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Dealing with PCOS and hypothyroid at 18

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Smile Dealing with PCOS and hypothyroid at 18

Hi everyone! This is my first post on this website and I would love if anyone can give me some advice!

I was diagnosed with PCOS about 3 years ago when I hadn't gotten my period in a little over 4 months. My doctor immediately started me on birth control and metformin and my period returned almost immediately. 3 years and 2 endocrinologists later and I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism. For some reason when I take a higher dosage of my levothyroxine with my metformin I get incredbily nauseous and can spend hours dry heaving (a bit too much information, I know) so therefore I have stopped my metformin for the time being. I've never experienced any type of discomfort because of PCOS because I believe mine is mainly due to high levels of testosterone.

My biggest concern about living with PCOS is the difficulty women find getting pregnant with it. I'm only in college right now and don't see myself having children within the next 5-7 years but I would love to start sorting out my condition and working on it now so that way when the time does come around that I decide to have children, it may be a tad bit easier. I've been told that losing weight is one of the best treatments for PCOS and have recently started a diet that is mainly based in fruits & veggies with lean proteins. I currently weigh 240 lbs and would love to get down to maybe 175 lbs.

If anyone has any tips on diets that worked out well for them, dealing with the emotional impact of it all, and just overall fighting PCOS I would be so very appreciative. Thank you for any type of advice you may give!
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Welcome. My sister has PCOS and she was able to conceive with little issues, but she was closer to an ideal weight. I think the goal is to get there, and obviously manage any other health issues you may have from it.

I also choose (if this helps) to manage my blood sugar without Metformin (it was prescribed, but I decided not to take it) because I told my endo I would do it through diet and exercise.

But, I had to commit to doing it through diet and exercise. So if you are seeing issues mixing the two medications, you don't have to use Metformin to manage PCOS, but I would then say that you should see if you can do it through food and exercise. Vegetables/fruit and lean protein sound about right.

Good luck! Let us know how you do.
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I was diagnosed with both in my early 20s as well. I was diadiagnosed as infertile not long after due to my PCOS. I found that I couldnt take levothyroxine, but I could take synthroid. I was also never able to tolerate the metformin, and it never did get me to restart my cycles. I have had major difficulty losing weight, and no doctors want to help me have children because I am fat. Best bet is to fight it hard and get to a healthy weight, so even if that isnt the cause or a part of the problem with your pcos, and you find yourself unable to concieve naturally doctors wil be willing to help you.
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When I found out I had PCOS I reached out to friends and found out that two girls I knew had it and both concieved their children naturally and quickly.

I have been trying for two years, but I didn't know I had PCOS and underactive thyroid.

They knew as teenagers and so had been managing their symptoms. Both are not over weight and that has helped them have more regular cycles.

I am following the diet in WomanCode by Alissa Vitti and so far it seems to be really helping. The author also has PCOS and she says that her symptoms disappeared from this diet. It really focuses on healing the endocrine system.

I've only been doing it for a few weeks, but I got a period during those few weeks and I usually only get one every 90 days (this time is was 48 days) so I'm really hopeful.

And I just keep reminding myself of my two friends who had no trouble getting pregnant despite PCOS.

Oh and I should add that I am not on metaformin. I am only taking medicine for the thyroid but that has been enough for me to actually start losing weight. Before that no matter how I dieted I just kept gaining. Now I'm down twenty pounds.

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