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What are your periods like with PCOS?

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Default What are your periods like with PCOS?

I am asking this question because before being diagnosed with PCOS I had the Mirena IUD so I didn't have periods, then I started developing symptoms of PCOS and in 2013 had the Mirena removed (just because it was time, as my 5 years were up) and the doctor put me on birth control. I was officially diagnosed in late 2013 with PCOS and in early 2014 stopped the birth control because of billing reasons (can't get the doctor's appointment)

Anyway, since getting off the Mirena, I've only had two "real" periods. And those were really heavy. I've had maybe 5 other periods other than those. The one I had in February of this year was an entire drop of blood, nothing more. This past month was enough to fill perhaps two pantiliners (of course I changed them more frequently than that).

So I'm asking this to see if that is normal with PCOS?

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Before metformin, I got my period about every 1 1/2-2 years. Now, I'm on about a 6-7 week cycle. I would say it's a normal period with day 2 being the heaviest. It usually lasts about 4 days and then nothing on day 5 and some spotting on day 6.
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My version of 'normal' has varied over the years. When I first started my period (pre diagnosis) you could set your watch by my 31 day cycle - periods were heavy and the cramps excruciating. Fast forward a few years to diagnosis and my cycle was all over the place, stopping for months at a time to the point where my physician would medicate me to induce a period every 3 months. My cycle eventually regulated itself though it was very long, 2+ months in many cases, no cramps whatsoever and a much lighter period when it eventually came.

Then I lost 50lbs and they came right back to their original 31 day schedule, shorter and lighter again than before. Cramps returned (nowhere near as bad as when I was a teenager) and sore breasts, lower back pain came too, none of which I'd experienced before. Then I gained the weight back (all of it ) and they spaced out a little again, going to around 6 weeks. Still light/short and full of cramps etc.

I guess what I's saying with my long post is that there is no normal with PCOS as everyone's experience is different. There are points in time where doctors will become concerned about aspects of a cycle (eg my gynaecologist felt a 'period' was essential at least every 3 months for health reasons so medicated me to ensure one came no matter what!). Some women with PCOS settle into a pedictable menstrual cycle, but plenty don't unfortunately. Have you spoken with your physician?

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My periods are horrible. They last 30-40 days and I have to wear overnight pads all the time, changing them twice-three times a day when my period is at its heaviest. I pass blood clots and have cramps out the wazoo. I recently got put on provera to try to stop the bleeding because I had such bad anemia and my red blood cells were getting deformed from lack of iron in my body from all the periods.

You are very lucky to have such a light period, count your blessings!
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Most women with PCOS have horrible periods, that's what my endocrinologist told me anyway. They get really bad PMS, have terrible cramps and headaches, heavy flows, etc.

My periods were always this way and I assumed it was normal because I didn't know any differently. Sometimes it could last up to 7 days. Since being on metformin my periods have been so much better. They are regular, about 4 days max and not nearly as heavy as before. My PMS is also not as bad.
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