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PCOS/Insulin Resistance Support Support for us with any of the following: Insulin Resistance, Syndrome X, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or other endocrine disorders.

Woo hooo......

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Default Woo hooo......

its great to see this thread, i was diagnosed with PCOS at the start of this yr. Im now taking Dianne25 to help control it. it sometimes feels like a catch 22 situation. they say if u lose weight that it will help control it, but at the same time its harder to lose weight when u have PCOS.......now if thats not confusing what is??? i would love to hear from any other ppl trying to lose weight That have this. i have done pretty well losing my weight, i only have 20lbs or so to go....but it has been hard, sometimes i feel like im starving myself, coz i do keep my carbs pretty low. since using dianne25 my skin is better and the darker hairs that i used to have on my arms and stuff are getting better too, lol, i sound like a monkey!!!. but anyone else who wants to talk about this and weight lose love to hear from u!
Byes! Monica
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Hey Monica,

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was a teenager. The dangers of this disease was never really explained to me until I went to a different doctor years later. He immediately got me on birth control pills to control it. Anyway, since then, through proper diet and exercise, I've lost over 60 pounds! I was never able to lose before no matter what I did. It's great except that I still have 10-15 pounds to go and it just won't come off! I'm getting sooooooo frustrated!

What is Dianne25??? I've never heard of it.

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Hey there!
dianne25 is a birth control pill, u are probably using someing the same, maybe just a different name
now im on this i dont feel like a hormonal freak anymore! i used to be so up and down all the time, its easier to not eat coz im not so emotional, and i think that the weight is coming off too coz im on it. i do think one the the reasons that i have this though is because i was overweight, so me loosing this weight has been not just for me to be thinner, but to be healthy too. im hoping that i can eventually just control it by keeping my weight down. coz i dont want to be on the pill forever. im very lucky that i have a good doctor that cared to find out more about me than say it was in my head.coz basically most everyone thought i was just fat and lazy, umm ok, i was that too LOL.
but its good to know that this has a name and im not a freak!!
but anyways thanks for responding byes!
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Default hi

Hi my name is Lisa and I usually post on WW ~~whw thread. I have been suffering from the after math of having tumors in my pituatary gland...I am 36 and and have trouble with my periods...I only get them when I am on the pill. I am going to be seeing a fertility doc next month...but my ob/gyn said that I have PCOS...

I have trouble skin, acquired a bit of hair on my face and gained a ton of weight....hence the WW. I have not done as well as I would like....and now I am getting discouraged. Am I 100% on program...no, but I am not real bad either...I knowthat the hormones are part.....right now I am on progesterone to induce my period....

any advise.....or info on symtoms would be helpful....

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Hi Lisa,

The way I understand it (because I'm still learning on the subject, too) is that the birth control pills help regulate the hormone that you are producing too much of with the PCOS. So, if you are trying to get pregnant, then there is not much you can do until after you have the baby. I've been on birth control pills for over a year now and have lost 62 pounds. My doctor flat out told me that without the help of the pill regulating my hormonal balance, I would have never been able to lose that weight.

I asked my doctor what I would do if I ever wanted to have a baby and he said they'd take me off the pill, give me something to start ovulating and then go right back on the pill once the baby was born. It is important to be on the pill to control this disease or you can develop other problems... like diabetes!

I hope this helps!

Monica - thanks for clarifying the pill for me. I'm on Lo Overal (not sure of the spelling) because the other pills made me SO angry and depressed. Finding the right birth control pill is ESSENTIAL and quite a chore! I tried three different ones before I found this one. I don't have the mood swings I had with the others, so that's good!

Talk to you guys later!
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hey guys,
here is a website about PCOS http://www.pcos.net its a pretty good one. there are loads of sites like this one one th net to find out more info.
my doctor told me and in the information that i have read that if u are able to control ur weight, lots of women find the symptoms of this disapear.
Actually though with all this information around, i dont believe that there are all that many consulsive facts about this. with lots of things in life i guess you and ur doctor need to work out what is good for you.
they believe being resistant to insulin plays a big part in this. thats why we are told to go low carb. growing up in the time when i was told potaoes are great diet food, eat bread and pasta in bulk, i have had to change my eating habits. i eat less carb, both complex and simple, and instead eat more protien rich foods to balance the carbs out. im not following any "diet" just now i have equal portions of protein, carbs, and veggies when i eat, some meals i dont eat carbs i will have mainly protein and veggies. i have found this does help me alot. im not hungry all the time either.
i do crave bread sometimes though. and i still dont eat too much meat. i do eat beans and tofu and fish.
i have also increased my exercise with helps too.
so there is what i do.
hope it gives you some ideas
byes Monica
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Default differences

I think there are many variations with PCOS.

My cholesterol went really high and my insulin levels are through the roof while my blood sugar levels are normal. My body is making tons of insulin to keep my blood sugar where it should be.

If you haven't, I recommend going to an endocrinologist since they are more or less specialists in this area. My regular dr. didn't have a clue and was going to put me on a starvation diet as nothing else he was doing to help me lose weight was working - that's when I went to an endocrinologist who diagnosed me.

I'm now on:
Alesse bc pills
GlucophageXR for my insulin levels (and supposed to help with the weight)
Zocor for the cholesterol (which has come down nearly 100 pts. by the way)
Vaniqua for the facial hair. this stuff works great!!!
[b]Sugar Busters]/b] for the healthy eating. We need to control our blood sugar to avoid becoming diabetic and this program is very healthy and proactive. There's a SB thread on here if you're interested in looking at more information on it.
exercise for the rest of the program - I lift weights 3x per week for about 30 min. each. I walk on the treadmill 20-30min about 2-3x per week.

My health is getting better, but the weight is very slow in coming off.
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Hi Solshine!

My doctor never said anything about watching my carb or sugar intake. I do this moderately anyway, but he didn't mention anything like that to me. He DID say there was an increased chance of getting Diabetes and he had my blood sugar checked which came out fine. What is the difference between that and your insulin levels???

I also had very high cholesterol but it has gone back down due to my diet and exercise. I'd rather control it that way if I can, than be on medication. Both my parents have high cholesterol and I think some of it is hereditery.

As for the excess hair, I'm having laser treatements to take care of it. I've heard of Vaniqua but the laser seems to be working now that I've had five treatments! I thought it was never going to go away!

Monica - thanks for the website. I'm going to go check it out. I'm a little concerned now about this low carb/low sugar thing.

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