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PCOS/Insulin Resistance Support Support for us with any of the following: Insulin Resistance, Syndrome X, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or other endocrine disorders.

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Unhappy Introducing myself and looking for advice :)

Hi everyone!
I'm Alix, i'm 18 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS 3 years ago.
Basically I was told i had PCOS from a scan I had and also blood tests, but then I was left and not given anything to help me! I've been back to my doctor numerous times and he just does not take me seriously I really need help!
I'm trying my hardest to lose weight but it's just not working, I just keep gaining it nomatter what I do, I'm also in pain a lot near my overies, I don't know if this is linked to my PCOS but I guess it is.
I'm just looking for some advice really to help me deal with this, I really need to lose weight as I'm constantly bullied about it and feel I dont fit in at all
I'm 220lbs and only 5ft2, so I need to lose a lot.
Thanks for anyone that has read this!
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Welcome Alix!

I wish I had some great advice for you. I'm 31 and was diagnosed over 10 years ago. I've been looking for answers and what works best for me ever since. Unfortunately, we are all different and no one thing works for everyone. Especially for us ladies with PCOS.

What advice I can give you is that if your doctor does not want to take you seriously and refuses to help you try and find some answers then it is time to find a new doctor. If your doctor is a family doctor or GP and not an OB/GYN or GYN, I would recommend finding one because they will be more trained to help you. If it is an OB/GYN or GYN, find another doctor. You don't have to settle for someone that isn't willing to help you. They may and try to put you on some type of birth control to help ease symptoms if you aren't already on it.

I like you have difficulty losing weight and at times tend to gain even when I try the hardest. But I've decided to take a new approach. I always tend to get stressed out especially if the scale doesn't seem to be moving, but I have decided that I will just eat what I'm supposed to eat and not stress out over the number. Remember, it's a marathon not a sprint. You can't do everything all at once you have to take it slow and steady.

As for bullying, I've dealt with the same thing almost my entire life. Just remember, that people who are bullying are usually not even happy in their own lives and are looking for others to make miserable to feel better about themselves. I know that sometimes the things that they say are cruel and unnecessary, but it is NOT a reflection on YOU it is a reflection of their own character. Don't worrying about fitting in because you will fit in just great with the wonderful ladies on this page who will be more than willing to help you and give you support. Plus, in a year or two you will not even be near the people that you are not fitting in with and you will find the place for you to be.

Hope I have been able to help you some. Best of luck to you and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate PM me.
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❤ Hi there

Check out pcosdiva.com for meal ideas and info that'll help you ear better

What have you been doing that us not working? Your body needs the right fuel at the right time to burn fat

6 small meals a day will help boost your metabolisim
Strength training or interval cardio (HIIT) is great for cysters
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First of all, welcome! I'm also new here, but finding it quite rewarding!

You came to the right place - losing 10% of your body weight can make your life and PCOS so much easier. I was diagnosed about a year ago and didn't believe that weight loss can have such an effect. After a bit of a wake up call about 2 months ago, I decided to give "make healthy choices" a chance and it's well worth it.

Having PCOS is hard because it is a "hidden" decease, however the choice to change things lies with you! Stay motivated. We cannot (as yet) be cured, but the symptoms are very controllable. For more support, also check out soul cysters.

Counting calories and regular exercise has been working for me. And also just generally making healthy choices (stairs in stead of elevator, low fat in stead of full cream, etc) adds up to a lot in the long run.

Oh, and I'm almost 25 - good to meet you
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