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Old 05-09-2008, 08:52 AM   #1
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Default How many of you cheated on phase 1?

I'm on day 5 and i haven't cheated at all-YET!!
the craving for a bag of lays is just so strong, not sure if i can resist!!!!!!

Did you cheat?
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No cheating here (on phase 1) for me
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ONEderland here I come!
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nothing off plan for me till 3 months into phase 2!
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Not on P1. I had a few off plan things when I started P2, but I just got right back on track when I realized I didn't have any cravings. I'm very in tune with my body and cravings, if I have any...I get back on P1 right away. I know cravings can be very detrimental to my success.

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Eating for two!
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RESIST those Lays! The whole point of Phase 1 is to crush those cravings. If you give in to them, then what's the point of the phase?

I'll say I cheated a little, but not in regards to sugar/carbs. I had some things that were probably fattier than they should have been (like Wendy's chilli, a steak out at a restaurant, creamy soup, etc.). I would also say, though, that this is likely the reason I didn't see some of the drastic losses others see in Phase 1.
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Feelin good in my skin
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I did only because of my own mistake. I never had the urge to eat something off plan.. I only ate too much of something that was on plan... I didn't end up losing as much during phase one either... I am on 1.5 now. So far so good.

Either way I feel I am eating much healthier (whole foods) and I haven't really had any cravings for processed foods.
"If it was easy... Everyone would do it"

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Beach Bum
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DH and I had a party to go to on day 14 of phase 1 and we did both drink alcohol. Our food was on plan, but the drinks were not. I did stick to vodka w/diet soda and he had scotch, so no beer or calorie ladden fruity drinks.
Red wine or now even white wine would have been a better choice, but we had our favorites and then right onto phase 2.
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I'm on day 7 of P1 right now. No cheats at all this time. It's just not worth it! Yes those pink fluffy cupcakes in the break room look delicious, and a week ago today, I'd be eating one.

My goal is to get to June 8 (the day we arrive at our resort in Myrtle Beach) without a SINGLE cheat. I think that I'll also plan all of my cheats while on vacation and limit them severely. I want to come back from vacation with a loss, not a gain!
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I went to Myrtle Beach one year and went out dancing 4 out of the 5 nights we were there. I lost 8 pounds that trip! At the beach, I don't usually overeat anyway. So much fresh seafood and time on the beach or by the pool with no food desired or required.
"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog." Sidney Jeanne Seward

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I did have a major cheat in Phase 1. We were invited to dinner after church and I didn't feel comfortable being "picky". So I ate country fried steak, sweet potato casserole and dessert (I skipped the role and rice). Although they were delicious it was not even things I had been craving! All in all my first month of SB was still successful. Lately I've been doing more cheating than ever and know it's time to try P1 again though!
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I did but only little bits. On day 6 I had a glass of wine & a 1/32 piece of Boston Cream Pie, and then on day 12 I had 1/4 of a piece of WW bread. I stayed on p1 for a week longer because of it. I have no cravings as of today, day 32. Would I do it again, I can't say, but I'm pleased with where I'm at and where I'm headed.
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This is my second time restarting phase 1 and I regret it sooo bad

DO NOT CHEAT. It's soo hard but it's worthed it because in my experience, if you cheat even a little, you go crazy and eat too much. Now I have to start over and I keep thinking to myself that I would have already been on phase 2 if I didn't cheat

I don't mind the diet. It's just I really can't wait to add some fruit and whole grain bread. Maybe 2 a day would be perfect so I can't wait until phase 2. This phase is a bit painful but it will be worthed it.

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I didn't cheat on Phase I. I didn't cheat on Phase II either until I was close to goal.


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I did not cheat on phase one. You can do it, just don't give yourself the option!!! It will feel so good when the two weeks are over and you can say you did a clean, perfect phase 1!
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Yes, the first time through I started on a Saturday, Thanksgiving was the next Thursday. I ate the dinner my Grandma made and enjoyed every bite. Every other meal that day and the following was on plan - but not the holiday meal itself. It was a planned cheat, as I wanted to get the "diet" started and saw no reason to not do so when I wanted and accept one "bad" day - as in my mind that is the whole key to making it a lifestyle change and not a diet.


Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out.
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