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CrepeSuzette 11-24-2012 07:44 AM

Italian low fat 'Parmigiana'
Since i'm dieting, i'm trying to swith to 'low fat mode' some of my favourite meals (i'm italian).
Some weeks ago i tried to do a lighter version of the Parmigiana and i ejoyed it a lot, so now i've decided to share my recipe ;)

- 250/300gr eggplants
- 200/250gr tomato sauce
- half onion and a clove
- 200gr mozzarella
- 2 tbs olive oil
- salt, pepper
- basil leaves (optional)

Cut the eggplants into 0.5cm widht slices, put them in layers into a colander and sprinkle lightly with salt every layer.
Let the eggplants flush out their bitter juice and let's prepare the sauce ;)

Chop the onion and the garlic (or only slice the onion, do as you please;)).
Take a pot and put in it the oil, heat it (but pay attention to not overheat) and put the onion&garlic.
Cook until golden brown and then pour in the tomato sauce and the basil leaves.
Turn the heat to low-medium and let it cook for 20/30 minutes, stirring frequently.
Sprinkle salt (a little salt, because the eggplants will remain salted) and pepper.

Now, let's take care of the eggplants :D
Rinse them under running water and at the same time press them with hands (in order to eliminate the leftover bitter sour).
Dry them off with blotting paper.
Cut the mozzarella in thin slices or in cubes.
Take a nonstick pan and put a wooden spoon of sauce, cover with a layer of eggplant slices, put the mozzarella and then another wooden spoon of sauce.
Go on this way until the ingredients are over.
Finish with a layer of eggplant, put the last spoon of sauce and sprinkle with some parmigiano/grana padano grounded cheese.

Let cook in the oven for 20/30min at 200C.

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