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Default Wendys Core Journal (started June 17, 2006

I started Wendie Plan last april. Lost some weight but wasnt getting the results I wanted. It worked but I was not being faithful to the plan. I decided to start Weight Watchers to get the support of a group.

I have been on Weight Watchers since April 27, 2006. I hit 10 pounds on my weigh in this week. Which is Thursday Nights.

My 20 % goal is 20 pounds. It seems so far away.

I have been thinking about starting Core for a couple of weeks now...So yesterday I decided to start it.

Friday June 16 is my first day so far....

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

Today Food so far,
B ~ Quaker Supreme Apple raisin Oatmeal (3) Has sugar in it.
1 cup skim milk and 1/4 cantelop.
S ~ chicken breast and baby carrots

Will be back later.

Sunshinedaizy ~ Wendy
I started on the Beach on 4/19/2007

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my best advice: lots of fruits and veggies, try to combine protein and carbs and eat a dinner sized core salad bf the main entree at dinner. beans are great in place of croutons.
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Welcome, and I hope you'll like it here... Congratulations on losing those 10 pounds: WOW!!

For me, I try to use up to 3 of my weekly allowance points from monday through friday, so that I have about 20 points for the weekends, and that way I can either have a little treat or if we are invited to some friends house or go to a restaurant, I can still keep to the diet... I eat a lot of fruits and drink plenty of water. Also going through the other girls menus is very helpful to try something different every now and then... Best of luck!!

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Default A couple Questions:

Maggie and Andrea, thanks for your comments.

I did ok but I ended up using all my flex points on Frudat and Saturday. So I will have to be really careful this week.
On Friday I had some Mac and cheese, baked beans and Pasta Salad with my chicken, About 1/2 cup each. So that was alot of points. Plus had a whole wheat roll, flat out bread and hummus.
Saturday was much better but I had a Multi grain lite eng.Muffin, lite mayo in my crab salad and chili sauce and 1 tb. lite cheese sauce over a small order of fries. I know..I dont usually eat these but It looked so good.
I work in a deil in a small convience store. I make everything from Salads (mac and potato, pasta, coleslaw, and tossed or Julian Salads) to subs to pizzas to fish fries and chicken wings. I usually dont eat fried foods.

I did get lots of veggies and fruits.

*Veggies: baby Carrots, lettuce tomatoes, hot peppers, onions, Cucumbers, celery, dill pickle.
*Fruits: fresh Pineapple, Cantelop, strawberries, blueberries and watermelon.
*Protein: 97% FF Ham, Chicken breast, Tilapia Fillet, and Crab meat.

Here are a couple of questions,

** Does Soy Milk count as a Calcium?
It is core and the brand I use has 33% of calcium allowance per cup.

**Flat Out Card down Bread..Is it counted as core since it is whole wheat?
I counted it as points becasue I was not sure.

**Mutli Grain High Fiber Lite Engilish Muffins, Core or not?
Again I counted the points.

Last night I made a core Pasta salad...It was really good.
I took Whole Wheat Pasta and cooked and cooled it.
Added FF Italian and FF Ranch dressing
Added Bl.Olives, tomatoes and cucumbers

Served it with a grilled tilapia fillet and a side salad with that new spritzer RedWine salad dressing. It was pretty good.

Today is off to a great start.

B Soy milk, Cantelop, 1 egg and 3 whites scrambled with 97%ff Ham and 2 tsp Safflower oil. Very filling.

Well I have to go. I will be back later to update my day.

Have a great day!

Sunshinedaizy ~ Wendy
I started on the Beach on 4/19/2007

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Wendy, hi there! Seems like you've really been working at core! I hope that you are enjoying it. I'm kind of rushing, but just wanted to respond to some of your questions. I'm not sure about the soy milk, someone else might be able to answer that more intelligently. My husband drinks it but I can't stand it. Also, there is no bread that is core. Although whole wheat bread seems like a good choice for using points.
Usually we have a menu thread. You might want to start posting your menus there for feedback and ideas.
again. Please join us on our core board chat thread where we talk daily about everything there is to talk about.
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Wendy - glad you found us and you have come to the right place!

Hope you are enjoying Core and before you know you will be very famliar with all the 'ins and outs' of the program!

Not sure about the soy milk? (does it have sugar in it?) and it does sound similar to milk with calcium content.

I would have a very hard time staying in control if I worked where you do! You might want to keep that strong spearmint gum around and keep chewing it (I find that helps me stop 'sampling' when I am preparing foods I shouldn't be eating!).

Feel free to drop by our menu thread to see what we're all eating (altho we are not all doing core as it was written!).

As melissa mentioned - no bread products are core - but you can certainly use your points for them - and whole grain choices are always better!

Good luck and let us know how you're doing!


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Height: 5'6.5"


Sundays Menu:

Yesterday went really well for me. It was day 3 on Core and I had used all my Flex points on Friday and Saturday. So I had to stay core Yesterday. And I did.

B ~ Cantelop, LF Ham, scrambled eggs(1 whole and 3 whites) cup Soy milk 2 tsp Safflower oil.
S ~ PopCorn
L ~ Chicken Breast (Grilled), Core Pasta Salad(WW pasta,FF Ranch and FF Italian, Cuc, Tom,Bl Olives)
S ~ Watermelon
D ~ Grilled Tilapia, Salad (lett, tom, cuc, Bl Olives, Chick peas) FF Ranch
S ~ Watermelon, Strawberries, Cantelop, Skim milk, Yogurt dip

Sunshinedaizy ~ Wendy
I started on the Beach on 4/19/2007

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