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PCOS/Insulin Resistance Support Support for us with any of the following: Insulin Resistance, Syndrome X, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or other endocrine disorders.

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Default Anyone lost weight and got pregnant?

Last year, at the age of 22, I was diagnosed at having PCOS. From the research I've done and from talking to my doctor, I've learned that it's difficult to get pregnant. Even though I'm not married right now, I would love to have kids one day. I was wondering if anyone has been able to lose weight and have a baby, preferably without metformin. Is it possible????
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Ok, while I did take metformin I do not feel it had much impact on my weightloss as most of it was months after I started the met. I did lose 70lbs before I got pregnant & although my cycles were starting to regulate the cycle I conceived on I used clomid.

Weightloss helps most people with their symptoms overall but is not necessarily the solution for conceiving for everyone.
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Hi! I just found these forums... so I haven't properly introduced myself... but I thought I would chime in with some encouraging words. We have been able to conceive twice without any medical assistance. After dropping out of fertility treatments, I followed an extremely strict diet of no sugar/starch/fruit - not what I could maintain long term, but it worked for us twice for conception. I still struggle with weight and eating a balanced diet - but feel successful non-the-less.
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I don't have enough posts to PM - but you are welcome! There's a book, maybe taking charge of your fertility... or maybe another that I read many years ago. I found it quite helpful.
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I was born this way hey!
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My friend who has PCOS, lost weight and is pregnant!!! She gives me hope that I can lose weight and get pregnant too someday.


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I got pregnant after losing weight and now have my baby son (almost 17 mos.) I never took metformin and lost weight doing weight watchers and exercising. I got pregnant completely natural without any fertility drugs. I would recommend losing weight and getting pretty healthy before getting pregnant. I had only lost 15 lbs. and wasn't expecting to get pregnant when I did so I was still over 200 lbs. when I got pregnant. I ended up getting pre-eclampsia at 34 weeks and delivering at 36 weeks. I have since learned that women with PCOS are at a higher risk for pre-eclampsia and other complications. Luckily, everything turned out fine but I am going to make sure that I am much healthier before trying for #2.

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I was diagnosed after going through some testing while trying to get pregnant for 2 years. I lost 12 pounds and then boom, I was pregnant. Co-incidence. I think not. They say even losing a small amount could be enough to get pregnant.

Good luck!!

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yeah years ago I lost about 15 lbs then got pg w/my DD #2
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I was diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance (of course) just a few years back. Doctors made it sound like I probably wouldn't have kids, though I hadn't had any cysts yet--just the insulin and hormone imbalance.

Well I was on metformin, birth control, and spir. for about a year and gave up. (I hate taking pills.) I got married shortly thereafter and went off the bc pill, too. Two months later, I was pregnant! If I'd known I was going to get pregnant so fast, I would've tried to lose weight first to make it easier on the baby and me. But I had no idea--I thought it would take years of fertility treatments. We were very blessed with our little miracle.

A lot of women with PCOS struggle with infertility, but not all. I will say that if you have PCOS you are way more likely to have gestational diabetes (which I did), but so are lots of other women and with proper prenatal care it's no big deal. I gave birth to a very healthy, average-sized baby with no complications. Just relax, take care of yourself, and know that the future will be here soon enough!
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Day 1 back on plan...
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I got pregnant using clomid..I miscarried shortly after When I was okay to try again they put me back on clomid. I gained over 15lbs while waiting to TTC again and the clomid didn't work. I was told if I lost the weight it would most likely work again. That was all without the metformin. I was supposed to try again while using the metformin to see if that would do the trick but my RE didn't have much hope. I gave up went home and gained more weight. I'm back to the start line and going to give it another try before I'm to old to have another baby. I do have a 13 yr old daughter that I had no probalem TTC...Of course I was WAY thinner. Yet my cycles were all over the place.....They have been that way since getting my period at age 12...That tells me PCOS has been following me around all my life.

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Default me too

We were trying for a baby for about three years, i messed about on metformin for a couple of months, not good at taking pills and also the side-effects really made exercise tough coz i felt so tired and nauseous and bloated all the time. Ive always struggled with PCOS and weight.Ive never had regular cycles.I lost a bit of weight with just walking and fresh food and i remember sitting down and thinking, oh well if i cant ever have a baby i best make the most of the life i do have and i accepted the fact. three weeks later i was sick as a dog and got the shock of my life when i found out i was pregnant. I had a healthy baby boy with no complications during pregnancy or birth so I know I am blessed. Put on even more weight since then so at 310lbs(!!), im desperate to lose weight to try again, I think he needs a little bro or sis.He'll be three in June. I think putting it out of my mind and just having fun along with losing weight helped.
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I got pregnant right away without medications. I was on BCP's and was told by an endocrinologist to not wait after going off the pill, just try to get pregnant right away, and we did, both times. Come to find out, I wasn't that overweight at the time. Maybe 15 lbs overweight.
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I lost 30lbs but still had to use clomid to conceive. I had to use three rounds. Its not so bad, the worst part is obsessing about trying to become pregnant. There is a great site where you can get really cheap, MD quality pregnancy tests and ovulation tests

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