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Old 01-17-2007, 07:01 AM   #1
Come on Spring!
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Default What's Up Wednesday Chat? Jan. 17

We are very, very cold here this morning at -20F! The wood stove is a-blazing but I can't have COFFEE beside it because I have fasting bloodwork this morning - not until 9:15! I sure hope the poor nurses can get a sample from me. I'm drinking lots of water, staying warm and going to bundle up and start my car 15 minutes before I need to leave so it'll be warm.

Enough whining! That's it for the day!

After bloodwork and breakfast, I'll try to accomplish something useful before I do the noon hour pet therapy at the Clinic. I plan to sew this afternoon and have nothing planned for tonight except snuggle with my Girls by the fire, knit and maybe watch a movie.

What's happening at your house? Have a coffee for me.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Good Morning all -

RUTH YIKES I thought the 14 degrees it was here was cold! Make sure you're bundled up

Things are going well. I was stuck in new employee orientation yesterday and didn't even get to read the daily until after dinner. Speaking of dinner, I finally got around to making the taco bake for the first time. I changed the recipe a little...but OMG it was delicious. Also, for dessert, I had a Grasshopper Riccotta, which I had never had before. YUM!

Well, I'm finished with breaky so I need to get moving...

Have a great day everyone
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Morning girlies!

Ruth BRRRRRRR- I cannot imagine -20 degrees! Hope that all goes well with your bloodwork this morning.

Anna Yep- the taco bake is delish and super filling. What is in the grasshopper ricotta?

Me- Overslept 10 minutes, but the morning was going just fine. Got my 5 year old dressed, then woke up the baby- the phone rings and it is my mom telling me that schools are closed today due to the ice. Argghhh... so at 6:15 we were all up and ready- with no place to go! I always enjoy a bonus day at home.
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I just returned from the gym - first time in over two weeks - I feel so good about going. Though dragging myself out of bed was not fun, especially when it is 23 degrees outside. All of the "lake effect" snow never happened, so it is just cold, the snow would cetainly make it prettier.

I am almost finished with coffee which means I must get ready for the work portion of the day!

Stay warm!

Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out.
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Brrrrr, it's freezing out, but I guess it's a relatively warm spell compared to Ruth's -20! After my Curves workout this morning, a bunch of us went over to Starbucks for coffee, so I'm late getting in here. It was great to just sit and chat after my past few days. There was a message from Cindy on the machine when I got home, though - she's going to be late this evening because they're going to a funeral. I've really been putting in some long hours lately!
I'm getting some laundry done right now, and plan to do some dusting and vacuuming before I pick up Maggie. I'm not sure what we'll do this afternoon. Their house is a wreck right now because of some major renovations being done, so it's hard to keep out of the way. Maybe we'll go to the library to while a1way the hours.
Well, let me go and get something done. Talk to you all later!

Ruth ~ That coffee's going to taste mighty good after having to wait so long for it!

Anna ~ Yes, what goes into a Grasshopper Ricotta Creme? I love anything minty! Do you just use creme de menthe?

Kiko ~ Lucky you, getting an extra day at home! I always love those kind of phone calls! And CONGRATULATIONS! on the 1 1/2 lbs!!!!! Make the most of your day!
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Good morning, chickies. I haven't posted in a daily thread in quite some time ... I just feel terrible that I can't for the life of me seem to stay on Phase 1 for two weeks. Weekends just kill me.

I did this darn diet for over six months straight without cheating! And I know it works well, once I get down to it. Boo. I guess I've reached a sense of complacency, that at least I weigh lots less than I used to.

It's freezing here in Boston, but not nearly as cold as your 'hood, Ruth!

I've got plenty of exercise planned for today, a sculpting class, a spinning class and a meeting with a new personal trainer. Now, I just have to go do it.

But the idea of Curves appeals to me, Cottage, it's just a 30 minute workout?

Annarenee, please do fill us in on the grasshopper ricotta. I got bored with those as a dessert once I latched on to the "warm brownie" recipe and peanut butter fudgsicles. But anything minty, I could see trying.

Kiko, enjoy your day, ice and all!

amasam -- don't you love that gym feeling? I need to get back to going every day.
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I'll post the Grasshopper Ricotta in the P1 Dessert thread
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gotta lose it!
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Morning all. I was up at 6am, but I had to be at work @ 7 for a meeting. The meeting was suppose to be 2 hours, but because we have one person in the group that has to repeat everything 27 times, it lasted 3 hours instead. I guess there's always one in the group.
So I don't have to go to work until 4.....plenty of time to do some cooking.....chicken enchadillis, bean soup, and cheesecake.
Last night I made the smashed cauliflower & it was really good. The last couple of times I made it, it turn out really running, but this time I took Jenn's advice & used the frozen ones -much fluffier & cheaper!
Well compared to Ruth's -20, I have a heat wave at 12 degrees. Plus the store didn't have electricity for almost 24 hours, so it was incredibly cold in there this morning....my bones hurt!
I'm off to do some cooking....keep warm & safe chickies!!

Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours. Swedish Proverb
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morning Y'all...it's pretty chilly here this morning...but Nothing like what you have Ruth!!! YIKES...I'd turn into an icicle!!!
Well...sorry I've been AWOL...when I started SBD this time...I signed up on the south beach diet online..so I could have a little more organization with my menus and shopping lists...and I decided to join the winter challenge which started on monday. I've been short of time here and so I have had to visit that site a lot...but I must say this forum is much more user friendly!! I'd much rather chat with y'all...that message board is very confusing.
Well..anyways...today is my weigh in day and my first day on Phase 2...I lost 3 lbs this week..whoo hooo...which means that I've lost my 1st 10 lbs and so I get to go buy a place setting!! My DH and I agreed that for every 10 lbs I drop I get to go buy a place setting (I'm getting a different color of fiesta ware for each setting) by the time I reach my goal...I'll have at least 8 place settings.. Sooooo today I get to go get my first one!! Well...my breakfast is waiting...I'll check back in later
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long term goal:
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Phins That is a fun idea- think of how colorful your table will be once you hit your goal weight.

Cottage Enjoy your afternoon! Do the girls have Playdough? That is always such a cheap, fun source of entertainment. Plus, it actually cleans up easily.

Soon Have fun cooking- I do so much better when I have good, on plan food stocked up.

Sun Good to "see" you!

The girls are having fun chilling around the house. DH is home today, although he stayed up until almost 3:00 am watching TV, so was in for a rude awakening when he realized we were home. He got up with us at 6:30, I sent him to take a nap though. He has a job interview at 3:00, so he needs some rest.

I am going to attempt some WW tortillas from the misc recipe section to have with tuna/egg salad for lunch. Will report on my success later! I just finished a WATP video, so I can hit my 10,000 steps today. It is harder to get them in when I am at home.

More later..... I can't seem to stay away when I have time to post!
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Morning ladies!!

Ruth - like everyone else I thought it was cold here, but nothing compared to your house!! Hope the bloodwork goes well this am.

Today is the last day of P1 for me. I am ready to add some fruit and FF yogurt, etc. The twins birthday parties (yes, there are two...one for a gang of 4yos to run around my house on Saturday and then one for family on Sunday). The gang will get pizza which I can resist. I have been sitting here this morning deciding what I can feed my foodie family while still staying on plan. I think chicken tacos will do the trick and I am looking forward to a tortilla.

Enough rambling, I am behind at work this morning. So much I want to comment on to everyone - just know you have some beach support vibes headed your way from me!!
- Jen
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Morning Sunshine! Just kidding...but it is warming up a bit here in the PNW to 30 and climbing we hope.

Got up at four so snuck back to bed at seven to try to catch up on some badly needed sleep. Sis knows I get up with the cows but this is getting ridicules.

I love coming here each day and seeing lbs lost, different excercises, encouragement among our group...it's an inspiring and fun way to start the day.

My day holds a day of house cleaning...the whole nine yards so I had better get on the ball.

Have a great day gals and keep up the good work...

sis if you can meet me at 9:30, lets go for it. I will check back then.

Love you sis!


For every 5lb loss
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on my way to fabulous
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Morning, all. I'm slowly stepping over to Phase 2 today. Planning to start very slowly by having a piece of cracked wheat bread with dinner tonight. I'll need to stop at the store for some fruit and yogurt in the next couple of days.

Hope everyone is doing well. No time to actually read this morning. My boss came over this morning and handed me a whole stack of things to take care of in the backlog. Hey, at least I'm earning my paycheck this week...right?
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Good CHILLY Morning, Everyone!!

Well, it stopped snowing here and our little mountain town is a picture in white. I'm LOVING it! We're going to build a little snowman when we get off of work tonight.

Ruthie:Brrrrrr! I can't even imagine how cold -20* is! And no coffee to help chase the chill away! Have fun snuggling and knitting tonight!

Annarenee: I LOVE that taco bake...I make it on Fridays and DH and I eat the leftovers all weekend. I'll have to try that grasshopper ricotta!

Kiko: Enjoy your time at home! I wish I had gotten to stay home! Oh well, such is life!

amasam: WTG getting up in that cold weather and go to the gym!

cottage: I'm glad you got a chance to sit and chat at Starbucks. I really miss that place!

SunLit: I have that same problem with P1. It's fine while I'm at work and busy, but when I'm at home sitting around, it's so hard to stay on track!

soon2B: Oh yes, there's one in every office. Have a fun time with all of that cooking! It's great that you're able to squeeze in so much time to devote to it.

PhinsUP: WTG on your first 10 lbs! That is a great reward system for you. I love fiestaware, its so gorgeous!

ME: We're here at work this morning in spite of the snow. It sounds like we may be going home for the day at noon, though. That's good. It'll be a good time for me to clean the house while DH is at work. Then I need to figure out something to do for dinner. I'll also be jumping on the treadmill for a little while to get back in the groove.

HAVE A GREAT DAY, EVERYONE!! (sorry if I missed anyone--this post took longer than usual to get out.)

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Ready to Change
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Hi chicks, it is a burly -37 with the windchill here this morning. BRRR> But atleast the sun is shinning. Sorry I have been missing lately but things around here are very stressfull. This morning was my weigh in and I am down another pound. But I am having a hard time to make my self eat. Which is weird cause i normally eat when I am stressed. So i am forcing a taco salad in me chocked full of veggies. Well I have to dash sorry so short, but I have been trying to keep caught up. Just not really in the mood to post much. Sorry chicks/

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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