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Unhappy I had to say goodbye to my pet hamster :(

Hi there,

I am so sad and angry right now, I am in the process of mourning/grieving. A friend of mine bought me the cutest teddy bear hamster about a week ago and I had her for just over a week. She was the cutest, sweetest little munchkin, and I took her to a local vet for a check-up, and this vet said she was healthy, which was reassuring but she didn't check Cashmere's teeth. So, that vet visit was on Saturday and over the past few days she had been much more lethargic, not eating or drinking much at all. Last night, I was so worried about her because she hadn't had any water since morning, and it was evening. She tried to eat but had trouble with it, she was curled in a ball, had a staggered like walk when she tried to move almost like someone who was drunk, then she fell and I took her immediately to the local emergency vet.

They were so nice there and I was fearing the worst. They put Cashmere on a heating pad and tried to forcefeed her but she wasn't responding well. I had a lengthy discussion with the vet who said that she was older than 9 weeks, what I was told at the pet store and that her teeth were yellowed and overgrown, thus preventing her from eating. She let me know that she may not pull through, and when I got home, I called her, Cashmere's condition had worsened. After a lot of tears and heartache, I asked this vet if she thought it would be humane to euthanize her, she said that it was the right thing to do.

Now I don't know what to do with her body, I could get her cremated and keep her ashes, which I very well may, but it will make me so sad to look at her box or urn whenever I come home. The vet also has a communal cremation process available too. I am thinking that maybe I can get her cremated, keep the ashes and I am considering pouring her ashes over a local body of water. There are a few rivers or lakes near here, maybe if I did that I would feel that I had actually got to say goodbye to beloved Cashmere.

I am in so much awe, I am shocked as to all of this and I am so angry that she had to suffer, yet there are so many questions left unanswered. How old was she- really? Did she have wet tail before I bought her? Did I do the right thing by adopting her, the pet store claimed that she was with siblings and her mother.

I will never know the answers to any of these questions, but I tried. I really tried and I really wanted the best for my baby. I only had her for about a week and I have since been frantically contacting her regular vet, emergency vet and pet store because I want some sort of resolution here although I don't know what that will be.

For anyone who has read this far, God bless you. I am heartbroken and griefstricken but I know that in my heart, she was meant to be my baby, even if just for a week. May she rest in peace.

Thanks for reading.
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I'm sorry. I lost my kitty last October. I know how hard it is to say goodbye.


Doing this one day at a time.
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Seabiscuit, I feel your pain and have been there many times myself. This may make you heal a bit although it will make you cry too. Crying is a good thing.
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I feel for you, I'm sorry for your loss...it's torture to try to figure out the why's of everything now, it creates too much guilt and anger...you did the right thing for Cashmere so that she didn't suffer any longer...I went through this in 2011 with my 16-year old pug, I have a 19-year old pug now, I will have to make some decisions soon too...it's never easy. I think that cremation is a good idea, I put my pug's ashes/urn in the drawer next to my bed for a long time because I couldn't look at it, once in a while now I can hold it and have happy memories instead of feeling terrible pain...I hope you can feel better soon. hugs.
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Seabiscuit, I'm so sorry for your loss. I would pursue taking this issue to the management of the pet store - they completely misrepresented the hamster's age and, had you known her correct age and condition, steps could have been taken to prevent her loss. You did everything you could and you gave her a fantastic final week - imagine, if you didn't, she might have sat in that pet store and never been loved at all. You did a wonderful thing.

As to the vet, I don't know how far you'll get, but I would insist to speak to the vet who saw her. I worked for a long time at a very popular small animal vet who, although s/he does not specialize in exotics and in fact, can't do anything for any exotic past nail/teeth maintenance, does not represent this to clients nor allows us to tell potential new clients who call. (I did, however, tell new clients the above and recommend another vet who was very familiar with the little fuzzies.)

I would probably ask the ER vet for a statement about her condition and actual age, then use it when you speak to the pet store.
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Default Thank you all so much for your sympathies

Hi there,

Thank you all so much for your heartfelt replies. I talked with the practice owner of the vet where I took Cashmere last Saturday, he is a vet and it helped to get his opinion although I know that something was very wrong at the vet where I took her. I am considering getting another "pocket pet" but I don't think that this is the right time, I need to grieve through all of this and get past this.

It felt great to finally get some sleep this afternoon, I must have slept for about two hours. I didn't get home today until about 2 am so I needed my rest.

I know that I will be a great owner to the right pet, but first I need my time and space.

Thank you, Ruth for that website. I found it very heartwarming and helpful.

Take care.

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