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Pregnant - Nursing Diet support for the pregnant or nursing chick!

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Default TTC, Pregnancy & Beyond Diary

My b/f and I have decided to TTC straight after Xmas. I came off of the pill from August in an attempt to give my body a head start on sorting out my cycles and have been taking prenatal vitamins for the last fortnight.

I thought it would be good to set up somewhere to post so I can add some accountability to my journey through TTC, Pregnancy, Nursing and beyond.

Since October 2012 I have lost 21lbs through 5:2 and later by keeping my portion sizes down and eating naturally as much as possible. I am keen not to gain too much weight during pregnancy but more importantly I want a healthy pregnancy as my BMI is at 29.7 currently.

I am off to read through the threads on the rest of the Pregnant-Nursing forum now. I want to sort a plan for my eating and exercise for pregnancy and will look to follow this (as best I can) from when we start TTC.
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S/C/G: 182/158/105

Height: 4ft 11"


I have been dieting for so long that it's difficult to get a grip on maintenance calories. Having typed my height/weight into a few calculators I am getting an average of 1400-1600 kcal per day. I am going to aim for 1450 and leave 150 in reserve if I need it. Split = 250kcal b/fast, 400kcal lunch, 600 kcal dinner and 2x100kcal snacks.

Exercise wise, I walk 20mins each day to work. I am going to aim to increase my walking, attend aqua fit once a week and fit in a yoga sesh once a week.

Food wise, I am cutting out the usual - alcohol, soft cheeses, pate, additives. I am looking for as natural a diet as possible.
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Good Luck!

I had to google TTC, never heard of it.

But, I'm old, I have grandkids!

We got pregnant the old school way, on a camping trip!

Here is what I can tell you about being pregnant!
It changes everything!

I was pretty lucky. From about 6 weeks pregnant to 3 months, I did have some morning sickness. The thing that got me was the smell of meat cooking.

Coffee tasted like crap the whole time I was pregnant. Tuna, which I love, gave me heart burn while prego. But bring on the mexican food, the hotter the better.

It is an amazing experience, but be prepared. Your body, is no longer your own. It's making a human, and it will just do all kinds of dumb stuff, you never thought of!

That said.

I don't regret a moment. Gallons of hot chili, butterscotch pudding, and raspberry sherbet! My cravings!

My twin boys were born, 3 days off of due date, each over 6 pounds, natural birth!

The first time is a totally new thing, no one can explain. But, SO worth it!

Good luck!

5+ year maintainer.
The human body is capable of amazing things! But without the mind, it is nothing. Get your mind in gear and the body will follow!

Be selfish about caring for yourself, you deserve it!
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Good luck and I hope it goes well for you!

I had my 2nd a daughter in late November and she is now nearly 6 weeks old. I had a BMI of around 26 before pregnancy and after christmas and eating too much chocolate I currently have a BMI of 28.

Hope it goes well for you and I will be trying for my third soon so I will be joining you on your journey on this forum and can't wait to share experiences with you!
Mum of two on a personal diet & fitness journey

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Hi there, I'm also TTC right now and trying to lose pounds at the same time.It would have been better if I could have lost the weight first, but at my age I simply don't have time.
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