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FattyFatFat 07-25-2013 01:18 PM

Is anyone still with Freshology?
I don't hear much talk about Freshology on the forums since it's a little less known, but it's actually quite good. Was wondering if there are others here that have experienced them that can give some feedback. It's a little on the expensive side and meant for quick goals of like a month, but the food was great in comparison to most others back when I was on it. (my plan was a gift purchase)

Alenna 52 07-27-2013 12:18 PM

I've done Freshology off-and-on. I usually wait for one of their special discounts because it's so expensive. The best discount on is their Black Friday special (the day after Thanksgiving) where I usually sign up for six weeks starting delivery in January-February. It's great to have fresh fruits and salads in the middle of winter. The food is really very good - the best of the diet meal programs I've tried so far. It's almost Paleo, with mostly proteins and fruits and veggies. The mini-snacks are great. I wish they had a vegetarian version though.

On the "dislike" side (besides the price), I get really annoyed with their hard "Celebrity" sell. Their website looks like a tabloid page, and I personally don't buy things or do things just because some Hollywood celebrity endorses it. They should get rid of the celebrity endorsements and lower the price. Another annoying thing (which can't really be helped) is all the packaging involved in the delivery (unless you live in California). After you unwrap the huge box, you have to dispose of all the gel packs and tape and plastic - everything that keeps it cold. And hope that the Fed Ex people didn't drop it or tip it upside down. With delivery twice a week it's a lot of stuff to put in the trash or recycle bin.

ddovii 08-10-2013 01:59 PM

I did a couple weeks of Freshology.
Overall, I'd recommend trying it if they have a coupon, but I decided Healthy Chef Creations was slightly better for me.

+ I definitely lost weight
+ Agree with Alenna, the food, particularly having fresh fruits and salads not some "frozen pasta whatever", was what sold me on it. I found it to generally be on par with HCC.
+ Frequent delivery. This was the one thing that was slightly better than HCC. HCC delivers once a week, which isn't really a problem because their packaging keeps things fresh. But Freshology delivered even more often (2x a week), which was nice.

- Expensive. I'd say it's worth it if that's what it takes to get to your weight goal, just maybe wait for a coupon.
- Lack of customization. HCC allows you to customize what you get as much as you want. Freshology would only let me pick 1 food type to remove from my menu. It would have been nice to be able to pick the meals, so I could have repeated my favorites and skipped others.
- Tech problems with their website. This might be a temporary thing, but it was a pain for me. Had to contact customer support too much it seemed like.
- The food was -usually- really good. But there was some lameness with a few sides. Several dinners had the same dry, brown rice. There was corn that seemed like it came from a can in a couple meals. No big deal because most meals were great, but if you're paying $$$$ I expect better than canned corn. With HCC, I never encountered that.

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