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Default Moms out there is this normal?

As you wonderful ladies know, I had lil miss Emma 8 weeks ago! We are both doing well health wise! But I've noticed that I feel out of it! I forget things easily, I even feel as though my vocabulary and grammar are suffering. Could it be just lack of sleep? How did you all handle the changes?
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YES! I remember tripping over my words regularly. Lack of sleep, hormones, just with everything going on, it kinda happens. I'm still there, and my baby just turned 1 today (sob!). Especially since we haven't been sleeping too much since she's teething...but anyways I have those moments all the time. You do get used to it though - it was not as bad with DD, I was used to the lack of sleep as DS had broken me in quite nicely. Welcome to mommy brain, and congrats on your baby girl!!
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nope giving birth actually changes your brain chemistry, 'mommy brain' is actually a scientific phenomena. They say a mom's brain doesn't return to normal 100% until the child is about 1 year old.

Part of it now is certainly lack of sleep, but it's also something more long term that you're going to have to adapt too. the easiest thing to do is adopt habits. If you ALWAYS put your keys by the door, it doesn't matter if you forgot where they are because they're by the door, KWIM?

good luck and congrats on the little one.

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I agree with everyone else, totally normal. You can't over-estimate the impact of sleep deprivation. It's awful. Also, you just have so much MORE to think about, things like "where did I put the keys" and "did I remember to get out of my pajamas before leaving the house?" get pushed to the periphery of your brain.

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OOoooh yes, I remember trying to put a stainless steel pan in the fridge and getting angry that it wasn't fitting!

8 weeks is still right in the deprivation zone, for me it lasted until 6.5 months! Hehehe You handle it by just... rolling with it There's no "back button" so you just gotta do it! You're doing great.

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My baby is 11weeks old and im exactly the same! I call it 'baby brain'. My sister said she was the same too. I think its part tiredness and part brain chemistry.
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I call it "lactose lobotomy," saw it in a magazine, and it's true. I think it lasted about the whole time I was breastfeeding my son. Sleep deprivation, hormones and everything else your body goes through during pregnancy sure effects your brain.

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Very normal! You're tired & out of it. It's a mommy brain fart.
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Yes I remember being very clumsy!!

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It's been a long time since the twins were babies, but I remember, being in some odd zone of basically no where for about 6 months. Feed the babies, change the babies, do laundry, eat supper with husband, get up in the night and do it again, repeat, over and over and over.

It does get better! Grand babies are so much fun! You can send them home!

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I was a disaster from about 30 weeks pregnant until maybe 4 months post-partum. Heck, my son is one year and I still feel like I'm braindead sometimes.
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Chiming in in agreement with everyone else, I've had six kids and experienced that with all of them. I usually start feeling normal around 4 months after the babies are born.
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Yes yes yes! Mommy brain is a real thing for sure. It does get better, I promise.

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Sorry! Eek. My youngest is less than 2 months from 5 years old and I *still* have mommy brain.
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Thanks ladies!! They don't tell you that when you're pregnant! Glad it's normal. I have been on autopilot for a while now. I can't wait for it to get better, or at least I adapt to everything that it becomes the norm!
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