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Default Need help with my dog

We have a 4 year old female German Wirehaired Pointer. About a year ago she started this thing about every 2 months and at night (it seems to happen only at night) She will soak (and I mean soak) where ever she is laying. She sleeps next to me in our bed (did I mention she is a bit spoiled?) and she will soak through the blanket, the sheet, and if she is laying next to me, it will even soak my pj's. There are usually 2 or more spot that are about 1ft sq. I don't think it is pee as it does not smell that way. She is very well housetrained and has not had an accident since we brought her home when she was 10 mo. She is fixed so it is not heat. It seems to only last one night but there is no warning. I wanted to check here before talking to the vet as they can get expensive.

Thanks for any help!
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I have that issue, my dog is getting up there in age, heart failure and is on medication that makes her pee a lot. She'll have the accidents at night and you can tell she gets really embarrassed and feels bad about them; anyway I use doggy diapers. She hates them but she deals with it.

As for what and why I have no idea, it is your best bet to go to the Vet about that.
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Maybe during those days you didn't get to bring her outside to do her business prior to going to bed? Cause once in a long while my dog pees a big circle in front of my room door so when I wake up I accidentally step on it. I guess it's her way of telling me you should of brought me to go pee outside before you went to bed.
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maybe dreams?? my puppy tinkles a little when she gets excited, once when she was having one of those running puppy dreams there was a little wet spot when she got up...
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I've read alot about dogs and dog care from books and online, but I I'm not a vet, so I may not know what I'm talking about. I can't vouch for everything I think I know, especially since some of it may have come from irreliable sources and/or old wives tales, but for what it's worth (which isn't much):

I would think it really has to be either pee or drool, because dogs only sweat through their paws, and the amount of wetness your describing, it would seem unlikely to be sweat and almost as unlikely drool (if she were a mastiff breed known for drooling, like a St. Bernard, Newfie or Rottie, I'd be more inclined to suspect drool, but I would guess that if it was a drooling problem, you'd notice it during the day too, but maybe not).

That it doesnt' smell like urine makes me think it might be very diluted urine - do you ever notice her drinking more water than usual (or could she be drinking from the toilet or another source of water without you realizing it).

I would be concerned that it could be a kidney problem, diabetes, or some other health problem. It could be serious, so I think a vet visit probably would be the best route, just to be safe.
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