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Having a ROUGH time.....help!

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Angry Having a ROUGH time.....help!

Hello all. I haven't been on in while and that is probably why I am having a hard time. Since gaining weight during the holidays, I have started phase one two times already and not done well. I can't seem to complete the two weeks and I feel I need to start over. I am having a terrible problem with cravings and eating the same food over and over. I have been so successful on the beach in the past(25 lbs) and am very frustrated at this point(gained 13 lbs back). What do you guys do to get past this? I am a strong person but not this time around for some odd reason. I would appreciate any advice and ideas. This is the most supportive place I know to turn. Thanks so much!!!!

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I may get burned for saying this by some of the loyal SB'ers, but in my HUMBLE, HUMBLE opinion, SBD just may not be the thing for you? If it's too restraining and makes you miserable, it may not be the right thing to use long-term and you may want to try and find something that doesn't restrict you from your favorite things and send you off into binges. Having strong will power is one thing, but if you feel tortured, it's another. You may want to re-evaluate using SB, but that's totally up to you and I'm not saying quit it.. Just there may be something that allows you your triggers while still losing weight.. Calorie counting? WW? One of the other plans?

BTW, what ARE your triggers as that may allow others to give you better advice?

Best of luck, you CAN do it!
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I had that same problem about a year ago-- I was doing Weight Watchers and just felt confused the entire time. The first time I did Weight Watchers, it was me and my mom against the world! And we did so well, so quickly! The second time I did Weight Watchers, I went with a friend who was very prone to eating sweets and "cheating"-- So I lost about 5 pounds my first week, and then I gained 5 back, another 5, then another 5.... Just because her support wasn't what I needed!
This year, I have a fabulous support system: My boyfriend is losing weight with me (and has promised to go slower than me ) And I'm coming to these message boards almost every day!

Sometimes it's a mental block, and sometimes it's a support block-- I say keep truckin', and find something that inspires you to get down to your goal weight! (like a shirt or pair of pants you will fit into once you get to your goal weight)

Good luck!

Mini GOAL:
10% by St. Patrick's Day! I want to fit into my Dress!! Aiee!!!
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Thumbs up

Thank you guys for the advice. I really do love SBD and think it is a great healthy lifestyle for my husband and I. Upon doing lots of research, I believe it is the best way to eat. I think more than anything, it is a mental block. I've got to get past it. This has never happened before. Usually I do very well and get rid of the cravings. I am going to search through the recipe section for other ideas. I know there are a ton of recipes out there but I seem to be a creature of habit and continue eating the same things. Thanks again for the encouraging words.

"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog." Sidney Jeanne Seward
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It can be very difficult to change your lifestyle. Honestly, you are going to have to "be ready" to make the change. Support is key, once you have made the decision, because it takes an incredible person to stay strong while trying to change their lifestyle if the people that surround you aren't supportive.

One (kind of weird) thing that I do to help me is to make a list. I make a list of all the things in my current lifestyle that contribute to my weight. And then I look at those "things" and determine if they are negative or positive and if they make my life easier or worse. I have found, for me personally, that every single thing on my list that contributes to by being overweight is something that I can control - and even more importantly every single one of these "things" have ZERO positive contributions to my life. I look at my list daily to keep myself motivated.

Hang in there. Figure out what you really want for yourself. Then look for a lifestyle (diet) that you think you can do. Everyone struggles, you are not alone. Forums, such as 3FC, are a great place to vent and make friends, and most importantly get support when you need it.

Again, every little step in the right direction does count, even if you cannot weigh it on a scale.

Good luck!
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Do you mean you are bored with eating the same things? Are you following the book menus exactly? Because you can mix it up some and keep it from getting boring. I much prefer basing my menus on foods that I like. I planned out my menus for the entire 2 weeks of my recent PH2 repeat and made sure I was eating one of my favorite dinners every night. Maybe your motivation is just not in the right place right now.
And LMM may be right. I love SB and it works for me, but that doesn't mean it's right for everybody.
I hope you keep trying, if you want this, you can do it and you know we will be here to support you whenever you are ready.
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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