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Shoestring Meals Budget friendly ideas for healthy eating

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Default Yummy dessert (or meal replacement), $1.50

A couple weeks ago, I bought a 2 lb jar of Pure Protein, Vanilla Cream flavor at Target for just under $20.00. At 26 servings, it comes out to about 77 cents per serving/scoop.

This isn't a practical recipe if you don't have a use for whey protein. I certainly wouldn't run out and buy it just for this recipe, but I'm finding the whey protein handy for making smoothies. I'm really lazy when it comes to making breakfast, and with the whey protein handy, I find I'm less likely to skip breakfast, because I always have at least enough time to stir a scoop of protein into a glass of skim milk.

This morning I decided to experiment and made a meal pudding. It was surprisingly good. The protein powder thickened the pudding almost to a cheesecake texture, so much so that I'm anxious to try the recipe with the cheesecake flavor sf Jello pudding.

I did notice on the jello box that it said the pudding will not thicken if made with soy milk - I don't know if soy protein would also inhibit thickening, something to consider though.

As a meal, it was very filling and a bit too rich (felt like I needed a hot cup of tea or coffee to go with it). SO much that I think next time, I'll divide it into at least two servings for a meal, and four servings for a dessert.

Custard recipe

1pkg sugar free jello pudding, any flavor (I used white chocolate)
1 scoop (34g) whey protein powder (I used Pure Protein, Vanilla Creme flavor)
1 cup skim milk, cold

Mix all ingredients in a jar or tub (one that won't leak when you shake it). Shake until ingredients combine and mixture begins to thicken.

Or you can make with a hand mixer or in a food processor or blender (which would make a smoother custard, when shaken sometimes there's a couple lumps).

Refrigerate or serve immediately.

310 calories (calorie breakdown: 7% fat, 48% carb, 44% protein)
2.5g fat
34g protein
37g carb

Exchanges: 1 dairy, 1 starch, 2 protein
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Wow, I'm drooling!! For me, a lot of the pleasure of food is about mouthfeel. This sounds like it would make a fantastic dessert with that nice rich mouthfeel I crave without totally blowing it! Thanks for sharing!!

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What a great idea! I love SF pudding and skim milk and protein too lol. I have so many yummy smoothies I make (my favorite being a frappuccino-esque smoothie that tastes like starbucks) out of protein.

I was actually saying today that I need more protein powder... I've been wanting to try Designer Whey (only 100 cals/scoop, but a bit pricey for me since I'm cheap as ****). I'm DEFINITELY going to try this though with the stuff I have. Thanks!!

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I have french vanilla designer whey that I blend with blackberries for a smoothie - yummo.

I wonder if it would go well with a chocolate pudding? White chocolate is so sweet and incredible on it's own - I don't think I could take much more added to it. Innnnteresting!

Oh, Kaplods. I'd be lost, and starving without you.
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