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Default Doggie Treadmill?

I have a very hyper pit bull puppy. Beacuse I live in Vegas it is too hot in the morning when I get off and too hot in the evening when I wake up to get her out and properly exercised without having to worry about burns on her feet or symptoms of heat exhaustion/stroke. All the doggie day cares around here won't even consider taking her because she is a bully breed (even though she has completed both the PetSmart training program and Lorenzo's Dog Training programs). She has never shown aggression towards people or other pets (I have 2 other dogs in the house that are smaller then her).

I am considering purchasing a doggie treadmill that I can use inside so she can get her exercise and run off all that energy. Has anyone every tried a doggie treadmill and if so are they worht it?
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Never tried it. (never needed to) - however, I believe that anytime you use "pit bull" and "treadmill" in the same sentence, people automatically think "dog fight training". I know I do. And that's kinda sad.

I hope you figure out a way to get your doggie the exercise she needs. I have a Tibbie, and that breed can't take the severe heat, & I live in southern Georgia. We walk at 6am during the warmer months (May - October) and otherwise we run him up & down the stairs for a few minutes. Maybe you can find somewhere to do that?

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My dad races sled dogs and shows them (Samoyeds for showing, but his sled dogs are Sammies and Alaskan Huskies). They use a regular treadmill for probably half the dogs and he said it was pretty easy to do. My dog? Not so much, but he's 15, arthritic, blind, and half deaf...so we never tried it (and I don't have a treadmill). But I do know they are used a lot. Good luck! LOL he also takes them to this pet spa for laps in a pool, I have no idea how that works.
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I have not tried one designed for dogs. I have tried teaching my older dogs to use my treadmill and they flail around and panic. My puppy (9 month old husky/shepherd/golden mix) thinks it is the FUNNEST THING EVER. But everything in life is the FUNNEST THING EVER to him. I found a new product called a licky stick or lickety stick (can't remember) it looks like a roll-on deodorant but they lick it and it has bacon or chicken flavored goo inside. Fez loooves these things so I started him out on the stopped treadmill and held the stick by his nose. I turned it on the lowest setting and he didn't really care, just walked and licked, walked and licked.

Now, I have a tough time because I use the treadmill now and he is confused as to why I am using HIS treadmill.
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My dogs run on the treadmill all th time. We just tell them to hop on our regular one and they do!

DH made a vid:


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That is so funny! What a great idea! I have one hyper dog and a mellow one. The mellow one would really be thankful if we got the other crazy one walking a treadmill.
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I've used my treadmill for my husky. He has longer than normal husky legs and his gait was awkward on the treadmill. And I don't have a short treadmill. After a few weeks, I gave up. I'd noticed he seemed more stiff after the treadmill and I finally realized not having his gait normal, it was causing him more problems than it solved.

I do have one husky that loves the treadmill. When it is stopped. When I'm on the elliptical. And she can curl up on it, elevated off the floor from the other pups like the queen she is.
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