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Default Doctors...

Well, for starters - my husband and I are thinking about kids in the near future. I went to the doctor and asked her what she thought about how my body would handle pregnancy, and she told me that because of my weight (at that time 305), it would not likely be an easy thing and I would be at a high risk of gestational diabetes, miscarriage, and a tough birth. And went on to talk about how difficult a C-section would be because of the extra padding I have amassed - and that an incision wouldn't heal as well. She's a worst-case scenario doctor and I know that she wants me to be aware of the risks involved because of my weight, but it left me feeling hopeless. I carry my weight well and I don't look like my weight because I carry it everywhere. She told me a healthy weight for me to be at would be 200 - which is a very feasible goal - or 250 for a start of pregnancy weight (with little to no gain).

I guess what I'm asking is are there any women out there who have been around my weight starting out in pregnancy who have anything to say? I know the risks, but I want to know others' experiences. The doc told me that (in a nice way) "It's better to be fat and healthy, than just fat." That hurt a little, but obviously something I already know. I left feeling inspired to get healthy (I know, I'm weird) but also left me feeling like I'd die if I got pregnant.

Anyway, that's the story... I don't really want to die...
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First off good luck with losing weight and getting pregnant.
I decided to lose weight to get pregnant this time last year. To be my ideal weight I would have had to lose 5 stone but I had lost almost 2 when I found out I was pregnant. All I will say is as I got bigger I was so glad I had got the weight off to begin with.
I didnt know how being pregnant would effect me and I got off really lightly compared to some pregnant women. I did have swollen ankles and the like but I know it would have been harder if I was bigger.
I'm going to get the weight off before baby number 2, I'll have a toddler to chase by then and I'll need to be a lot more mobile than last time.

Any weight you lose will be a bonus and you'll be so glad you got it off before you get pregnant. If you take care of yourself and your dr keeps an eye on you hopefully you'll be ok.

Best of luck and I'm sorry I'm not more help.

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Well, worst case scenario or not she is correct about some things. My good friend "M" got pregnant at 270 (ETA she was originally over 300 and she's 5'6"ish) and she had MANY complications. She developed blood pressure issues, Puppp, borderlined with gestational diabetes towards the end of the pregnancy, and ended up with a c-section due to fetal distress. The baby ended up born with issues, I don't know all of what those were though. Her c-section was extremely difficult because of her weight, and a week after when she went to the toilet, it half burst open and you don't want to know the rest. (She's fine now, it was 7 years ago.)

So, while you may think your doc is being all doom and gloom, I personally got to see someone go through many of the things she told you could happen. It's not really "rare" for these complications to occur, especially the c-section complications.

Don't feel hopeless, or like you're going to die. Just use it to fuel your weightloss and reach your goal!

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Thank you both for your stories. I know I've made better choices and made a difference for my future, for whenever we have kids. I've heard of people still having healthy pregnancies at bigger sizes, though I do know the risks are higher. I'm just going to keep plugging along and exercising, and when I do get pregnant in the future, at least I will have been maintaining a healthy lifestyle longer.

Part of me just wants to know its possible to have a healthy pregnancy.
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Hi Jules, I was 310 pounds when I got pregnant. I did have a csection at 6 months, not due to weight but to a traumatic event. Ihealed really well, but did have a terrible infection due to dry sack for 5 days. So none of the issues were because of weight, all due to trauma. Baby is now a healthy 23 year old. Best of luck.
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I am expecting number 4 and I had 3 c-sections. I did not have any complications during my pregnancies... No pre diabetes, no high blood pressure... nothing... My smallest starting weight was 215 and my highest is currently at 235. The only issue I had was with my c-section... It took a long time to heal and opened a little bit after my second and third. It was only superficial opening so it was not dramatic. I do have to say that my last csection was a lot more taxing on my body... i hope it helps
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I was in the same boat as you in that I was told by my fertility doc that I had to get down to 74kgs otherwise they wouldn't accept me for IVF. In saying that, my partner works at the hospital as an anaesthetic technician (puts people to sleep and wakes them back up again) and he says that large woman have successful pregnancies. By large, I mean women who need a three seat wheelchair (to be moved around the hospital).

I think what your doctor meant is that there is a higher chance of something going wrong if you are over 32 BMI (NZ regulations), not that it WILL happen. When my doctor told me to lose weight, I decided to go above and beyond to make sure nothing happens...and because I thought 'why not go the entire way while I'm motivated?'

Good luck on your weight loss journey and your pregnancy!

Originally Posted by JulesMarion View Post
Part of me just wants to know its possible to have a healthy pregnancy.
I know how you feel

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Originally Posted by Floprieto View Post
I am expecting number 4 and I had 3 c-sections. I did not have any complications during my pregnancies... No pre diabetes, no high blood pressure... nothing... My smallest starting weight was 215 and my highest is currently at 235. The only issue I had was with my c-section... It took a long time to heal and opened a little bit after my second and third. It was only superficial opening so it was not dramatic. I do have to say that my last csection was a lot more taxing on my body... i hope it helps
Floprieto your stats are close to mine, but I try not to think that our height and weight is really obese for a pregnancy..though it is I suppose...

I was about 160 when I got preg with Baby #1& 2 but gained so that I was about 230-240 before giving birth. And with my most recent baby I was around 145 when I got preg twice and m.c both times. I actually miscarried twice when I got preg at a healthy weight rather than my higher weight of 160, but I am in my 30s now and I was in my 20s for the other 2 babies.

I had no high BP (actually its too low!) no GD, no issues, except I'm really uncomfortable in the ;ast trimester and now struggling to lose the weight. My kness and back hurt. THey didnt in my 20s with the pregnancies but now I feel it.

My first labor was loooooong but my other 2 were about 12 hours. I pushed for like 4 hours with my first but only about 2 minute with my other two. I wouldnt say I had any issues with labor due to my weight.

2007- 230 lbs to 160 lbs after baby #1 Boy
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2013 - 215 lbs to 157 lbs after baby #3 Boy
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Well thanks for all the help, guys! I know the right thing to do is simply eat well, exercise, and when I do get pregnant, continue to do so. And just pray that things go smoothly and not freak out about everything.
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Hey Jules!

My husband and I recently got pregnant with our first baby, and before I got off BC my doctor said to lose whatever weight that I can, but did a lot of blood work and tests that came back stating I was healthy at that weight (260). I lost about ten pounds before we got pregnant, and by the time I had the blood test done to confirm I was pregnant (we found out on our late honeymoon!) I weighed in at 255.

The main thing my doctor has told me is to eat right and exercise within limitations (nothing super intense, should be able to talk throughout workout without much trouble). My doctor set my weight gain goal for 11-15 lbs in order to avoid many complications that can come along with gaining too much weight in a pregnancy when the person is already overweight. So far I have gained 2lbs, and my BP and blood sugar are still great! Granted I am about to get into the second trimester, so I cannot say much about complications that could arise later, but like my doctor said, I have a few things that I can control (food, exercise) in order to try and prevent any complications along the way!

I would say for you, if you are generally healthy regardless of weight, go ahead and try to lose as much weight as you can now and try to become more fit, so when you do get pregnant, your risk for complications will be a lot less!
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For what its worth: when I found out I was pregnant, I was 39 years old and 297 pounds, otherwise healthy. I had morning sickness all day for more than half the pregnancy, but aside from that and an extreme aversion to white potatoes in any form, no complications. My doctor advised me to gain no weight due to starting out obese. I gained none, until the last week (she was a week overdue) I put on about 3 pounds. After my daughter was born - no epidural (ouch) but quick delivery (yay) I was down about 25 pounds, which I have never regained. I really focused on changing my eating habits to healthier options for the baby and I've kept with it. My daughter will be 5 in December, and I'm down around 60lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.
Very best of luck to you!
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The original post was forever ago, but I wanted to give hope to anyone who may come along and read this, or OP if you haven't gotten there yet I started my last pregnancy at 270. I ended up gaining 22 pounds. I had a VERY healthy pregnancy until 34 weeks when my BP started raising slowly. I was induced at 37 weeks due to a late night reading of 160/110 and a headache. After 30 hours of induced labor, I hadn't dilated at ALL, and my BP went back down to 120/80ish and my doctor agreed to send me home with non-stress tests 2x per week. I was induced again at 39w3d. Again, after 30 hours and 18 hours of broken water, we decided on a C-section. No emergency, just very little progress, 3 failed epidurals, and one exhausted mama...my blood pressure never spiked over 140/90 during labor or surgery. My recovery was fantastic. I was up and out of bed 4 hours post surgery and I was doing normal activity (getting in and out of car, stairs, etc) at a week post-op.

I started this pregnancy at 304. I went to the doctor (actually a couple of days after conception but didn't know at that time) and he TOLD me to go ahead and try for #2 but to do whatever I could to lose weight in the meantime. I had to start blood pressure meds at 12 weeks because my BP never went down after birth (indicating that I have high BP and that it was not pregnancy related). I am now 30 weeks and planning a VBAC assuming I have no complications prior. My doctor has tested me twice for GD and my numbers have been fantastic both times. I DO see a high risk doctor because it took a bit to figure out which medication worked for me. I have had 5 ultrasounds with him and everything looks great. He's my biggest advocate for a VBAC right now, my regular OB is a little hesitant but I'm not afraid to tell him like it is

Also, as of today, I'm 304lbs. I haven't gained anything yet. Also, my first was conceived with 2 months of temping and trying during fertile periods, #2 was conceived on our first try. It IS possible for big ladies to get pregnant easily and pregnancy and delivery doesn't HAVE to be doom and gloom

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