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Default New and need HELP!!! LOL

OK so I read the book...still a little confused on the portions as it didnt mention it in the book but I am going to get started anyways! My question is about dairy. It said that you can have fat-free or low-fat cheese and sour cream...heres my problem...if I eat low-fat or fat-free it makes me sick...the higher that fat in dairy the less it bothers me. I would hate to have to cut dairy out bec I need full fat since its a great snack and adds so much to foods. So can anyone tell me if FULL fat would be ok as long as I dont over-do it?
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Hi tweelz, welcome to the beach!
You're not supposed to worry about portion sizes, just eat until you're satisfied, EXCEPT watch your nut portions because those are a lot of calories. And make sure you get your 4.5 cups of veggies in each day. If you do that, you'll be so full of veggies, you won't be able to overeat the other stuff! Otherwise, just try to eat "normal" sized portions and if you are hungry, have a snack.

Sometimes I use full fat cheese, if it's all I have. But it may affect your loss rate (calories in/calories out). If you eat full fat and are happy with your rate of loss, I don't think it's going to be a problem, unless you eat A LOT of cheese. Does yogurt affect you the same way? Seems like my niece has trouble with dairy, but yogurt doesn't affect her that way. If you can eat nonfat yogurt, the FAGE Greek Yogurt is wonderful.

Good luck, hope this helps!
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Welcome to the Beach..... I would use the full fat cheese but just be very careful with you portions... and make sure you drink your water and like Schmoodle said make sure you get your 4.5 cups of veggies and you will do fine. Good luck...

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twheelz, and good for you on doing the most important first step: reading the book!

Like Schmoodle said, Dr. A doesn't concentrate much on portion sizes in the book other than for nuts (lots of calories) and "sweet treats" (consuming too much of sugar alcohols can make you sick). If you eventually find it hard to get the pounds off, you might consider entering your food on www.fitday.com, which is a free site used by a lot of members here. It's not necessary, though. I lost over 130 pounds without ever constraining my portion sizes (except for nuts and sweet treats) or counting any calories.

As for the dairy--have you talked with a doctor and/or nutritionist to find out why you have trouble with low-fat and fat-free dairy? I'd think finding that out would be a very important first step in deciding what to do here. Dairy can be such an important part of a healthy diet, but the more saturated fat you consume with it, the less healthy it can be for you. If it were me, I'd find out why the lower-fat items make me sick and then decide how to handle it. In the meantime, use the full fat items, but use them sparingly, and be very observant of which brands/kinds have the lowest fat. Does swiss have less fat than cheddar? Is Kraft higher in fat than, say, Cabot? Also, investigate whether the "part-skim" mozzarella makes you sick. Since only part of it is skim milk, maybe it won't be as likely to make you sick. Can you do 1% milk instead of 2%? If you can handle 2%, you can look for cheeses made with 2% milk. Good luck!
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Thanks guys you really helped me out. I CAN eat fat-free yogurt but not others that are fat-free...they have told me I have IBS, they have said I am lactose intollerant, they have said I am allergic to dairy...LOL I just know if I was to have something low-fat it bothers me WAY more than full-fat dairy....ice cream is the wosrt (not that I have to worry about that anymore!) but it I eat low or fat free ice cream Im in agony! Full fat not as much. I can eat low-fat feta so I will try to stick with that and parm is pretty low-fat so I guess I will try to only have "full" fat cheese when we are at a restaurant. So do you girls have any other tips you can pass along to me??
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Be sure to check the FAQ out as well as all the recipes - it's all a big help
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Hey, twheelz, welcome to the beach!

I was just wondering if you had checked into Soy products for dairy. My dad has the same problem you do with milk and now drinks Soy Dream regularly. He likes the taste and felt it was a good alternative to full-fat milk.
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This is day one for me ..... I've tried unsuccesfully to do go on SB before... buy now I'm determined to go all the way.... Good luck to all of us starting today. Take care!!
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Originally Posted by Kim_Star060404 View Post
Hey, twheelz, welcome to the beach!

I was just wondering if you had checked into Soy products for dairy. My dad has the same problem you do with milk and now drinks Soy Dream regularly. He likes the taste and felt it was a good alternative to full-fat milk.

Hey Kim...I dont really drink milk...if I ever use it to make a smoothie or something I use soy milk...but I dont know if they make soy cheddar cheese and if it tastes good. Its the actual sour cream and cheese items that I need to eat full fat of.
GeorgiaGirl01 congratulations on starting back up. I want to get around your goal weight...like 120-125...Im about 142-145 now and I actually lost 45lbs about 3 yrs ago (and kept it off) doing LAWeightloss. I would like to loose the rest of my weight and look and feel better. Dont really want to do LAWeightloss again as about 3 yrs ago found out I am allergic to wheat and its VERY hard to do their diet plan without their bars (and they have wheat in them!) so I thought Southbeach may be the best thing for me...HOPEFULLY!
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to both of you just starting this WOE.

Don't forget to ask questions as you moving along as there is a lot of knowledge on this board. Great recipes in the recipe section too.

Have a great journey on the beach.

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