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PCOS/Insulin Resistance Support Support for us with any of the following: Insulin Resistance, Syndrome X, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or other endocrine disorders.

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Default Weight loss and hair growth

I'd like to know from those who have lost a significant amount of weight, did your excess hair growth slow down?

I have the dreaded chin hair (ugh, I hate it!!) and this is my biggest challenge with pcos (besides getting pregnant!) I am hoping so much that with weight loss, the hair growth will slow down. I did have laser treatments in 2007 and it helped a little bit, but with 2 pregnancies and some more weight gain between and after, it's totally back in full force!

If you have experience with the other traditional symptoms I'd love to hear about that too! (darkened skin, face and body acne, etc.)

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Yes, it's happened to me. But it wasn't just weight loss, it was also managing my insulin resistance.
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Ditto. My face cleared up dramatically (hair and acne) after I got my IR under control. The dark patches seemed to have lightened a little, but nothing to write home about.
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Thank you! I'm really hoping this is the case for me, that would be as good to me as just looking and feeling better!
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Since starting getting my IR under control and losing a little weight, I have seen some let up of acne, hairs etc. The hairs on my legs still grow EXCEEDINGLY fast, I swear my legs have a 5 o'clock shadow LOL. I cant wait to lose even more weight to see what else clears up/ how much better my symptoms get.
Diagnosed with PCOS May 2007

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I was DX in 1994 and had laser treatment in 1999. I've had regrowth do to 3 pregnancies but I've noticed that when I maintain my weight under 175lbs I have less issue with the rate of hair growth.
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well i have ahirs all over the place...it's abnormal, it bothers me the most on my stomach. i lost weight but didn't notice anything, they still kept growing like crazy. and i thought that after losing weight my problems would go away but they didn't which made me even more depressed and that kinda made me gain back almost everything back. and this week after almost two years i finally got my period again which i lost aprox. at the same weight. i'm thinking of buying myself a laser removal lumea but first i need to sav some money. are there any pilly that help with the hair. i haven't been officialy diagnosed with pcos but i have all the symptoms. i also got this red spots on my neck and it's really annyojing.
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I have PCOS and I have awful hair grownth, like it's my face, tummy, bottom and a few random black hairs on my back.. it's so embarrassing and hard to control... i really hope weight loss works but idk what else to do
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Weight loss has definitely reduced my excess facial hair. It was one of the most noticeable changes to my body, other than the smaller waistline.
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Even at my highest weight I was fortunate enough not to have to worry about facial/body hair. That said, (and I apologize if this is TMI) my leg hair and pubic hair have not only gotten finer with weight loss but they are also a little bit lighter in color, and therefore less noticeable. It's nice being able to shave every few days instead of every single day - I save a lot of money on razor blades nowadays.
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Yep, I haven't been diagnosed with PCOS, but I have the symptoms. Especially the crazy hair growth. I had lost 100lbs, and it didn't go away, but it reduced dramatically. I've gained around 35-40lbs back due to situational depression, and I've gone back to shaving/tweezing every single day. The hairs are darker, thicker, and grow faster. I want that under control again!
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Weight loss seems to have great effects, I'm going low GI at the moment, before i started into it i had the worst acne of my life, hadnt had a period in 5 months, the hair was insane (on my legs stubble after 6-8 hours)

ive been at it 2 months and even though i've only lost 13 pounds, i've had 2 peiods IN TWO MONTHS, my skin is almost completely clear (barring a few acne scars) and my hair growth has completely slown down ( i dont feel like i should talk about the face because i'm having laser done so that would be slowed down anyway but on my belly, underarms and legs (now it's a day before stubble) it might not be as slow as normal but it has definitely decreased.

Low GI regulates insulin so it's probably a combination of that and the weight loss.

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I have never been diagnosed but I'm certain that I also have PCOS. I have been having to shave my face for years now and I do notice that it gets worse the heavier I am. I have a question about waxing. I haven't had it done on my face before and I'm considering it. My skin is just getting torn up from shaving everyday and I want to know from those of you who have done it, how long do I have to go unshaven before I can get it waxed and how long until I would have to be rewaxed? I hope this makes sense.
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I have facial hair and at times have actually started to thin (almost alarmingly) in a "male" pattern baldness on top of my head. But since I got pregnant and had my girl in Nov. 2009 the hair thinning has gone away somewhat. I hate the facial hair. It's really embarrassing when my husband wants to stroke my face. I should enjoy that, but instead I'm thinking "is he feeling stubble?"

So I'm with the rest of you....I REALLY hope weight loss helps with these symptoms!
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