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HarmonyWells 10-05-2013 07:18 AM

Cambridge Weight Plan problem
Hello Everybody

Last week, started the Cambridge Weight Plan in six days I have lost 6lbs pounds:carrot: for 63 ($100) I get a week worth of prepackaged very low calorie meals, and then drink 4 litres of water as I am on the Sole Source program that's what my cambridge plan consultant said, Day 2 and Day 3 where a nightmare I seriously wanted to give up as I had the worst throbbing migrane:devil: ever however Day 4 they just disappeared, the thing is I work as a nurse and it is hard for me to drink 4 litres of water which my cambridge plan consutant told me to drink 500ml every two hours I cannot do that as a nurse as I keep running to the toilet every minute.

My Cambridge plan consultant told me that what will happen is that body will burn fat from it glycogen stores (ketosis) however as I not drinking enough water the fat will not come out?

I would just like to ask if I drink a reduced amount of water like 2 litres will the weight come off?

CharliBaltimore 01-01-2014 11:01 PM

I used the Cambridge Diet and lost weight quickly, so it does work. The water issue for me was not to count how much water I drank but have a .5ml bottle which I kept refilling and drinking from as the day went. The first few days you will be using the loo often, but it's not a permanent thing.

The only draw back for me and this plan? I could not afford to use it consistently and I put the weight right back on after stopping. It was not immediate but a gradual process.

Good luck and be safe and I hoped I helped you somewhat?

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