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Packaged Meals and Clinics - Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, Etc For support and questions about diet meal delivery programs, or weight loss clinics that offer prepackaged meals and products.

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I did NS a few years ago, I didn't really like the food and didn't make it through the month of food that I bought.

A year ago, I tried Jenny and I really like the food and the plan. There's a guy where I work that is doing NS (he's lost a lot, but i can he's been struggling lately). whenever he sees me making my lunch, he always comments on how good my food looks & smells when I'm making it.

Yes, it's a lot of money per week, but living in NYC, I was ordering in so much I'm actually saving $.

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the family and I were on jenny Craig for a a little over a year and did really well. one pitfall was that we eventually got bored of the food there was only like 90 choices to pick from. So now the family is trying Nutrisystem. Hands down there is a difference in the food (jenny is tastier). however, there are ways to enhance the food. you can get creative with the recipes that are on the NS website, and believe me it helps. there are also more options to chose from. Plus right now we are all about what is more economical, so NS helps in that dept as well.
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I've done both, and the NS food got to where it just seemed inedible. The Jenny food is so much better!
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Jenny Craig! I couldn't eat the Nutrisystem food and I will eat just about anything. I threw it all away
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I did both, and Medifast is better than either, IMO. I regained everything I lost on JC and did not like the food. I also really disliked the NS food.
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I'm down 18 pounds plus on Jenny since June!
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I ordered Jenny Craig last night. It's a trial, one week of food for $99. I hope I like the food. I'm really picky and I read somewhere that the food is sugary. I like savory salty food, so if it's sugary I think I'll cancel the order. Any opinions on if the food is sugary?
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I don't think it is sugary.
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Default I have tried both...

I have used both Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem so here is the low down...

Cost: They are both on par. If you want to go cheaper on either there is a way, on Nutrisystem if you order the "flex plan" you do 20 days a month on the plan (weekends on your own food). With Jenny Craig, you don't have to order all the food and you only pay for the food you order. I prefer my Special K to their breakfasts so I don't order breakfasts, I prefer fresh fruit for my snack/dessert so I don't order them either, only the breakfast/lunch/dinner and the nutrition bars (contain your daily vitamins and minerals).

Convenience: Jenny Craig is better as everything is included in the daily menu, you can add more fresh veggies/fruit etc. if you want but it's not necessary. Most JC foods are frozen and need to be microwaved. Nutrisystem has products that need to be prepared (they don't really mention this up front) like scrambled eggs, you need to mix with water and cook, cakes you also have to mix and cook, pancakes - same thing. I find Jenny Craig much easier. With Nutrisystem you must add vegetables, breads and proteins as well as vitamins to get your daily nutrients, so that must be thought out in advance. With Jenny Craig, all food is included and the nutrition bar that must be eaten daily contains your daily allotment of vitamins and minerals.
With JC, you must go into their office weekly for weigh-in, session with councilor and to pick up your food while Nutrisystem delivers food to your door once a month.

Taste: On this level, there is really no comparison, while a few of the Nutrisystem options are tasty, I found Jenny Craig to be far superior in taste, presentation and appeal. I found Nutrisystems lunch offerings to be of very poor quality, tuna is the cheapest available and all the "pasta" type lunches taste the same. Many of the nutrisystem dinners included kidney beans even the lasagna, while JC was more "real" food. With Jenny Craig, the turkey burgers and sandwich options were much better in my opinion. I had no difficulty sticking strictly with Jenny Craig, but I got bored (and felt denied) with Nutrisystem.

Support: Nutrisystem sends you literature with your monthly delivery and you apparently can contact them on-line. With Jenny Craig, you go into the center weekly and you weigh-in... big difference. While I only spent a few minutes with the councilor weekly by choice, they did offer good advice and support that was appreciated. Also, weighing in front of another person is more motivating. I find the Jenny Craig system superior.

Results: I lost 27 lbs. with Jenny Craig over a three month period and I think it's because I enjoyed the program and the food. I never had the urge to "cheat" and excercised more because activity is reported to your councillor. I lost 18lbs. over the course of three months with Nutrisystem and I always felt "denied" while doing this program. I also didn't have the same feeling of wellbeing with Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig as, in my opinion it's not as nutritionally complete with vitamins and minerals.

Conclusion: I have no dog in this fight, this is just my own personal experience with both programs. I used Nutrisystem first and felt starved and regained the weight over the course of 8 months. I then tried Jenny Craig and haven't regained the weight over the course of 2.5 years. So in my personal opinion, I would definately (and have to all my friends) recommend Jenny Craig. I would not recommend Nutrisystem. Good luck with whatever you decide
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You kind of need to just try both and see which one your body adapts to better as well as which you find more pleasing so you know which you want to stick with. Maybe do a one month trial of each and decide from there?
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This was such a helpful thread! I think I'm going to go with Jenny Craig even though it's expensive.
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Default Numeasure

Anyone been on numeasure? I'm about to order a week's delivery after being pleasantly surprised with their sample pack. I guess the draw back is that the menu is already set for you. But, so far the food has been pretty good.
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Originally Posted by campbellredhead View Post
I went to Jenny Craig today, i was a little dissappointed it is more money that nutrisystem, i paid $115.00 for 1 week of food, that they picked out to try different stuff.

and $20.00 for 20 lbs.

so like $460.00 a month

where nutrisystem is like $300.00 a month,

but yeah i've heard the food is better,

Thank you so much!
I think the 20lbs for $20 is every six weeks or so?
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