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Meg 06-18-2007 06:29 AM

Welcome To Our Book Discussion!
Welcome to the Rethinking Thin book discussion group! Weíre going to be talking about Rethinking Thin: The New Science of Weight Loss--and the Myths and Realities of Dieting. Written by New York Times science reporter Gina Kolata, itís creating a lot of buzz around the Internet both for its reporting on the science of obesity and for the authorís conclusions about where the research leaves us.

The bookís organization doesnít lend itself to an easy discussion format. Itís not one to go through chapter by chapter, the way we did with Thin For Life, because many of the interesting and controversial ideas span multiple chapters. So what Iíve come up with is a discussion of select passages that embody the major ideas of the book. Iíve gone through and highlighted what I think are the key concepts and we can discuss them one by one.

Iím going to start us off with a brief synopsis of the book so that anyone who hasnít had a chance to read it will be able to join in our discussion. :)

One thing to keep in mind Ė itís safe to say that we all have strong opinions about obesity and weight loss! And they may or may not conflict with those in the book. None of our thoughts and opinions are right or wrong and I wouldnít want to see our discussion end up as an argument. I hope we all can recognize that weíre only beginning to discover the root causes of obesity and that there are many different avenues to prevent and deal with the consequences. Let's just explore new ideas together without turning it into a debate, OK?

I'll be back with the synopsis!

ladyinweighting 06-18-2007 08:13 AM

Hi Meg,

I am anxious to participate in this discussion. I read the book and found it to be VERY interesting.

I'll be here.


Kery 06-18-2007 08:29 AM

I'm eager to take part in it as well. And to see what others among us think about it and the issues it raises. :)

shrinkingchica 06-18-2007 03:24 PM

Oh, what a ditz! I finally found where you have been hiding this discussion, Meg! :)

moxiesd 06-25-2007 11:37 PM

I didn't get the book in time to read it....but I would like to join in....I have been told I'm very opinionated......:p

Meg 06-26-2007 04:01 AM

Please join in -- all opinions welcome! I summarized the book in another sticky thread for anyone who didn't have a chance to read it. :)

Hope to see ya!

Mudpie 07-22-2008 06:02 AM

Thank you, thank you!
I've been at 3FC over a year and I'was getting so bored :( with posting the same thing over and over again. This book discussion is just what I needed!

I bought the book last night and have read a chapter already :p. I'll join in on the other threads as I progress through the book.


tigerchic89 12-04-2008 05:15 PM

I checked out this book from teh labrary a few weeks ago (as an audio book). I am finding it to be soooo interesting. I'm a little over halfway through, adn I can't wait to go and read and possibly contribute to the discussions that you gals had last year about this!

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