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Hi all!

My name is Joe.

I have spent the last two years on a low carb diet. I lost 30lbs when I cut my carbs under 50g of gross carbs a day. Then I lost another 40lbs when I ratcheted it down to under 20g of gross carbs a day. And then last year happened and I lost 0lbs. Now, I didn't gain any and that's actually great. But I'm wanting to lose, not maintain.

So I thought i'd switch to the Mediterranean Diet because I think it's a healthier approach and seems to work for people. Also, i've learned to love fat for 2 years now and I don't know if I could switch to a low fat lifestyle.

The problem I have with low carb is that I have to be fine with foods like diet pop, processed bars, lots of beef, bacon etc. But agree that a banana, apple, potato and even certain high carb vegetables like Brussels sprouts are not ok to eat. And, while i'm grateful for the 70lbs I lost, I still can't get on board with that fully.

The great part about LC was that there are tons of resources out there, it's easy to google "low carb shepherds pie" or "low carb pizza" but i'm not having any luck with that on Med.

When I google Med recipes I get stuff that's "Mediterranean Style" and includes things I know are not approved.

So is there a good resource for these things? Is there a thread where people list their meals and snacks for the day that I could browse through to get some ideas?

Thanks all, excited to be doing this!
- Joe -
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Ok, well if there aren't any online resources are there any cookbooks you can recommend?
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I don't know if you're still checking in, Joe, but the Mediterranean Diet is not a weight loss diet, the way LC is, or Atkins, but it's actually the way they eat in Mediterranean countries, which is considered a healthy diet and can lead to weight loss. It would be up to you to control calories and fat to promote weight loss, based on your individual needs. I don't think many people here follow this plan. They usually do a more structured weight loss diet.

If you were to google Mediterranean Diet or Foods for Mediterranean Diet you would find a lot of choices. Here are 2 I found quickly that may help you.



Good luck to you!

I'm less than perfect, and that's OK!
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The Sonoma diet books are good references for portion control and lists of healthy foods.
It keeps your portions small by using a 9inch plate and dividing it into protein,salad and vegetables.
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