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Old 03-12-2007, 07:08 AM   #1
Come on Spring!
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Default Marching through March Chat - the 12th

It's the 12th and seems to me that the month just started! I'd better buckle down if I intend to lose some weight this month. Drinking and "undrinking" will be happening today.

The time change has me just a tad discombobulated! I was ready for bed at 9 last night for some reason and woke up at 5. Strange! You'd think it's be the other way around.

Well, I'm still pretty darn sore and bruised from my fall on Friday but did do some shovelling yesterday afternoon and cleared part of pine branches. I even tackled some of the snow and ice on the side walk. My lane is going to be pure mud shortly and it'll be great to be able to just step out of the car onto pavement. I didn't go to visit H. but will work that in today. The rest of the day will be the Big Domestic which will include making a pot of chicken and veggie soup.

Another mug of coffee and then I'll wake the Girls and unroll Monday.

What's going on chez-toi today?
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Ready to Change
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morning Ruth sorry to hear about your fall. But glad you are feeling better take care of yourself.

Me not doing to much just having a bowl of cereal and thinking about all the things I need to do, I hate the time change it takes me about a week to get into it, makes me so tired not sure why.
DH just took the car to the garage the other back strut went last night on our way home. Got to love car repairs.
Well gotta to dash have a good day girls.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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Good morning -

Not much interesting on the agenda today. Work, then hopefully relax at home tonight. That will not be an option Tuesday and Wednesday, so I will try to do it tonight.

I did not do my usual workout this morning, it seems I have a little pull in my shoulder (and I am being a baby about it), so I skipped the elliptical. If it is not raining DH and I may take a walk tonight - as it is supposed to be near 50* today and with daylight savings it was light until after 7:00 last night!

Off to finish some laundry and shower!


Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out.
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The opposite happened to me this morning, Ruth. I had an awful time getting myself out of bed and to Curves. I don't like getting up when it's still pitch dark outside, I feel like I'm being cheated out of sleep.

My weight is up a pound today, and I can't figure out where it came from. I was so good all weekend, and even refuse cake and ice cream at the party. The only thing I can think of is the ww pancakes I had yesterday for breakfast. I ate three of them, but they were small!

I think this afternoon the girls and I will bake cupcakes for Audrey to take to school tomorrow for her real birthday. I'm trying to find some ideas for decorating them, she's getting a turtle for her present and I'd like to follow that theme in decorating them. She loves critters of all kinds; bugs, spiders, snakes, and she wanted a lizard for her birthday but is settling for a turtle. I told them if she ever gets a snake I'm quitting!

I hope the rest of you are being blessed with this beautiful balmy weather we're having here today!
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Laugh often
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I'll Sleep When I'm Dead!
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Good Morning all from the sicky!

Actually I am feeling pretty good this morning. No pain so far. I just hate the stuffy head. I am anxious to go see the doctor now on Wednesday. He will take out all the splints and I should breathe a whole lot better.

I am actually eatting pretty good. My hubby made me a milkshake the other night because of the soreness from the tube during surgery, but that was really my only transgression. but I dont think I am losing much with out being able to move around.
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Morning Girls...

The daylight saving time change has helped me to sleep in a bit longer than usual - yeah!

Aimee, I think I already hit the '3's...2 Credit Card woes followed by the cell phone loss. I pray that's it for a time, especially since DD and I fly out tomorrow morning for Vegas! I should have paid more attention to the posts the last few days. If I had known you were headed for Seattle I would have invited you to stop in for coffee on your way home! Yes, the rain has been coming down in buckets!

Cottage - yummy menu!

, it must feel good to get the branches taken care of but dear one please do not injure your knee even further by doing all that out-door work!

I love you sis! Where are you?


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on my way to fabulous
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Morning, everyone. We spent the weekend moving my parents in to their new home. Time change didn't really affect me, but it got the girls. I had an awful time getting my 3-year-old out of bed. I'm sure it didn't help that she didn't go to bed until almost 9:00 last night...

Hope you're all having a good Monday. It's going to be a great week! Right?
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Good morning...almost afternoon! I'm having a hard time with this time change as well. Wasn't ready to get out of bed this morning and kept hitting the snooze. So I was late getting up and didn't get my TaeBo in for today. I'm hoping to fit in an hour on the bike tonight to get in my 15 miles!
Hope you all have a wonderful day! I'm so glad I found this place.
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Slowly but surely
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Afternoon ladies!

Ruth - I'm sorry to hear about your fall, ouch! I hope everything starts to heal soon.

I'm struggling a bit with the time change too, my 2 year old is having a hard time adjusting. Fortunately my DH is home and doesn't go into work for a few more hours so I got to sleep in with the baby this morning.

cottage - I used to have pet snakes, but fortunately for my mother it wasn't until after I left for college!

Well, we went ahead and bought a treadmill yesterday. Of course, DH has joked around about the "dire consequences" if he ever finds it is just used as a laundry stand. I'm starting the Couch-to-5k workout and boy, I give a new definition to couch potato. I just finished the first day's workout and it kicked my butt, I feel tired but in a good way, if that makes any sense!
Losing the weight again after baby #6 (and leftovers from #4 & 5)...

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Morning ladies...Well not really morning, Afternoon. What can I say? I work nights =)

Ruth- Sounds like you can't sit still. Be careful not to injure yourself further!!

So I had a fairly ugly weekend. Friday I started to get the flu and by Saturday it was in full effect. I'm feeling better today. I'm still tired though. DH made me eat while I was sick. Of couse he didn't make me anything legal...

So Monday's here and I'm starting phase 2. YAY!

I hope everyone has a great week =)
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Hey gals!

Sounds like daylight savings time is kicking a lot of us in the butt! I can't tell quite yet if it is the time change or coming back to work this week. My poor girls were so sleepy this morning, it was sad dragging them out of bed.

I have errands to run after school which is so silly considering I had more than enough time to get stuff done the last few days. Oh well! I am restocking on some OP items so I can get my act back together. I also printed off a "21 Day Body Makeover" walking and weight program that I plan to start tonight. I am going to take advantage of longer days and get myself out there to exercise!

Sorry I am not posting individually, I am hoping to head out here in just a minute.
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Come on Spring!
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Height: 5'0" on a tall day


Well, I managed to get everything done on my list and can now sit and relax drinking raspberry herb tea. The Girls are fed and sleeping on the couch in the back room which is still warm from the bit of sun we've had. I may be able to get away with NOT lighting the woodstove tonight.

Ally, I hope your shoulder pull eased off with a hot shower. Enjoy your evening of relaxation.

Cottage, every time you mention Audrey I think of my mother as a little girl. Her name was Oderia, an old Irish name, but she changed it to Audrey. I hope you had fun doling the cupcakes. I think I'd have done something creative with gummi worms!

JoviMom (Karen), so glad to hear you are recovering so well. Milkshakes would be just fine - you are convalescent, you know! I bet it will feel great to get the splints out - I cannot imagine!

Mamajok, aren't you a gadabout! Now you are off to Vegas! I love to travel but hate leaving my furries behind. I'm glad your three patches of misfortune are behind you!

Jetsetter, let's hope the wee one adjusts fast. 9 PM is a tad late for a wee girl! Yes, this is going to be a good week for us all.

Murphy, you do 15 miles on the bike? I'm impressed. My bike is a bit of a dust catcher and I must get back to it.

Kestrel, my treadmill kicks my butt too. I've not been on it for a while but must get back to it - slowly. It's in the upstairs bathroom, a big room, formerly a bedroom, and I get a twinge of guilt every time I go in there.

Lblodgett, sorry about the bummer weekend. When we are sick, we focus on getting better, not staying OP. Be sure to just ease into Phase II, OK?

Kiko, never apologize for not doing individual posts. I sometimes just have time for a quick Hi too. That extra hour of daylight will get good use by you from the sound of things.

Time to make the final decision about what to have for supper. I thawed a Tex Mex chop but may end up saving it for tomorrow and eating my chicken soup tonight. Catch y'all later.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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