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Default Whimsical Wednesday West Coast Chicks on the Beach

Good Morning all you Whimsical West Coast Chicks...

You may say to yourselves, "Why did MamaJo use Whimsical?"
Wellllllllllll...yesterday whilst having lunch at a cute new cafe I looked over on a shelf where they had the cutest, brightest most Whimsical of ceramic ROOSTERS one could imagine...and I succumbed! Yes, it's on top of my refrigerater looking so cheerful and bright. He's aqua with red cherries if you can imagine.

I am up earlier than usual because I joined a Sister Study (those who have/had sisters with breast cancer) and a nurse will be here at 7:00 A.M. to take my blood, toenails, dust samples (plenty of that around) and yep even urine! I have filled out scores of questioners for her to take with her also....that's how my day starts...Whimsical for sure!

Angela and Baby Grant...you are both welcome...I love that both my sister and I had to ask you what those initals were! teehee

All of you, have great and Whimsical Wednesday...laugh at yourselves when you do something silly...have fun today.

I love you sis!


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Goodmorning! Almost afternoon actually.. It's amazing how quickly the days go sometimes! I am returning back to work today, just a short shift, 5-10pm. Hopefully that goes well... my bf left me in bed this morning, normally I'd drive him to work and then back down at 5pm when I start (how's THAT for a schedule? he works 8:30-5, and I work 5-10). I was pretty ill this morning so he'll come home early and then drive me. I am counting down the seconds until I'm feeling better, being sicks is the pits.

mamajok - so why does the nurse collect all those samples? And WHY 7am?!?


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Good afternoon,

It's raining here. We need the rain. We're below average for this time of the year. I'm keeping my parents dog that has to be walked rain or shine of course.

Not much news here. Did bills and errands. Need to go pick up my son pretty soon.

Bye for now.

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Day one under my belt! WOO HOO! I am feeling pretty good! Not too fuzzy, but I do have a headache. I think it could be caffene withdrawl though!

COld out here, but the good news is that I get to exercise starting tomorrow! YIPPEE! Finally! I cannot exercise outdoors yet because they are afraid that the cold will turn my astma backwards, but I can walk on the TM at the gym.. so guess where I am going tmo?

Hope all are having a good day!
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Staying on plan, today, despite actually breaking down and CRYING in a meeting this morning. (Boss was planning to cut my hours and give my absolutely favorite task to his wife. Now he's not.)

Planning to increase my treadmill time to 20 minutes (which means I need to leave by 3:30 today). Yay, gym membership!

Aimee, please get some rest -- sick is no fun!

mamajok -- sounds like a busy/odd day

Morning Star -- getting bills paid sounds like something to me! I have to actually write "pay bills" as an appointment in my planner or I wind up paying everything late.

JoviMom -- yay for Day 1! Keep going! If you're headachy, please make sure you're getting enough water. (I can't count the times that headache/grumpiness have been attributable to dehydration.)

mini-goal #1 (lose 5 lb):

10-pound mini-goals met since 1/1/07:
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Hi Girls.. Late today...

Early day at the local hospital getting a shot in my back...We are going to go ahead and make plans for another hip.

Then I went off and got a short hair cut and perm...Boy is it curly. With the aquarobic class I am hoping it will be easier to care for...time will tell.

Mama Jo: I know that cute Rooster looks good in your kitchen. Sounds nice and bright and that's what we need this time of year for sure...I love you sis!

Aimee" Being under the weather is indeed the pits. Sounds like your bf is tops...good for you

The Cancer sister group my sister has joined is a 10 year study about sister's who have/had sisters with Cancer. Cancer runs in our family. I

Morning Star: Nice to talk with you this morning and then to run into you at the beauty salon. Get out there rain or shine and walk Sammie.

Karen. Good girl on your first day. Your headaches will be gone before you know it..Yes, be sure to drink plenty of water. Tomorrow is another new day. A day of success just like today.

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Good Evening Girls...wanted to come on to say "Goodnite" before shutting down the computer.

Lubajo -Congratulations reaching your 15lb mark!

Amimee - Please get well! The nurse did not know why all the blood draws, she just does what they tell her. This is a ten year study the thousands of women signed on to...they will follow us for ten years to see if there is a link somehow...the questions they ask are very personal and extensive. We can only pray it leads to some valid answers and more prevention.

Morningstar - Good for you!...Walk whilst you still can...I hurt so much that it's near impossible for me to walk any more...so I have to use machines or ride a bike.

Jovimom - Headaches will go away...Have a great Treadmill
Day tomorrow!

Cinderly - Sometimes we just have to cry...I am glad you boss took heart!

Sis - I got my hair trimmed and frosted...she put blond frosting and it looks so much better than all that silver that was showing...made me look too old!!! I then drove to Barnes and Noble and bought a road map of Europe...the French couple emailed me today...we are going to exchange homes with them too! Are we crazy or what!

Well Ladies it's getting late...time to turn this off and chill . See you in the morning!
I love you sis!


For every 5lb loss
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