry for about 4 hours. Comes in handy on my busy days at work when I can get breakfast and then be non-stop until 12-1pm.

I am one who uses convenience foods from time to time, but this is so quick and easy to throw in the crockpot and leave alone. I can't have cold cereal in the house because I will eat too much out of the box as a snack.
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Lightbulb These are mine

I too love slow cooking oatmeal and I have been eating that literally since I was born. However, once winter is over, if I do eat cereal, I prefer the cold stuff.

I have bought Uncle Sam's and it is okay but actually if you use the guidelines in the book, there are quite a few that are fine. You do have to read the labels.

In the past couple of weeks, I found no sugar added shredded mini-wheats. 3 grams of sugar per serving. And toasted corn chex which the box that I had said 1 gram of sugar per serving. Again, these are not added in sugars, just natural sugars that occur due to the type of grain used in the actual cereal. (PS--it is sooo tempting to get Count Chocula...I said to my DH last time, maybe, one day we will just "splurge" and get it on our b-day---I'm sure it has as much sugar in it as a piece of b-day cake, don't you think?)

So, keep looking. You will find others.

One thing that you need to be aware of though is that the natural sugar found in some fruits, like dried, can be as much as 28+ grams of sugar. Not added sugar but natural sugar, fructose. This is one reason why on the avoid foods list, fruits like raisins and watermelon, are listed. If you can believe this!---- 100% grapefruit juice, which I like, even though it will make you pucker it is so sour, still has 24 grams of natural sugar in it. That is because when they make the juice, they use the concentrate. This is the one food item I have trouble giving up. I have 8 oz of unsweetened fruit juice with my breakfast each morning because I have a handful of supplements that I take and water doesn't work for me. Sorry, Dr. A, and fellow SBD but I can wave away a potatoe with no problem but I have to have my supplements to keep me going and juice comes with that.

Just thought I would add that last little bit since most of us like to "dress up" our cold cereals.

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