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So far I've added in one fruit, usually an apple and occasionally a banana. No bread yet, although I will start that next week. Last time I did SB successfully, I did manage to have 3 grains and 3 fruits a day. Not sure if I will reach that level again.
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Default Thanks!

Thanks for posting this thread. I am on the second day of phase 2 and haven't had a carb yet. I have so lost my cravings that it seems like force to get back on them. I am following some advice and will maybe try oatmeal in the morning then I won't have to worry about a carb for the rest of the day. Does this mean the plan worked?? I have never tried life without carbs, but I like it, thus the feet dragging. Lost 7-8 lbs on phase one, what a motivator, as are all of you. Question for those with experience, can I really have that 1/2 c. of Basmati rice, my sister said to ask, we are on the plan together. Also what about corn starch, do I have to be mindful of that. Here's to week three on the Beach Lisa

Also I am new, where do I get a ticker?? L
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, Luckontherun! I'm happy you've discovered the beauty of this plan and that it's working so well for you!

To answer your questions; yes, you may have a 1/2 cup serving of basmati rice on Phase 2, but cornstarch is a no-no. You can use arrowroot as a suitable substitute for cornstarch, though.

To get a ticker, you'll have to wait until you have both 20 days and 20 posts.
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South Beach!
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I'm really happy to be back on the beach, as stated before on other posts (yeah, only 3) is that my BIG MAIL GOAL is to stay on plan rather then look at it as "I gotta lose this weight

So far, I've been alternating between fruit and a whole grain.

This is only my first week on Phase 2, and luckily it's kinda sticking.

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HI I am restarting phase 1 Monday after 5 days of trying out SB The only thing I cheated on was to add strawberries , passionfruit and pineapple . Not much but i needed some fruity things and for 5 days i lost 4 kg
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Getting back into it
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Just found this thread - can't read through all of it, but would like to revive it because I'm into Phase 2 and am feeling a little stuck. Think my downfall might be too much fruit. It's sweet, so naturally I gravitate to it.

The only grains I've reintroduced are quinoa and brown rice, and I eat those sparingly. Trying to stay away from wheat and other gluten grains.

Love quinoa in the morning with lots of berries, but might need to adjust that to a couple times a week and reduce the fruit. Higher protein breakfasts are definitely a better way to start. Love beans, but don't use them nearly enough. Rarely, actually.

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