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Default Supply question while using Birth control.

DH and I are beginning to question which form of birth control to go with this time around. Baby's evacuation date is set for July 1st and I'm just looking into different options.

I would like to try something low dose that won't hinder my supply. I tend to by hyper sensitive to birth control so I'm worried I can't take anything hormonal at all. I don't want to be dependent on myself or charting, and I don't want to have another baby anytime soon. IUDs are also out for religious reasons.

What birth control have you ladies had success with?
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As of Dec 2011, the doctor gave me three options: the mini pill (progestin-only birth control pill), Mirena IUD, and the copper IUD that were safe for breastfeeding. I went with the Mirena, which I see is not an option for you. I've previously been on the mini pill with not so great results, so I didn't even consider it after having a baby. I am also really sensitive to hormonal birth control and the Mirena was the only thing that didn't affect me like that out of all the other ones I tried. Beyond that, your options are any of the barrier methods which can be coupled with NFP/ fertility awareness for extra precuation. I haven't used those as my sole source of BC, so you'll have to look into it further.
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I'm thinking of getting the BC shot. I'm 5 weeks post partum, so I'll see. I don't like the chance of accidental pregnancy with the mini pill and won't have anything inserted for various reasons.
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Your only option will be progesterone only birth control if you don't want to interfere with your supply. I'm getting another Implanon placed in my arm next week (I'm 6 weeks postpartum) because mini pills aren't as effective and have to be taken at the exact same time every day and I've known people who have had an IUD perforate their uterus or have numerous infections.
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DH and I just decided today that I'm going to go back on the shot. I was on it for 3 years pre-baby with good success I never had any weight gain which is a concern for some people and it is a progestin method which is supposedly ok for breastfeeding. I did discover AFTER I came off the shot that I had a sex drive (never had sex before starting it) that I didn't know about...not a big deal, just spiced things up. My main reason for the shot is that I know it's effective, I've been on it before, I don't have to remember anything, and DH is going to get a vasectomy eventually. We have really fantastic religiously centered health insurance that doesn't cover sterilization or birth control so we have to save the $1000 to pay for his procedure. I'll only be on BC until then.

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