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YolandaC 12-31-2013 10:47 PM

Any fellow Slim Fast users?

I'm starting Slim Fast tomorrow. I didn't see any current threads for Slim Fast so I started this one.

I've used Slim Fast before and it worked for me. I lost 50 pounds that way and kept it off for a few years. Stress and other factors caused me to gain it back and more, but again that was years later. So, I'll go with what I know worked before and with what appears to be the most convenient. The less thought and prep I have to put into weight loss the better. I like a plan that doesn't require a lot of thought or tons of calorie counting. I will be counting calories and one of the things I enjoy about slim fast is it makes that part very easy.

I have considered Medifast, so later I might switch, but for now I'm going with the one I can pick up off of grocery and drug store shelves. ;)

tonyiiiafl 01-01-2014 09:18 AM

Slim Fast
I used the Slim Fast plan for about 6 months. That with vigorous exercise helped me shed 42 pounds. However, there was a LOT of exercise involved! I was biking 15 miles EVERYDAY! Now that I look at that plan, it is nothing more than a reduced calorie diet, however it has LOTS of sugars in it. Atkins Shakes are better with (most) less than 1 g of sugar and readily available off of the shelf. Just my 2 cents worth.

YolandaC 01-01-2014 04:00 PM

Thanks for the tip, tonyiiiafl. I have looked at the Atkins shakes, but I like the taste of Slim Fast better which means I'll stick with it easier. Also, I am aware of the sugars. So far, sugar hasn't been a problem for me. Eating too many calories and not enough exercise has been the problem. So far, when I do try to lose weight it comes off well enough. That might sound good, but it is bad for a procrastinator like me. I know that when I get serious I can shed pounds, so I allow myself to gain and take forever to actually go on a diet cause I know I can lose weight when I actually try to.

dietcokehead98 01-08-2014 10:03 AM

I'm on Slim Fast now! I use Vanilla Almond Milk to mix since I'm lactose intolerant. Hi :)

tonyiiiafl 01-08-2014 08:17 PM


Originally Posted by dietcokehead98 (Post 4914173)
I'm on Slim Fast now! I use Vanilla Almond Milk to mix since I'm lactose intolerant. Hi :)

use even LESS calories,mix with WATER!

dk8258 01-13-2014 09:26 AM

Started Slim Fast Today
Last year I tried the ideal protein diet, but it's a bit too much for me. I did lose close to 40 lbs on that diet, and for the most part of kept it off - +/- 10 lbs. I also work with a number of physicians who all told me that it was really not the best thing for anyone's health.

So, anyway, I started slim fast today with exercise. I would like to lose another 20 - 30 lbs.

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