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Packaged Meals and Clinics - Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, Etc For support and questions about diet meal delivery programs, or weight loss clinics that offer prepackaged meals and products.

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Default Medifast - Have you used it and liked it?


I am currently doing Slim Fast, but I've looked into Medifast a bit.

Does it work? Did you like the taste of the shakes? Any comments pros and cons would be great?
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I tried it a few times but it was only so so in my opinion. Then I went on a product called HMR that is used in many hospital based weight reduction programs. Now I liked the tast quite a bit ore than medifast but of course that is such an individual thing. I did well on both but I thought the cost was just too much.

Anything is worth a try I think. What doesn't work for others may just fit you perfectly.

Good luck in your journey.

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It works if you stick to the plan, and if you want to keep the weight off you really need to follow their Transition plan to get back onto real foods. Regain can happen fast if you just quit and go back to eating what you used to eat. The food isn't all gourmet, but most of it is decent enough to make it through a period of dieting.
Lost 103 pounds, regained 80+, taking it off again.
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I just started on Medifast 5 days ago and have already lost 4lbs. So far so good. I've tried slim fast, weight watchers and Nutrisystem in the past and so far this one is my favorite. The food isn't the best tasting but after a few days you get used to it. I'm on the 5/1 plan so I love looking forward to my one lean and green meal per day. If you're interested in it I would definitely say give it a try!
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My mom and I just ordered Medifast for the both of us to start hopefully within the next week! I am ready for it. My mom has tried it before and she actually did really well with it but she was trying to do it with my dad and he is rather obese so even though he did well with it for a few months, he couldn't maintain it and fell back into his old habits. In any case, she is ready to get back on it! For herself which I think is just great. I am excited to do it with her. I think we can really help one another. I only plan to do it for two or so months because I don't have as much weight to lose as my mom does but we will see where I stand soon.
My twin sister is also doing it (she has to lose 30 lbs by April for the Navy). I know that this plan is pretty much the only thing that can get her there with that significant and timely(!) of a weight loss goal. It makes me thankful that I am not under any time constraints to lose my own weight. So much less stress. I hope that we can all encourage each other on the medifast dealio! I know I will need it.
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Lost 55 of my 85 that way. Loved it.

145= normal BMI
137= 100 lbs lost
130= current goal
115 = typical unrealistic goal lol

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Medifast/wonderslim dieter over here.

I'm just finishing a round of Medifast and have transitioned mostly to wonderslim. Medifast is more nutritious, easier to follow because the entire program is mapped and fine tuned for success, when you follow the program strictly. After about a week the food is tolerable.
Wonderslim on the other hand taste delicious. is cheaper but not as well fine tuned as Medifast. I suggested to a friend that she try Medifast first, be very strict and learn the program then begin to substitute Wonderslim or New lifestyle products when she feels confident.

I lost 19lbs in about a month using these products. But, I had been simply "low carbing" for 2 weeks prior to starting and was not losing even though I was in ketosis.

Good luck.
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Is MediFast the same as OptiFast?
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I've done Medifast, they have expanded the menu so there is a lot more to eat and drink.

I got bored of it but some swear by it. They have good support on their site too.

Take care.
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Default RE: Medifast - Have you used it and liked it?

Woww Medifast? OptiFast? Slimfast? NutriSystem?? What next? lol I'll never understand why people spend their money on these plans! No offense to anyone here but why not just eat right? Fresh fruits, veggies and lean proteins? legumes, nuts and seeds? You know... REAL FOOD!!

The BIG problem with these plans is that they don't teach you how to eat healthy, nutritious whole foods. I just took a quick peek at the Medifast site and the meal replacements are things like
"Cheese pizza bites"
"Chili Nacho cheese bites"
"Caramel and Chocolate Crunch Bars"
"Macaroni and cheese"

Seriously? It's all junk food!! lol Formulated by doctors and scientists.
Yes, You'll lose some weight but then what happens when you stop buying their food? You continue to eat junk and put all the weight back on!!! It's not the dieter's fault either.... It's just a plan guaranteed to fail.

I've seen the issue time and time again with weight watchers too! (*Yes, I'm aware that they just recently started to encourage eating healthier foods) BUT in the past they let you eat whatever crap you wanted as long as you stayed within your points! So people lost a ton of weight while they were on it and shortly after they gain it all right back! Everyone I know who was successful on weight watchers (5-6 people) have all put it back on.

Instead of spending your money on these man-made chemical concoctions, please do yourself a favor and get educated on exactly what you're putting in your body. Learn how to create healthy well balanced meals made with real ingredients. You do that and you'll go through the rest of your life without even having to think about losing weight.
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Hi... So my questions was how much time did it take for you to lose that much? I am about to start and need to figure out my expectations. TIA
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Default Haters bum me out.


This is my first time posting, I hope writing your username alone will get your attention.

I don't understand why you felt the need to be so condescending. "Woww," "What next lol," "Seriously, it's all junk food lol,"

People are here for support. For me, the reason I choose to, "spend my money on this plan," is because I need the strict guidelines and quick results to keep my motivation. In starting Medifast, I was over 100 lbs from my goal weight. If I had the self-control to simply, "eat right...REAL FOOD," I probably would have never gotten so obese in the first place. I need to lose weight quickly, I need to see and feel results, otherwise, I'll give up and be right back where I started or even worse. Saying, "no offense," doesn't lessen your mightier than thou attitude. I do feel offended for your over simplifying a major problem and essentially talking down to those who don't have it in them right now to do things YOUR way. At the very least, you could have thrown in some encouraging words for those of us trying to lose weight.

To respond to YolandaC- I like Medifast. It's only been 11 days but I'm down 8 pounds and like the foods. Is it expensive? Yes, but for me it is not as expensive as the horrible fast food or dine in eating I was so frequently indulging in. I did a lot of research online about what Medifast products people liked and didn't like and ordered my food based off of that and haven't found anything I don't like. There are also a lot of places online that give you good recipe ideas for the, "Lean and Green," meal you prepare yourself everyday. Finally, there are a lot of places online to receive support from others using the Medifast system that also offer great advice on living life off of Medifast and maintaining your weight.

Good luck with whatever route you take!

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Default There's no magic pill or easy instant fix

If I offended you, I apologize. Seriously, it was not my intention to come off as “condescending” or “mightier than thou”. My main purpose for being here is to offer support & advice to those whose goal is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. That’s why I felt the need to speak out on these diet plans. It seems every time I turn around there’s another one promising a new, fast and easy way to lose weight. If any of them actually worked, we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic in this country.
While they may get you some quick results, they really aren’t designed for you to succeed in the long term. They just want you to buy their foods but they never actually teach you how to eat right. If they did, you’d stop buying their food and they’d be out of business. So what happens after that? Are we supposed to live on their meals forever? The majority of people who lose weight with these plans just gain back everything they lost and then some because they never learned how to eat right. Seriously, what kind of healthy diet encourages pizza bites and pancakes? They should be pushing more fruits and vegetables. You could eat fruits and vegetables until they're coming out your ears and you won't be overweight.
I’m passionate about this because I struggled with weight for more than half my life so believe me, in no way was I trying to simplify the problem or demean anyone. I’ve been there. I tried anything and everything I thought would work and if I didn't get quick results (literally within a few days) I'd get discouraged, lose motivation, and give up... on to the next thing. This went on for a good 15 years! And all the while I was getting bigger and feeling worse about myself. It wasn't until I finally started to educate myself on food (my favorite subject ), that I was able to turn things around.
I learned pretty quickly that all the sugars, starches, fried and processed foods I was eating were not only toxic on the body but they're HIGHLY addictive (that's why most people can't just leave them alone - regardless of how much self control they have). The cravings are similar to that of an alcoholic, drug addict or cigarette smoker. On top of that, these foods weren’t providing the body with the nutrients it needed so in turn the body kept saying eat more!
The more I learned, the more I look at certain foods differently. I encourage everybody to empower themselves with some basic knowledge on nutrition and what they’re eating and how it affects our overall health. Then it’s a whole lot easier to make better choices. Choose the right foods and you’ll live a long healthy life. Choose the wrong ones and you’ll probably end up sick and on meds.
I wish you the best of luck on your journey!
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Optifast, Full Fast
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MsMatic, Don't be too quick to criticize another person's choice of diet. We all are different and have different needs.

Next week I will be starting a medical weight loss program that uses Optifast products (similar to Medifast). The program is located in a hospital's weight loss center. It is a medically supervised program and begins with a complete physical, EKG, and bloodwork to see if one is healthy enough to diet. I also have to meet with a psychologist, a behavior specialist, and a dietitian.

Weekly I will be required to meet with doctors, nurses, dietitians, and a support group. I will also be required to have bloodwork repeated weekly to make sure I am tolerating the diet. The first 12 weeks consists of 800 calories per day liquid meal replacement. After the 12 weeks comes the hard part... the gradual adding back of healthy food. This transition is guided and closely supervised, as is the maintenance phase of the diet. After the initial fast, some go on to have bariatric surgery. I have not chosen that path.

The reason I chose Optifast is because I have been ultimately unsuccessful with other diets. Over the past 20 years or so I have lost and regained so many times. I now find myself in a position where, for heath reasons, I feel a medically supervised program is the best/safest way for me to lose.

Like some others on this forum, I have many obstacles to losing. I am older and I have many health issues. Also, I am currently caring for my father and I am preparing meals for him and also preparing meals for my husband, both picky meat and potato type eaters. With this and all i do I find it incredibly hard planning healthy meals for myself and I know if I don't do something I will continue to gain. I was in a similar situation when I was caring for my mother 2 years ago and regained all the pounds I had worked hard to lose the previous year.

Granted, it is somewhat of a drastic measure to do the Optifast program but there are many positives to doing so. For one, I will not have to plan my meals for 12 weeks which is a huge help because of my current situation. After the 12 weeks I should see a large weight loss which will encourage me and motivate me to continue. Health professionals with keep an eye on my weight loss and also on my thyroid levels, blood sugar, and etc. I will also have guidance and support through maintenance and beyond.

I really didn't mean to share so much personal information but I wanted to illustrate why some might choose this type of diet. MsMatic, I do consider myself educated as to what a nutritious diet consists of but sometimes it is not as simple as merely eating properly. Those who jump to forums that are not about the diet they personally follow to post negativity need to think before they do so.

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Smile You go girl!

Dear Starlight,

I think you are doing exactly the right thing- you have considered your present situation and have come up with a well supervised plan to achieve you goals and which also allows you to manage your demanding life.

You sound Like a very caring person. Wishing you all the best.

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