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Packaged Meals and Clinics - Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, Etc For support and questions about diet meal delivery programs, or weight loss clinics that offer prepackaged meals and products.

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KimberlyInMN I actually lost about 30 pounds on N/S in 1988, the same summer I met my husband. You are right - the food is MUCH better now. I remember they had this little can of "meat spread" that looked and smelled exactly like cat food. At that time, I lost weight at least partly by NOT eating the food.

Right at this moment I'm living alone, working long hours, helping to care for my elderly mom, and redecorating my condo. So the program works really well for me. I sorted all my food into plastic bins when the shipment came, and I just grab whatever from each bin to plan out several days in advance. I ordered some new spices and herbs from Penzeys to give the food a little extra "zing" and I stocked up on frozen veggies (winter in NE isn't the best time for fresh produce!) Now in Week 3 I feel pretty much in control.

Best of all, I've lost 8.2 pounds in three weeks. For the last ten days I've been walking with a cane, so that is quite an impressive loss.
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Just awaiting my delivery! Can't wait to start!

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I was scared when my order came in 'cause I didn't think I'd like it or if I'd stick with it. But it turned out to be so easy & I'm going on my 7th week. It's so easy & not complicated at all.
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I've been on Nutrisystem since 1/28 and have lost about 15 lbs. For me Nutrisystem was a good solution - I needed to learn portion control and about eating healthy. I have to say that I feel better than I have in years - part of that is the weight; but part is eating the right foods and drinking all the water.

I find it's very convenient and I don't have to worry about food which is good. True there are a few things that I don't like but I just change my order so that I don't get them again.

As far as the expense of it - I have found that the money I'm saving by not eating lunch out every day and not eating out at dinner probably twice a week more than makes up for the cost.

I would recommend that anyone who wants to try it order some of the foods ala carte. When I have the burgers or pizza I feel like I'm cheating and I love the Chocolate Granola Bars for breakfast.

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Default Hi

Originally Posted by KimberlyinMN

I'd say the very BEST thing about Nutri/System is that it takes your mind off of food. I had all of my food in a closet. I had a shelf designated for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Basically reach in to the appropriate shelf and grab something to eat. I didn't obsess about what I should make for supper. Just grab something and nuke it.
I went on N/S back in the early 90s (like 12 years ago or whatever) and boy howdy, is it EVER BETTER than it was back then! Way easier!

I myself DID NOT like the classes and workbooks. I have a busy schedule and can not fit them in right now at this place in my life (work-family-friends-church-volunteer work). I would much rather be with friends socialising then sitting in front of another advise nurse rehashing the same old tired speeches and attending another boring class (my take on the matter). I also do not need the accountability of the scale weigh in since I have a doctor I go to and I want to lose weight by my next appt (I get 3 month check ups for PCOS...the meds I am on).

The ease of use is awesome and the set up. If I were married though, I would have a hard time sticking to it since I enjoy eating with somebody whatever I made. Just the way I am.

I have my stuff in my kitchen chubbards...breakfast area, snack area...etc. I just grab one and go from each area.

I tend to eat my din din during the day and lunch at night since I need more calories then. I also make sure I get my dinnners in that way.

I pour hot sauce on everything. I do find the food bland but oh well.

MUCH BETTER THAN LEAN CUISINE STUFF! I could and will never try that again! (just buying lean cuisines). This is DIFFERENT for me.

I say that since if there is anybody else out there in my situation, I want to cheer them on to try that. I wish I would have years ago again...but I guess now I am in the frame of mind I need to be to do this.
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My 3 cents....adding an extra penny cause I am nice that way
I have been on NS since 3/13/06 and am down a considerable amount. I do exercise and have found that NS is a no brainer. Yes some of the food can get boring, but there are sooooo many recipes and things you can do to change them and still keep in the calories.

My SIL is starting it soon and I am so excited for her!!

I hope you at least give it a try. No diet is for everyone, but you"ll never know if you don't try!

I hope the best for you in whatever your decide!

Nutrisystem Start: 3/06
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I have been talking about losing weight for years. Getting NS finally got me to do it. The food is surprisingly good and so convenient. Two minutes in the microwave, and dinner is done. People are always asking me how I did it (lost weight) and I tell them NS. I was only on the plan for a couple of months and then decided to do it on my own. But my weight loss has stopped. I think I may need to go back to NS for a little while longer.

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