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pluckypear 03-13-2013 07:19 PM

Eggs in Purgatory
Such a simple recipe based on Nigella Lawson's version. Inexpensive too.

I did it this way-

1 tsp. EVOO in pan
Heat oil, added good dash cayenne pepper (had no chili flakes)
Add crushed/minced garlic-3 cloves (put less if you want)

Let that heat 1 min

Pour large tin of diced tomatos in pan
add salt and pepper to taste
fresh basil

Let this come to good simmer

Crack 1-2 eggs in to set, they will poach
add some grated mozzarella if you want or parmesan
semi cover with lid

when whites set dish ready
add more fresh basil

eat with toasted whole wheat bread if you like

mmmmm Enjoy.

I loved this. And I will eat it regularly now.



kaplods 04-15-2013 08:46 PM

I make a similar recipe using petite diced tomatoes with geen chillies and/or hot salsa, and eat it with warmed tortillas (corn for me, since I don't eat wheat) or serve it on top of either refried beans or beans and rice.

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