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Default question about cholesterol levels

Anyone have high cholesterol, been on SB for a while, and not had problems with eating eggs raising your cholesterol level?

I stay full so much longer when I eat eggs for breakfast instead of egg beaters, but I'm nervous about eating so many eggs. I'm wondering if anyone has experience to share (anyone with high cholesterol).
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I use egg beaters and/or egg whites...the egg yolk has the most cholesterol. I may be wrong though!
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I'm not really following SB but Eggs haven't hurt me a bit. Before I started out on this journey I was eating almost no eggs (maybe a couple every few months) and my cholesterol was a scary 244 In January I started adding eggs for the protein and usually eat about 10 a week - last check in June had my cholesterol down to a much better 174. Might be a comination of things though - I wouldn't go on a strictly egg diet

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I don't follow SB either but, you may be interested in reading this:
You may also want to read Dr. Malcolm Kendrick's book The Great Cholesterol Con.
Here's a brief video of him speaking on cholesterol & heart disease:
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My cholesterol has bee 210-214 for a couple years. Started SB in January and my total cholesterol is now 184. I never ate eggs regularly before but now I eat eggs for breakfast a couple times a week and I eat a boiled egg with lunch a couple times a week. From what reading I have done on the subject, eggs are not the devil they have been made out to be in regard to cholesterol. There are other foods that are much worse for raising triglycerides and cholesterol.

Gary Taube's book "Good Calories, Bad Calories" is also a great read about the confusing evidence concerning dietary cholesterol in research.


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Thanks for your replies! Though I haven't started SB yet, my triglycerides have gone down signifiantly since watching my carb intake. My good cholesterol is good, but my bad cholesterol is quite bad. My doctor still wants me on medication and I'm resisting. I just don't want my bad cholesterol to go up any more than it already is! Anyway, I won't stress about eating 3-4 eggs a week and we'll see what happens.
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