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Packaged Meals and Clinics - Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, Etc For support and questions about diet meal delivery programs, or weight loss clinics that offer prepackaged meals and products.

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Default Really Nervous!

Hello Everyone,

I want to say first that I've really enjoyed browsing this forum. I've been considering Nutrisystem for some time and have been trying to do research on it, and the only "reviews" I seem to be able to find (for the most part) are obviously planted by Nutrisystem themselves. Or, on the opposite side of the spectrum, the reviews have been horrible. For the most part, I think people are more willing to post negative on any subject, KWIM??? It wasn't until I came to this site that I've found some very useful feedback.

DH gave me the go-ahead to join NS after I found an old photo of myself, 3 years ago, pre-pregnancy, and had a near meltdown. I cannot believe I used to think I was "fat" then....now I'm just mortified by my body!!!

Anyhoo, I'm so excited that I can join but now I'm nervous about doing it. As I mentioned, I've read some horrible reviews. Can some of you please reassure me about this? I'm motivated as you know what but scared to pay money again for something that will fail AGAIN.

Things I'm most concerned about...

The taste of the food??? Is it pallatable? Foods you love? Foods you abhore? So scared I will have a month of food that I cannot even swallow without feeling like it's going to come back up.

Customer Service? Have you had to deal with them at all? Were they responsive? Many things I've read said they aren't. Or horror stories of not receiving credits due. Or being put on hold for 30 minutes....

Orders correct? A big thing I've found on the net is that the orders almost NEVER seem to be correct in your shipments...i.e. shortchanged or just plain old wrong.

I have read that you have to purchase some things on the side (fruits, etc) and that's not a problem. But is there some kind of guide included with the plan to let you know what you should be adding when? I hate being confused!

Finally, have you tried other diets? I lost a considerable amount of weight pre-pregnancy (25 pounds) on South Beach and loved it, but it didn't work for me the second time around after the baby, and I had a much harder time sticking to it. I need an actual plan!!!

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated as I've had my cc in hand several times and chickened out. I know the sooner I do something the sooner I could see results but I'm so terrified of failure once again.....

Thank you again,

A desperate Mercedes (Amanda)
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I wish I could tell you everything you want to hear, but I can't. Every diet is different for everyone. But I can share with you MY experiences with NS and you can utilize that info any way you wish.

1. My first week I lost 9 pounds
2. I find the food 90% satisfying regarding taste. 10% being things I either don't eat or don't care for.
3. My counselor has been great and very helpful. I use her for any of my order/customer service issues including autoshipments, exchanges, etc. I use email with her and find she reponds timely, friendly and that way I have a trak record of my transactions with her. The only complaint I had was how long it took my exchanges to come back. I did call though and it was noted so the shipment came express. I have not had issues with the order being wrong.
4. I have tried so many diets. WW, South Beach, Zone....all to hard to do for me with the cooking and scheduling. I managed them for a while, then gave up as it took too much time (in my opinion). I enjoy not having to plan my meals.
5. I find NS convenient, easy, dobale and has really shown me results. I have been on it since 3/13 and am down 21 lbs and still falling. I am down a whole size and 1/2 and THAT means more than scale number to me. I am actually, right now, wearing a pair of pants that I bought 5 years ago (diet incentive)on sale. I kept the pants and was not even close to getting into them then. I can now.

Something you might want to consider is just ordering a week of NS to see how you do. That is what my SIL is doing and so far she is pleased and has ordered her month.

I don't know if any of this helps, but I hope whatever you chose you have success!!!!! if you do chose NS, become a Nutrichick! we have fun and lend some great support!!!!

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read the yums and yucks thread- not everyone agrees, but that will give you an idea of what most people dont like. as for customer service they have been AMAZING - ive never waited to talk to someone more than 2 mins and ive called three times. i just called to cancel my next auto ship (as its summer and i will have more time to cook for myself) and it was like okay thanks. that was IT. i was like um do i have to do anything else (jump through hoops, answer surveys? call back 8 times till i get it cancelled? nope. just that- i was thrilled)

you can totally do this plan and stick to it! and i guarantee that if you do- you will see results!

as for the orders- i have never been shortchanged re: the number of products but they do substitute if they are out of what you requested- but you can send this back and get something else.

good luck- i think you can do this!

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Hello Amanda,
I too was skeptical, and have tried everything else. I have spent a fortune on other diets, and diet pills, and I couldn't seem to stay on them.

This is working for me. I have lost 15 lbs in 7 weeks, not to bad, considering that I do give myself a break, and a treat once in awhile.

The food is generally pretty good. You will want to spice it up a bit. The lunch and dinner meals are pretty saucey, making it easy to add some steamed veggies to it. I just had the Broccoli fetticini, and I added a bunch of steamed broccoli to it. It made a huge meal, I am stuffed, and it was very good. Alone it tastes ok, but much better when you dr it up.

Customer service has always been very helpful. I go online and pick the food I want, change it around all the time, and so far I have always gotten what I wanted, and was never shorted, or substitued.

There is a yellow meal planner that comes with your order. It gives you a list of all the food that you can eat besides the NS. Basically fruits , veggies, Yogurt, extra proteins, ff milk, cheese, etc. There are some treats that are legal, like the FF fillyswirls ice cream bars that are fab. It also has a dining out guide in it that is very helpful.

It is so convenient, there is hardly any planning to it. If you stick with it you will lose weight. I guess the one downfall that I am finding after being on it for awhile is that alot of it tastes the same. All the white sauces taste alot alike, as do the lasagne, spagetti, privavera, etc. So I am starting to get alittle bored with the flavor. But it still takes very good, and I enjoy it. Just wish there was more variety on the taste. It is also not a really fast diet, The average loss after the first week is usually only 1 - 2 lbs. But At least I am losing, and sticking with it. This is the longest I have been able to stay on a diet for years.

If you decide to try it, keep coming back here, it really helps with motivation!!
Good luck, whatever you decide to do!!!
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Hi Mercedes, it's my second week on NS and I lost 7 pounds my first week. I wasn't shortchanged at all. The foods were kind of shocking at first (some of them especially) because some you have to add water too, but those turned out to be some of the best tasting. I love the whipped sweetpotato with cheese. I wish I would've ordered more than one. I love the pizza, I was so mad when I first opened the box and saw that I had to "construct" the whole thing. I didn't even want to make it. But I did and I added little onion and gr. pepper and I it was so good! I've eaten it the last 3 nights in a row! (And plan to tonight too!) The chocolate bars are good for lunch. I thought they'd leave me hungry but it's quite the opposite. The eggs I wouldn't get again, especially since you can have an egg for breakfast. Overall, I'd rate the food as very tasty, and you just can't be the convience of it all!
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I love it but went off last week...I will I think have my first weight gain on the scale. My advice is be careful of friends wanting you to eat out with them all the time. For cinco de mayo, I went out and friends ordered appetizers galore! i only had one glass of wine but then got my fill of appetizers..plus had table food (what I call it) 2 other times. Argh. So try not to go off more than once a week unless your metabolism is faster than mine. (note: my weight gains tend to be from stuff I did at least a week before, which is why I mentioned the 5th of may celebrations...argh!)

I suggest hot sauce (tabisco sauce) for everything. I pour it on EVERYTHING on NS. It makes the difference! i love most foods.

I find it easy to follow. I just gotta stick to it and not take liberties. going out tonight with friends and will have no alcohol...and chicken salad. (protein!)

I did SouthBeach. It worked for awhile but I was unable to stick to it like others can.

This is my last hope.

Jenny Craig is more expensive and I hate visiting the centers. so I picked this...plus the food of NS is portable. Taking it with me to Seattle when I visit up there soon.
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Just wondering when reading about doctoring up the meals if salt can be used on NS or if that is a no no??

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HEy ladies,
come over and join our thread, NS ladies losing weight together,
we'd be thrilled to have you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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And do not forget 3FC have tried this diet, Go to 3FC Home click on diets and scroll down to NutriSystem.
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Customer service has been great for me. I have not used the counselor services yet.

Being uncoordinated I lost my yellow book the first week- but it is so easy to follow the diet even without it.
With small kids this is about the only diet I could hope to follow. All I have to do is grab one of the meals or nonfat yogurt or fruit. No brainer.

A big issue is eating out. We do it a lot as a family. I have been bringing an apple and eating it or having a salad.

When I travel it is easy- the food needs no refridgeration. There are snack bars if you have no access to a microwave.
I just toss the meals in my suitcase and I am ready to roll.
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