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Default Weary Weekend on the Beach

Morning, girls! It's 1:11 am here. One of these days I'll figure out how to sleep! I think I'll just sleep on the couch tonight. There are some good shows on this late at night...who knew? Well, I just like to start the chat every once in a while since I can't get my butt up early enough during the week!! I'm feeling tired, but just can't imagine getting into bed. I guess I should look for a natural cure for insomnia. Thank goodness for the internet!

Good night/morning! Have a great Saturday as I'm sure I'll be in bed until the afternoon tomorrow!!

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I hope you are sleeping soundly, Kim. You probably were dozing off just as I was doing my stupid 3:00 AM wake-up. (Don't tell anybody but I think I'm fretting a bit about the operation!)

This morning I start a Block A Month quilt class so I need to scurry around and gather my stuff. Luckily I have the right fabrics - I think. I also need to start a crockpot stew to take to my friend Rob. His Mum died on Thursday, just as he and his partner arrived in Cancun for a well-deserved holiday. They flew home yesterday and really need support as they cleared the house of food before they left. The funeral is Monday - in Belleville - a two to three hour drive each way. I hope the weather is OK.

Right now, I need to wake my beautiful Hershey (great job from the new groomer ), cook eggs for us both as I forgot to get dog food, and sip a coffee.

How does your weekend look? Weary or wonderful?
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Morning everyone,
Kim, hope you got some sleep!
Ruth, sounds like you have a busy weekend. So sorry about your friend's Mom. I know he will really appreciate some comfort food. Have fun at your class.

Me: Been MIA for a few days...very busy with company. This morning we are headed out till Monday afternoon for a family reunion of sorts in Mississippi. Taking my Mom and Aunt, Cousin and Sister up there to visit family...sounds like every minute will be jam packed with driving here and there for visits.

I went to my first photography class on Thursday night and it was like algebra to me. My eyes started glazing over while taking notes on "f -stops", asa, etc. Hopefully I'll catch on. It did force me to actually start reading the manual that came with my camera (I didn't read it all when I got it 3 years ago) and I found out it can do all kinds of neat stuff that I didn't realize it could do, like taking pictures quickly one right after the other..click click click.
The guy who is teaching it is a cinematographer who also teaches Marines how to shoot pics in battle (he's also in Marine reserves and got called up to do photos in Iraq and took some amazing shots) very interesting guy who has a lot to teach. He has also done cinematography on tons of movies etc...Hope he didn't realized I was hopelessly "lost" in the class.

Hugs to all if I don't get back over the next few days. I've been a pretty good girl considering all the food porn that is going on around here right now. I've been at a plateau since Christmas, but hopped on the scale yesterday to find 3# gone...I've been too busy to stop and grab a handfull of nuts every now and then, and I'll bet that is what broke the plateau.
Balie nef, blaie prope.

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Kim - Have a good rest. I've been waking up early lately and sometimes have been up late so I've been a bit tired. I imagine once the stress is past I will sleep better.

Ruth - Sorry to hear about your friend's mum. I'm glad you can be there to support him. I'm sure the operation is stressing you. I wish I could be there to support you like you have support me and so many of us here.

femme - Have fun at the reunion. I've been staying about the same myself (after losing what I had put on in December) but that's okay. I've had to eat out some where it isn't healthy and I just make the best of it.

Me - Last night was the Pinewood Derby trials. Brian weighed in his car and then added two more weights and raced it some. He's happy with it even if it might not be the fastest or the prettiest. I am proud of him because he made almost all of it himself including painting it, gluing the weights in and doing the wheels. I need to wake him in a minute to head up to the Derby. His rank doesn't race until 12:30 but I've volunteered to do ribboning so I need to be there at 7. He'll eat a donut for breakfast from the concession stand but I just finished my oatmeal so I will only have to worry about lunch.

We were up there early so I could teach a couple of training sessions to a few of our leaders who hadn't made it to the official training. I am getting so much support from some of the leaders. It is wonderful!
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AH the weekend! Now if my body and the puppy would just realize that! DD spent the night at a friends and the pup sleeps with her. He had me up three time last night looking for her. I finally gave up and stayed up at 6. Good thing is I have been able to get a full hour of yoga in this morning GO ME!

For Yoga lovers I have found a neat workout on The Oh or Oxygen or whatever they are calling it today. I have to tape it because it airs everyweek day from 7-8 but it gives me something for the weekend. It is called Inhale, is set to music and I really kinda like it!

Kim hope you got your sleep in and it is well into the afternoon before you read this!

Ruth How sad for your friends thoughts and prayers to them and also to you that you can relax until your surgery.

Cat Have a great time at the reunion.

Barb Sounds like you are doing well all things considered. Good for you! Still thinking of you!

Me not sure yet what the day holds. Can't make plans with the pup and he is the only one awake so far (well now that I check even he is snoozing). It's either a cleaning kind of day or shopping (guess which I prefer?) but we shall see!

Have a great one girls and try to stay warm, we are in the single digits this weekend.

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There are a lot of early chicks this Saturday morning.

Poor Kim, I hope you are sleeping.
Ruth, say hello to the glamour dog. So sorry about your friend's loss. I'm sure they will appreciate the food.
Cat, that's wonderful about the 3 lbs! Can't wait to see more of your great shots.
Barb, I love the pinewood derby! That's one thing I really miss since DS pitched scouting.
Stephanie, I will look for that yoga workout. I used to do yoga and loved it. That was a lifetime ago and a different body, but I'd love to get into it again. I was talking to a friend of mine last night who organizes a beginning runner's group at her church. She was very encouraging, but it scares me a little.

2 more sleeps until DH leaves. He is feeling better about going, since we got his medicine (only 2 months, so I'll have to mail him the rest), the vacuum is working, the car is fixed. I may bug him this weekend to put up my door and window blind, but if not, I'll just do it myself.

I have a weary weekend of cleaning, science projects, grocery shopping ahead. I was down a lb. this morning. I think I will shove the scale away now and not weigh again until Valentine's Day. I want to set a weight goal for DH's return. 4 months, do you think 25 is too optimistic?
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Good Morning yall,

Today is my first day for Phase 1 and I'm really looking forward to it...

It looks like everyone knows each other pretty well and shares a bit about their day.

It's nice to know if I'm up at 3am I can come here and possibly find someone with the same things going on in their house!!

We have a kids basketball game every Saturday morning at 9am for the next 8 Saturdays. I'm not sure how we pulled that schedule, but it's a bit early.

My son is also getting ready for the Pinewood Derby. He started making his car and the race is next weekend. This is our first time in Cub Scouts and he is really enjoying it.

Have a great day everyone!!! I look forward to getting to know you all.

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Morning chicks!

Just putzing on the computer. My 2 1/2 year old was up early, so just waiting for the rest of the crew to rouse from dreamland. DH is actually off this weekend, which will be lovely.

Kim Hope you got to sleep okay! I was up way too late reading last night....

Barb Hope today is fun for you and Brian.

Schmoodle Hope you enjoy this weekend with DH. We need to get my daughter's science fair project completed. Fortunately she is in kindergarten, so her project is going to be pretty simple- I want to make sure that she understands it. It involves pizza and the use of yeast.

Ruth You are such a good friend.

Femme Way to go on staying strong!! You should be proud of your 3 lb loss.

Pacer My kids and DH so want a pet, but I am just not up for it!! I can barely keep up with my house as it is!!

DFW Welcome! As mentioned the other day, we are both in the DFW area.

Me- We have a long weekend here, which is great! Yesterday was a teacher work day, but we actually had the option of taking it as a full day off. I went in for a bit just to get ready for the week ahead. Abigail has a birthday party today and then church and family stuff tomorrow.

I was hoping to get started on taxes this weekend, but we haven't gotten any W-2s yet. That drives me crazy!! I am dying to get money back into savings so we can get back on track with our debt reduction plan. We slipped up a bit the last two months, so I am very much looking forward to setting ourselves back on the right path. Money, money, money.... wish it wasn't always present on the 'ole brain, but it is!
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Barb Noooo, not the Pinewood Derby. We did ours last week. I'm a Den Leader so I was there from set-up to cleanup. I swear I felt like I was in GroundHog day, all these little wooden cars going downhill over and over with the only break being the occasional wheel flying off. But the kids really enjoyed the event.

I'm new here too. Day 5 on South Beach (this year anyways). Look forward to getting to know everyone better.
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Great Saturday morning!!!!!

Kim I hope your peacefully sleeping. Have a great day!

Ruth sorry to hear about your friend Rob. My thoughts and prayers are with you all

Cat glad you checked in this morning, you have been missed around here. Good uck with yur class - you'll be a pro before you know it.

Barb lots of luck to Brian. Hope you two have a great day!

Stephanie my yorkie is no longer a puppy but is worse than a baby with the 3am potty and water breaks. Than you for the yoga tip I willbe on the look out for it. As far as your day goes I would say shopping over cleaning all the time.

Schmoodle Wow! your DH will be gone 4months I can't survive without mine for a weekend. 25lbs in 4months seems a bit ough but you have my support.

Hi DFW Have a great day!

Morning Kiko enjoy your day

As for Me It's a rainy dreary day here in sunny jacksonville, florida so won't be much to do but go to the cleaners with dh and lots more resting as I am feeling so much better this morning. The thoughts & prayers I have been getting have been a great help.

Hello and good morning to all those who have yet to check in.
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Good morning all!

Kim, I also go through periods of insomnia. My doctor suggested a glass of red wine before bed.

Ruth, what's considered a "block" in quilting? Will your class run all year?

Femme, a photography class, how cool! Will you be doing any darkroom work?

Barb, our ad agency has been working on an upcoming charity derby event. I wish I could participate! It looks like so much fun! I wish Brian lots of luck today!

Pacergal, an early-rising pup! What kind of dog? My dachshund is so lazy I have to pry him out of the bed in the mornings.

Schmoodle, congrats on the pound!

DFW, good luck on Phase 1!

Kiko, I hope those W-2s show up the mail today!

Have a great day Neko and Gonnabe!

Me, I'm closing on a house next week (1924 Mission-style cottage) so I'm puttering around trying to pack. Later I'm heading out to my part-time job editing video for PBS. Gotta save up for that kitchen reno somehow! And at some point today I need to throw out my birthday cake and get to the grocery store for some Phase 1 goodies. Plus, it's supposed to snow.
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Good Morning Everyone

Kim I hope you're sleeping very soundly right about now.

Ruth A for you and a to Rob.

Femme Yay to the 3 pounds in the face of temptaion. The pictures are incredible. I'm sure class will get better. You've got me thinking maybe I should read the owner's manual for my camera

Barb Have fun with Brian.

Pacer Have fun with the puppy And have a great time shopping.

Schmoodle Yay for the pound. I think 25 pounds is doable. Heck anything is doable if you set your mind to it right?

DFW Have fun at basketball.

Kiko I was hoping for my W-2 but no such lock here either.

Neko. I love your little saying at the bottom of your post. Great job getting through the toughest part IMO of ph1.

Gonna I'm glad you're feeling a little better. I hope you're on the tailend of this thing.

Me Well I got the scale out (Yes I looked pretty funny doing it) and weighed today. I'm down 2 pounds That actually makes me normal (BMI range anyway) I'm thinking I will not weigh again until Valentine's Day. I already put the scale back and there is NO way I'm going through that everyday Have a great day everyone.

Goal 1

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Morning Girls! Howya doin'? (Can anyone tell that I'm faking my enthusiasm? )

Ruth: It cannot be easy to KNOW you're going into surgery. I'm thinking about you and wish I could ease your fretting some. I knew Hershey would come back from the groomers beautiful! Warm thoughts to your friend and his partner.

Cat: That is awesome about your family "reunioun"! I hope you all have fun and that the driving isn't too tiresome. You already take some of the most gorgeous photos I've seen, so I can't wait to see what comes out of your camera after your class!

Barb: I'm definitely glad you're getting such great support! All we can offer are internet hugs and our ears, so I'm happy that you have people there for you. Good luck to Brian today! What a great kid you've got!

Stephanie: Awe, puppies are so cute when they get attached to someone in the family, although it does make it difficult on the rest of the fam when that someone is gone! Good for you getting yoga in already! I would like to go shopping, but that would only be to put off doing homework and I really can't slack on homework! Have fun doing whatever you decide to do!

Schmoodle: to you and DH and the rest of the family. I'm glad he was able to get everything taken care of. I'm sending my most comforting thoughts your way. You sure do have a huge motivator in DH coming back, so I think that 25 lbs would be totally doable.

Mary: Have a great Day 1! It may be tough, but you can do this!! Good luck to the kiddos playing basketball.

Kiko: I'm the same as you with taxes. For some reason, DH's W2 is always late. (Stupid state job! ) Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned - I hope Abigail has fun at her party.

, Neko! Looking forward to getting to know you!

Gonna: I hope that you continue to recover. A day like your having with all the rain sounds like a great day for a good book and a nap on the couch!

Me: Well, I finally made it to bed at 3 am and woke up promptly at 8 am. My stupid internal clock has issues! But, I'm hoping that if I get through the busy day that I have planned, I'll be out by 8 pm tonight and be able to catch up!

Nothing fun today; cleaning, laundry, Avon and Statistics and Tech-Ed homework. I'm planning on cramming all that into today (really shouldn't take too long with DH out of the way), because tomorrow I'm planning on spending most of the day crafting. I'd like to make some more head-way on my grandma's crocheted lap blanket and I've decided I want to try my hand at making polymer clay figurines, jewelry, etc. I think that's going to be a lot of fun. Well, better get another cup of coffee and get the cleaning under way. As long as I don't fall asleep with the vacuum cleaner on, it'll be a good day!

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Wow, a lot of simul-posting going on today!

Betty: Editing video for PBS sounds like a great job, but maybe because I don't really know what it entails. Is it dreadfully boring? Thanks for the tip, but I'm on Metformin for my PCOS and am limited to only one 4 oz. alcoholic drink every 7 days. I'm going to start trying Sleepy-Time tea and some lavender scented things. Have fun purging the pantry!

Dawn: Yay! You're normal! Congrats on the 2 lb loss. Our scale is going to DH's office until we leave for vacation. That will probably be good for me. Hope you have a great day!

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good weekend morning to all,

Just checking in. Have not been able to get on as much as would like to. Sure miss the support. Just reading about everyone sure helps. Started phase 2 on the 15th. Seem to be ok except I have had times where I thought I could eat 1/2 a horse if it was around. I had snacks inbetween meals but it just didn't seem to help. Will carry on.

This weekend is just a catch up things that don't get done through the week. I don't think much ever gets done through the week except homework and dinner... so off to play clean the house.

Have a great day and a safe one.
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